Mahalo means “thank you” in Hawaiian and I could not be more thankful to the people and the island of Hawaii.

The big island is spectacular, the people are wonderful, the sun was warmer than I remembered and the swimming, cycling and running were incomparable. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to go, to meet new people and to feel the meaning of Mahalo which, I of course took to yelling as “MaHAlooooooooo!” randomly and mostly in public. It’s a thing now. You’re welcome.

Aloha everyone! I hope you missed me. I would say it’s good to be home but that would be a total lie. My husband and I thought long and hard about just sending for our kids and staying on the big island for another month. But alas, I have returned and now you all get to suffer though what will probably be months of Hawaii posts and photos. Mahalo bitches!



The thing I will probably miss most is the simplicity of slipping on a top, shorts, and shoes and stepping out into paradise to run. With piles of lava rocks on one side and miles of ocean on the other, I didn’t even think about listening to music and instead tuned into my breathing, surroundings and all the other smiling people out and about before 8am running, walking and biking in paradise.

My first morning in heaven. I was smiling like this all day, um, week!

I even made a new triathlon friend, after I passed him on the run. He was super cool about being chicked (aka passed by a woman) and proceeded to tell me how he lives in Boulder, CO and is training for an Ironman. He invited me to swim with him and his wife in the ocean the next day. This is all filed under “things that never happen at home.”

My view on my beach run. If you look closely, you can see the surfers. #hangloose


In case you don’t know, Kailua, Kona hosts the International Ironman competition and we stayed about 30 miles from where the start and finish line is. I had the privilege of riding the same roads as the athletes who compete in that most prestigious of races and it was insane! I had heard incredible stories of people being blown off of their bikes on the course and into lava rock by the infamous Kona winds and now, I can see how easily that could happen.

Riding a volcano can be windy as hell and, at times I was saying out loud to myself, “steady, steady” while trying to stay upright. Riding the wind of Kona brought new meaning to “resistance” training but, I absolutely loved every minute. If the locals were catching the wind just right, they would have heard the voice of a little Cuban yelling “woooooohooooooo” all the way down highway 19. Oh yeah, did I mention this all happens on a highway? More on that later…

That is pure joy right there people.


This was the only part of my vacation that did not go as planned…at least the only part of my “training” on vacation. See, I thought I was staying in Kona but, we were actually about 30 miles away, which made swimming in the Kona Aquatic Center pool impossible. The rip tide current in the ocean made swimming in it, impossible and the people, children and floats in the pool ruled that out as well.

We walked for miles on stretches like this and jumped into and out of the water at will. I mean, seriously? Does it get any better? No. The answer is no.

Instead of actual lap swimming in the water, I did a few “land” swims in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I did plenty of ocean and pool swimming but nothing I would equate as “training” especially since most of it was done with one hand on my drink.



I did yoga. This is what it looked like…

Shit show on the lawn.

See those two women laughing hysterically in the background? They are two of the best people I have met in a long time and we became so close over the week we were there. More (a lot more!) on them later.

This yoga-on-the-lawn in front of the ocean was everything you would think – relaxing, refreshing, and exactly the way I wish I could do yoga every single day. Sigh.


These are a few of my favorite Hawaiian fuels:

  1. Kona coffee
  2. Fruit
  3. Fish. All the fish!
  4. Alcohol

Coffe by the ocean, every single day.

This magical margarita was a favorite by the pool. I’m not really a margarita kinda girl but these? They are made with passion fruit and whatever that mystical deliciousness is covering the rim, I loved it and had to have it. I’m now experiencing withdrawals. #worthit

The best margarita ever. Ever. Ever. That stuff around the rim? Insanity.

In case you did not see my undying devotion to the shaved iced martini on FB, here it is…

We “hiked” at least a mile to get these.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my food since I either A). ate it too quickly or B.) my food pictures somehow make everything look inedible and/or disgusting.



My husband for putting up with my flying anxiety.

My dad and stepmom for taking the best care of my boys and loving (almost) every minute of it.

The new friends we made.

Not seeing or hearing anything on the news for seven days. Seven amazing, glorious, perfect days.

Cheers to that!


The sense of entitlement some of the people at these high end resorts have. I saw hotel guests simply leave behind messes their kids made, wet and dirty towels strewn across abandoned pool chairs and plastic cups discarded practically right next to a garbage or recycle bin.

Hey, rich people – your maid does not work here. Pick up your shit!


Let’s just say my mouth got one hell of a workout on this vacation. In fact, when me and one of the other wives had what looked like a Botox injected lower lip the morning after a particularly chatty afternoon at the pool, her husband suggested it was due to “lip fatigue” and not sunburn. My point is that I hardly read a thing, except on the plane when I wasn’t thinking about imminent death.

This was an interesting read:


Whenever I’m introduced to a new group of people, I’m reminded that I’m an abnormality. When you’re usually surrounded by like-minded and super fit people, you start to think 6 mile runs are short and eating fries is something you only do twice a month. God how I loved hanging out with non-triathletes!

At 7am one morning – – “So, did you already run like 10 miles?”

Someone talking to my husband but motioning to me – – “You can go golf. She bikes like 8 hours a day, right?”

Meeting one of the wives I would become besties with – -“Oh hell no. You are not sitting anywhere near me at the pool!”

When I said I’m terrible at staying hydrated – – “Yep, That’s your problem. You would probably be able to run so much faster if you drank water.”

Talking to the girls about lunch – – “I love that you eat real food!”


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How was your week?

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

What are you thankful for?