It’s kind of silly that athletes refer to this time of year as the ‘off season’ because it seems like everything is very much turned ON this time of year. You know what I want an ‘off season’ for? Bad drivers. PMS. The misuse of grammar. I could go on…


RUNNING: My legs hurt! Isn’t this supposed to be my “off season?” Tell that to my heart and mind. I’m so addicted to running it’s stupid. On Wednesday it was too gorgeous not to run and then I had not one, but two opportunities to run with good friends. That’s just a no brainer. I did, however, spend more time in the hot tub, which is not a bad place to be…depending on who else is in there.

CYCLING: What’s this? I seriously need to get my ass in gear. Pun intended. I only taught one spin class and didn’t even set up the bike trainer. #fail

SWIMMING: Who swims with a head cold? This girl! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I did wait until Thursday to jump in. I was able to do an extra long swim, which meant I ate for the first time during a pool workout. It was kinda gross, because you’re wet and all, and I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed. I need to find out how real swimmers pull this one off.

RACING: If you missed my race recap last week, here are the highlights: arrived early, able to use inside toilet prior to race, set the bar too high but ended up with a three minute PR anyway. Lowlights: I didn’t place in my age group, but if I was four months older (40!) I would have placed second in the master’s division.

Me and Miles post-race!

Me and Miles post-race!

FUEL: I got a sweet shipment from my favorite granola maker this week! Ilene Evans of Hippie Chick granola is using her customers as guinea pigs, and I love it when she does that! I was able to do her the huge favor of taste testing the latest flavor – chocolate coffee with coconut and cashew. Do I really need to tell you how good it tastes? Coffee and chocolate have no off season.

THINGS I LOVE: Snow! Mostly because it was the first of the season, the sun was out, I was going for a run and it was gone by the end of the day. I have a very strict criteria for loving snow.


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: What kind of psycho came up with this idea?

They forgot to add “So you can more clearly see your imminent death as you plummet toward the earth in a fiery ball of destruction.” Someone will seriously have to knock me out before I could set foot on a windowless plane! I’m calling for all engineers working on this terrifying project to take an Off Season!!

MUSIC: Christmas music! Just embrace it. Yes, it’s probably too soon and yes everyone is complaining that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but, you know what? The Christmas season is awesome, my kids are beyond excited and I’ve survived another year with a happy, healthy family. Life is good, bring on the Jingle Bells!


READING: RunHaven! There is some great reading going on here and, if you run and you’re not reading RunHaven, you’re missing out! In case you missed it, I wrote about the 4 Inventions Road Racers Need and I delved into the running psyche, asking the question of limitation when it comes to say ebola, molten lava, jail? Where would you draw the line and decide not to run? Remember, it’s the off season…

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: One of the daycare providers at the YMCA where my kids spent a lot of time (thank you half-day kindergarten) actually wrote down what Miles said the other day, while he was there. She thought it was hysterical:


Good to know I’m raising a kind, caring and gentle soul.

Is this your off season?

What would you like an ‘off-season’ from?

What do you think about a windowless plane?