When my personal training clients would start getting crazy about not attaining goals right away or setting their expectations way too high, I would give them this advice: “Take it one day at a time, like an alcoholic.” Truly. Just slow your roll and refocus. Now, if only I can take my own advice!


WEEK OF JUNE 8, 2015

RUNNING: Yes! I have been running but just one day a week. I’ll take it! The hamstring is finally starting to feel better and as long as I stay steady for a little bit, run on soft surfaces and keep my speed in check, I should be back to the pavement in no time.

Real running: 5.8 miles

Elliptical running: 16 miles

Water running: Who the hell knows but 1 hour 30 min total

SWIMMING: Big news here people – I swam an entire mile in open water! I hereby declare myself a real swimmer. Not only did I swim a mile but I enjoyed it. I mean, really enjoyed it! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Of course now I loathe the pool but whatever. #OneSwimAtATime

I also swam additional pool miles and had a fantastic week in the water. Never have I ever dreamed I would type that last sentence. #ChangeIsGood

Total: 7,060 yards

I made this lake my bitch.

I made this lake my bitch.

BIKING: Outdoor biking is at it’s finest here in the Northeast! I have had many a long ride and one near catastrophe. On my ride last Wednesday, I had a planned route in mind and, as I was nearing a turn around mile 8 I realized the road had been covered in those little stone gravel like things (technical term) and I almost completely bit it as I tried to avoid the death trap that would have been that road. I had no choice but to take an unfamiliar route and, you know what? It was awesome! Not only was it less hilly then the original route I planned, but it had less traffic and was a perfect loop for a 20 miler. Thank you biking Gods for literally steering me in the right direction!

Total: 84.5 miles

I was rewarded with gorgeous views of expansive fields and spraying water. I do wish it wasn't tobacco they were watering but, whatever.

I was rewarded with gorgeous views of expansive fields getting some much needed water.  Sometimes living in farm country can be beautiful. I do wish it wasn’t tobacco they were watering but, let’s not nit pick.

FUEL: More then any other sport, swimming gives me the appetite of a velociraptor. Because it’s summer and I pretty much hate salads (or just the idea of them?) and smoothies (because I need to chew my food) I’ve been getting back to basics, one day at a time, with good old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know it’s super boring but – – they won’t melt in your car, are super easy to make, are supremely packable and have plenty of nutrients to refuel properly. Now, if I could only get Justin’s or Teddy’s single serve packets in these parts! Why is Skippy the only one available around here? Gross.

Why do they add sugar? WHY? Source: mamainflipflops.com

Why do they add sugar? WHY? Damn you Skippy!
Source: mamainflipflops.com

THINGS I LOVE: My new WaterFi water proof iPod shuffle. OMG this thing is awesome! It makes pool swimming infinitely better, the headphones stay in my ears and the sound is high quality. Get it. Now.

I’ll be doing a full review on the blog but, if you were on the fence about getting one, don’t hesitate. And, at $150.00 it’s not crazy expensive. Or is it? One of my good friends would justify the purchase this way: “You have a job.” And yes, parenting is a full-time job so maybe you even have two jobs. Clearly you deserve it. #TreatYoSelf


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Besides Skippy “natural” peanut butter, I’m also not loving that fellow Oiselle teammate (HA!) Kara Goucher is trying to steal my two-tone vitiligo look. I can’t believe I created this trend and she’s trying to act like she did. Really Kara?


Thank you to my friend Stacey for sending this to me with the note: “See – you’re not the only two-toned badass out there!” LOVE IT! And, as you suggested Stacey, I intend to “own it” just like Kara. She’s a role model in ways she didn’t even know.

READING: The movie sounds like a snooze-fest but the ESPNW interview with Helen Hunt was anything but. The movie Ride which Hunt wrote, directed and stars in, is about surfing but not really. It’s a corny and predictable saga of boy drops out of school to pursue surfing, mom chases him to the coast, takes up surfing herself and finds meaning (and a hot younger guy as surf coach) in her life all while realizing her son doesn’t need a mommy and she doesn’t need to be just a mommy. Yawn.

 I’m not recommending the movie but the article in which she said:

“When I started writing, my daughter was very young, and I kept hearing these terms — “soccer mom” or “surf mom.” And I was like, these moms, what? They’re just sitting there? Their job is just to sit there and watch their sons and daughters play? And I began to think about how vitally important it might be for the moms to get off the beach and get into the water, or whatever their version of getting into the water is.”

You see why I love this, yes? There’s more and it’s all brilliant. Also, Ms. Hunt is 51 and looks amazing. And can surf. For real. She started when she was 40. #DoSomethingThatScaresYou

TV: Still watching and loving The Walking Dead. My favorite part is that they actually kill all the people I want to die. Are they listening to my innermost thoughts? We’re only on season 3 so no spoilers. I’m also loving the return of Hannibal because the creep factor is off the charts and Wayward Pines, although soap opera like, it stars Matt Dillion. ‘Nuff said.


MUSIC: So, I was on the bike trainer in my living room a few weeks back, watching VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown for two hours straight (yes, this is my real life. Don’t get jealous) while the boys ran around like wild animals played and I discovered so many things:

 – Music videos, no matter what time of day apparently, have way too much sex and/or graphic images not suitable for 6 year old boys.

 – I cannot deny the awesomeness that is Taylor Swift. I didn’t even really like the song “Bad Blood” until I saw the video. She is an evil genius.

 – I am old. I don’t think I need to elaborate here.

Yes I let the boys eat breakfast on the couch while playing the iPad and dressed like the Kratt Brothers. I see no issue here.

Yes I let the boys eat breakfast on the couch while playing the iPad and still in pajamas/costumes. I see no issue here.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “The less you know about the field, the better your odds. Dumb boldness is the best way to approach a new challenge.” – Jerry Seinfeld on not really knowing about streaming online television when he created Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

How was your week?

Do you take things one day at a time?