It happened almost eight years ago now. I waddled my way outside to my car, dazed, crying and feeling completely overwhelmed and unhinged.

I was eight weeks pregnant and had just received the news of the century.


A few weeks back I received another piece of not-quite-as-shocking-but-also-very-exciting news.

My story of how I found out I was having twins, and subsequently telling everyone I know, is being included in a new anthology – Multiples Illuminated!


I’m very excited to share my story and space with some brilliant and overachieving moms of multiples, including the masterminds behind it all, Alison Lee and Megan Woolsey. In the coming weeks and months I will have much more to share, as this process is really only beginning, but you can sign-up for email alerts and announcements so you will know the moment you can order it.

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And now, in other news…




It’s November in New England and it’s cold. Except when it’s not. This past week had a low of 20 and high of 60. You seriously have to love it…and if you don’t please either move or move.

It's a scarf. It's a neck warmer. It's both!

It’s a scarf. It’s a neck warmer. It’s both!

I ran all bundled up Monday through Wednesday and then enjoyed a little warming effect for the rest of the week. If the entire winter could be dotted with a 60 degree day here and there, everyone would be much more pleasant to be around.

Turkey Trot for two on Thanksgiving morning with my SIL. Photo credit: Miles Burdick

Turkey Trot for two on Thanksgiving morning with my SIL. Photo credit: Miles Burdick I just took that bat (with a flag?) out of his hand so he could take the pic. I haven’t a clue what he was using it for or what the picture on it is…

Total mileage: 21.6


I returned to the pool and hoped the best for my newly removed teeth. I’ve been on a steady dose of Advil most days as the pain in my sockets set in around Monday last week and didn’t let up. I was a little concerned about all the breathing and what could be living in the pool. Ewww, I know but it’s the truth.

Transiting from outside to poolside in the winter is tricky business...

Transiting from outside to poolside in the winter is tricky business…

I survived unscathed and felt really good just free swimming. I have to say, I’m enjoying this “no schedule” training schedule.


I retuned to Barre class this week and I dare say it was even better! The reason? I was able to run four miles prior to class and it was the best I have felt on a run since I had my oral surgery! The sun was shining, my pace felt effortless and afterward I worked out all the kinks in class. I think this will be part of my weekly routine and, next week I can to and from class! #HowExciting

Peering into the class door...

Peering into the class door…


This is one of my most favorite parts of Thanksgiving week! My brother, husband, SIL and I gather in the garage for a boot camp challenge the day after Thanksgiving. This year, my dad and stepmom had all the kids sleepover on Thursday night, so we enjoyed a leisurely morning and garage boot camp. Best day ever.

Also, because we live in the middle of a mountain, we included hill repeats in between each round. It was awesome.

Mam said knock you out!

Mam said knock you out! You can also see my old personal training studio sign, and this blog’s namesake, in the background.


What haven’t I eaten this past week? Probably my most favorite treat was from a local candy shop. Totally not my usual love around the holidays (or anytime) but Munson’s chocolates is making candy cane truffles for the season and I almost melted when I bit into the first one. I only bought two, so I will definitely be making a return trip for about a half dozen more!

I don’t have a picture because I ate them too quickly. What I do have a picture of is the feast my stepmom laid out on the big day! She cooks all of this herself. She is a one-woman Thanksgiving machine.



Of course I have been loving my KUHL gear and, I will be sharing some of my all-time favorite things here on Wednesday so, in the meantime I will share a very unexpected gift I received from Sue at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes:

I took this as soon as I got it. I've worn it twice since and it fits like a glove :-)

I took this pic as soon as I got it. I’ve worn it twice since and it fits like a glove 🙂

I had commented that I loved the one she had and, lo and behold, it showed up in my mailbox last week. Blog friends are the best! Thank you so much Sue!


That Black Friday is becoming a thing of the past. Since more and more people shop online, there is really no reason to go out on Black Friday…of course I never saw a reason but it still existed and was part of our culture and news for days on end, and mostly in a horrible way.

I loved waking up to this headline on Saturday morning:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 2.41.57 PM

Suck it Black Friday! We’re taking the holiday back and putting more emphasis on family and the spirit of giving. And Amazon. Thank God for Amazon.


The return of the elf.

Which of course means the return of this reminder on my phone every night:



I’m almost done with The Martian and cannot wait to see the movie! The book was fantastic and listening to it on Audible in the car has become one of my favorite things. I may start driving around aimlessly just to finish it!


My brother sent me the following article from The New York Times with this statement:

“According to this article, you should have won the NYC marathon.”


Ask Well: Does Foot Size Affect Running? It’s a very interesting article about the correlation of foot size, running and why they make those running shoes so very light!

Obviously my brother thinks I have the foot size of a toddler but I wear a very normal size 7. If I could fit into kid-size shoes I could buy at least five more pair.

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“HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE!” sung very loudly and poorly by everyone, most especially my SIL, who continued to belt it out all.week.long. #MyEarsAreBleeding

How was your holiday?

Are you going to buy Multiples Illuminated? < – – of course you are!

What is your favorite food of the season?