This past week was an absolute blur. I had to plan two back-to-back birthday parties for the boys (what was I thinking?) deal with inconsistencies in planning, a surprise doctor visit for Miles, freezing rain and just a crap load of pop-up items I didn’t want to deal with. I like having a plan and sticking to it and it seemed everything I planned last week just laughed at me, hard in my face. Adjustments were made. Incredibly, I survived. #PoorMe



RUNNING: I think I’m supposed to be tapering. My body has yet to feel like it’s being cut any slack, but I think that was mostly due to the inconsistencies in my schedule. I also started having an issue with Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot and then my pinky toe was almost rubbed raw on my last 20 miler. This has never happened to me before and led me to my local running specialty store to try and find shoes with a wider toe box, three weeks before my marathon. Adjust!

I also did another version of a killer 14 miles:

3 mile warm-up

3 miles at Marathon Pace (7:40)

3 miles at Half-marathon pace (6:40)

3 miles at almost tempo (7:00)

1 mile at Marathon pace (7:40)

1 mile cool down


I had a great indoor track session with 5 x 1 mile at 6:20 and a few other short, easy paced runs and a brick to top things off.

Total miles: 40

CYCLING: I had a very direct order to “bike outside” on Friday. The forecast called for cloudy skies with a high of 58, which would be downright balmy. I woke up to pouring rain. I mean, I just can’t even with this weather. So, I parked my butt on a spin bike and did my run outside. It had stopped raining by that time but was a wet, mucky mess. I hate you Spring that isn’t Spring.

I ended up hating the new shoes with the wider toe box that the salesperson suggested so I had to cut my run short. Adjust!

Total cycling: 47 miles, all indoors

Don't get jealous of this lovely weather people.

Don’t get jealous of this lovely weather people.

SWIMMING: I still think each time I get into the pool that I won’t be able to do the workout CRS has planned, and then I do it. I’m not sure when I’m going to start believing in myself but I’m working on my mental game here. As a result of my sitter not being able to come on Wednesday, I had to move my workout to the afternoon. I absolutely hate training in the afternoon. It was freezing rain on that day so I was on the treadmill at the gym around 12:30. Crickets. Then in the pool with just me and the lifeguard which led to this exchange:

Him: You never stop!

Me: I want to.

HimLooking at my workout which is sealed in a plastic baggy You have a loooonnnggg list there.

Me: Yep. I’m getting though it. Sorry you’re so bored watching me. You can watch YouTube on your phone or something and I promise not to drown.

Afterward I hit the hot tub and sauna. I love stretching in the sauna!

Total swim: 2400 yards

RACING: The countdown to New Jersey has begun and plans are being made. I’m getting nervous that I have never been to the location of the race and looking at the course map online makes me want to vomit. It all seems so surreal. I also just found out the race starts at 7:30am. Adjust!


FUEL: I’ve been experimenting with my breakfast. I usually eat as soon as I get up at 5:00am (2 whole wheat fig bars with coffee) and then have a real breakfast around 7:00. But, by the time I get to my second workout, I’m really hungry so obviously I need more fuel. Before my hard 14 miler on Saturday morning, I tried to simulate race day and did my workout at 7:30am. I ate Kashi cereal and half of an everything bagel with peanut butter. Let’s just say it’s not wise for me to eat peanut butter before a run. Adjust!

THINGS I LOVE: After all my bitching, running around and organizing, I absolutely loved celebrating the boys’ birthdays all weekend and then some. The first party theme was none other then Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio. Jen would have been proud:


My two little bakers on top!


Each guest had a try to decorate as many cookies and cupcakes as they could. It was hilarious.

Each guest had a try to decorate as many cookies and cupcakes as they could. It was hilarious.

Party number two was all about Scooby Doo:


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Getting a call from the school nurse, 15 minutes after the bus took the kids to school, that Miles is “Bleeding from his ear. A lot.” What????? Commence heart attack. I mean, if I didn’t do all this healthy running business I would have collapsed and died from that statement. It turns out he had a double ear infection and a blockage in the bleeding ear, the pressure from which caused it to drain, precisely when he arrived at school on Tuesday.

The issue with all of this, is that he had his tonsils and adenoids removed and has tubes in his ears, so he shouldn’t be getting ear infections at all!!

As a result, we spent the afternoon at the doctor, making appointments for another ENT visit and picking up antibiotics.


READING: If you haven’t already please read my Zelle article! I was so psyched to be published on the site and be associated with Runner’s World. I kept checking the FB page for likes and updating my husband. 880 likes! 1278 likes! OMG over 1600!!  Please read, share, tweet and pin and I will buy you something shiny. xoxo


RANDOM TEXT OF THE WEEK: This is the exchange between me and my husband as he was flying home from Tulsa this week. Did I mention I was solo parenting from Monday – Wednesday? Thank God for me and all the other passengers that I was not on this flight:


Just as he was boarding the second flight from Dallas to home, police officers and paramedics rushed onto the plane ahead of the remaining passengers, and the flight was delayed. Apparently everyone was ok since they came back out with an empty stretcher. If I had been there, I would have definitely been on it!

I hope your week was a lot better then mine! Tell me something good…