I can actually see it both ways. I’m playing tricks on my mind as much as it’s messing with me. Lately I’ve hated seeing actual pace numbers in my training log so my coach starting putting in the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale instead. If I see the pace 6:11 I find it’s hard for me to nail it. If I read RPE 9, it happens organically. The same  can be applied to various aspects in my life. Sometimes I have to put things in a way my mind wants to understand them and, ultimately have the same result. Plus, I’m also just a mental case.

Let’s see what other tricks I got up to last week…



I had a great week of running, once I converted everything to the RPE scale! I also met with my coach and talked about plans for next year but, we’ll get to that later.

I did my last long run of 13 miles before the real deal in Las Vegas in just a few shorts weeks. I cannot wait!

Monday – Mile repeats with 5 x 1 mile at alternating efforts, 3 min recovery | 8.12 miles | 7:48 pace

Tuesday – easy run before swim | 6 miles | 8:30 pace

Friday – long run 13 miles then swim

Total = 27.12 miles


It finally happened. I had to do two rides indoors on the bike trainer because of torrential downpours mid-week. Whomp whomp.

At least I have my Garmin 550 all figured out and a sweet set-up with my laptop so I can watch movies while I sweat myself silly. I’m definitely not looking forward to a season of basement dwelling but I’m trying not to think about it. #MindTricks

Wednesday – 1 hour 30 minutes with “hill toppers” | 22.2 miles

Thursday – 1 hour 10 minute base build | 16.3 miles

Total = 38.5 miles


I had one good pool session and one that almost killed me. The death swim consisted of 20 x 50 yards (50 yards is two laps) under 1 minute with 20 seconds rest then 100 yards (4 laps) as fast as I could go. Oh yeah and all of that was after a 600 yard warm-up! My arms were like spaghetti noodles by the end but I managed the 100 in 1:47. I have no clue if that’s “good,” and I want to keep it that way. #MindTricks

This also happened and I had to wait for the storms to clear instead of using it as an excuse to skip the swim.


I haven’t found any new eating tricks, although I caved and bought an InstantPot. They are supposed to be super easy and whip up perfect meals in under 30 minutes. We shall see. If the house remains intact I will call that a win and will report back next week. In the meantime, I will share the Run It Wednesday link up, ICYMI:

What A Runner Eats | Run It Bloggers

I find it fascinating what other runners are able to eat (or not eat) and this collaboration consists of runners of all levels and abilities and we all eat REAL food that you can mostly find in your local grocery store.

It’s good stuff…


This should basically be a motto for almost everything:

I know men can get pretty gross in there but I almost prefer it to waiting in long lines! I won’t tell you where I saw this yet, as I’m trying out some new strength training, so we’ll save that treat for after Halloween. You need something to look forward too after your sugar crash.


The television show This Is Us.

I know I will probably get hate for this but the storyline is becoming predictable and a little unbelievable and I find myself not even caring how the dad dies. I may have watched my last episode.

I know this is earth shattering and life changing news here. Sorry to rock your world so hard on a Monday.

I’m just more of a Ray Donovan and The Walking Dead kinda girl. I can’t deal with all this melodrama.


I’m currently a woman without a book and that is never a good thing! I finished The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls (and even watched the movie while on the bike trainer) which I absolutely loved. Obviously the book was 100,000 times better than the movie but Woody Harrelson as her insanely drunk, reckless but brilliant father was perfection.

Just watching movies while I pedal to nowhere. Totally normal.

I also finished Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult since I loved Small Great Things. Leaving Time was even better, IMHO.

I tried reading Girls On Fire. Horrible.

I tried reading Lincoln In the Bardo. Terrible.

And now I’m back to A Prayer for Owen Meany because I used to read it every Christmas anyway and, at this rate, I will still be reading it at Christmas.


Miles: Mom, have you ever been “sexy?”

Me: Every.single.day.

Miles: Wait. What does “sexy” mean? Does it have something to do with running?

Me: I’ll let your dad explain.

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How was your week?

Any good book recommendations?

Have you been sexy today?