Don’t worry, no one has hijacked my site nor have I gone completely off the rails and stopped caring about running. No, I still have a very deep love for running and all the things that surround it. I also have a very deep appreciation for my body and how I need to give it space and time to heal.

Miles is running for both of us these days.

Miles is running for both of us these days.

Instead of acting like one of the boys when I won’t let them get their 20th Beanie Boo, and breaking sound barriers with whining, when CRS declared no running for two weeks, I decided to plunge head first into positivity and focus on all that I can do. Plus, I’ve had two massages in two weeks which does wonders for the attitude.


WEEK OF MAY 25, 2015

RUNNING AQUA JOGGING: Let’s call it what it is, shall we? Let’s put it this way, the last time I was in the pool the lifeguard asked me if I was going for “the wet mile.” I have built up to 45 minutes of pool running, found a belt that stays put and managed to not drown myself out of boredom. These are very big achievements people. Let’s celebrate!

I also have the distinct pleasure of reacquainting myself with the elliptical. *insert motion of finger going down throat and gagging* But I’m ok with it, really, I had a slight hiccup in that no less then two people had to actually show me where the appropriate one was. I was literally escorted off of one type of elliptical, onto another, so I could see pacing and more closely mimic a running stride. I had no idea such a thing was even in my gym. #TrueStory

Total time “running” in the pool & on elliptical: 3.5 hours

As luck would have it, the ellipticals are directly behind the treadmills. Really?

As luck would have it, the ellipticals are directly behind the treadmills. Really?

CYCLING: I’m having my bike tuned up while I’m in San Francisco so I don’t have to be without it and miss a day on the roads. I’ve been riding all over town and creating new and exciting routes. By the end of my long rides, I have to stop myself from jumping directly into the lake before riding up the steep hill to my house. It would be like a luxurious ice bath…but then I would have to put my wet socks and bike shoes back on, and climb the steepest hill yet, to get home. It may be worth it, just once.

Total miles on the bike: 57

Total miles in spin class: 39

Can you see the lake waaayyy down there? Yep. That's the issue.

Can you see the lake waaayyy down there? Yep. That’s the issue.

SWIMMING: Not only do I run in the pool but I actually swim in it too! I know, crazy right? I was lucky enough to swim in open water again this past week with CRS. We swam half the lake and back a few times and may do the whole thing in a couple weeks. I dare say I’m starting to really enjoy it and the fear factor is non-existent. Of course now I’m having visions of that very sentence being posted to my FB page next to my obit when I drown. #HappyThoughts

STRENGTH TRAINING: My hips are getting stronger! Of course I’ve been beating them into submission with a combo of Dr. Jordan Metzl’s IronStrength routine and the hip/glute specific exercises Lindsey (the dry needling PT from hell) gave me. I’m looking forward to going back to Lindsey to show her how much my hip strength has improved. Of course, I have to wait until my hammy is fully healed so I can run right the hell outta there before she pulls out the needles!

FUEL: If you live in civilization, this will not be that exciting to you. However, I live in boonieville and it’s a small miracle that I can now get Amrita bars at one of my favorite markets and Chia Bars (wait for it) at my grocery store! I know, I know, the excitement is overwhelming.


Just refueling with an Amrita bar like the rest of the country…


Yes, they are worth every penny.

After buying 12 Chia Bars, the checkout girl and two people in line asked what the hell they were and why was I buying so many. Dear Lord, why do I live here???

And…did you know that Health Warrior Chia Bars now offers protein bars? Mind blown. My order is coming by boat.

THINGS I LOVE: Receiving my prestigious award in the mail. I heart 40.



THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Sexism. I feel like I rant about this quite a bit but, it keeps getting pushed in my face, and I just have to address it.  Of course my confrontation of choice is comedy so I’ll let Amy Schumer take it from here:

*In case you don’t know, Amy is a dirty girl and this is not for little ears or those easily offended*

READING: In case you couldn’t relate to the last article I linked from The Huffington Post on being Type A, they have done it again in the polar opposite direction, and are highlighting the fascinating world of the Type B’s! I know one all too well. He lives in my house and sleeps in my bed.

QUOTE TWEET OF THE WEEK: Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 3.30.57 PM


How was your week?

What are you living without these days?