There is a difference you know…or maybe you don’t? I had a lightbulb moment myself when reading Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone? When the author and therapist found herself on the opposite side of a professional’s couch after a horrible break-up, sobbing crying for the third or fourth session, her new therapist walked over and gently kicked her in the foot.

“Ouch! What was that?”

“Well, you seem like you’re enjoying the experience of suffering so I thought I would help you out with that...

there’s a difference between pain and suffering…you’re going to have to feel pain – everyone feels pain at times – but you don’t have to suffer so much.”

Excerpt from Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

I’d be lying if I said I’m not having a hard time adjusting to the humiliation of the Duathlon National Championships and not racing another half IM in a few weeks. In fact, I have no triathlons on my schedule for the foreseeable future. It’s a mental and physical adjustment that is always just below the surface of my feelings these days. Although there’s nothing I can do about the duathlon and I’m choosing to make some significant changes in my life, I need to be reminded that I don’t have to punish myself and suffer. And neither do you!

I also can’t wait to kick my new clients in session once I have my counseling license. #JK

Why universe? Why? Also, please stop raining.

WEEK OF MAY 13, 2019


Although I’m not racing triathlon, I am racing a 100 mile relay race with some of my best running friends! I’m using the race in August as an opportunity to get some speed back into these old legs. I asked my coach to put together a 12 week plan that focuses on speed without losing my bike and swim fitness.

So far, not so fast…

Monday – recovery from Road to the Pogue trail race | 3.8 miles easy | 9:02 pace

Friday – LSD (long slow distance) | 8.02 miles | 8:34 pace

Sunday – 5 miles easy | 8:40 pace

Total = 16.8 miles

My friend Carly and I trying to stay warm before the Road to the Pogue trail race in Vermont last weekend!


I’m sure you have heard that the weather is sucking big time in the northeast. I’ve had to take my bike on and off the trainer multiple times and it makes me very cranky. #thesearemyproblems

I was able to do one “smell the pollen” ride on Thursday and it was fantastic. While indoors I caught up on Killing Eve and VEEP. No complaints there.

Tuesday – indoor cycling | 1:00:05 | 17 miles

Thursday – easy outdoor ride | 1:20:33 | 23.7 miles

Total = 40.7

I’m not cold, you’re cold.


I’m still going strong with Antwan on Wednesdays and including a recovery swim afterwards. It’s the perfect combo. Antwan has been slowly tearing me down and building me back up with each workout and I hate to love the hour of pain. I know it will pay off in faster running with zero injury so I grit and get through it!

Wednesday – one hour of each!


I’ve decided to take my first class toward my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling this summer. It’s a 6-week intensive on counseling diverse populations. I’ve already started reading the text because I can’t wait to get my learn on.

It’s going to be pretty interesting being in class with 20-year olds. I’m so glad I chose now to grow out my grey hair! Let the growing pains begin…

Make it rain Michelle!


I have an unhealthy obsession with my Garmin fenix 3 watch. You may already know, but in the three years I’ve had this baby I almost never take it off and, it feels like an extension of me. I know, it’s weird.

Even with fur, an evening gown and Christian Louboutins, it does not leave my wrist…

When I heard about the Garmin 5S Plus with it’s built-in heart rate monitor (no more chest chaffing!) music capabilities (no more carrying my phone on my back!) and even Garmin pay, I was dazzled and decided it was time for an upgrade.

The day finally came when I got it in the mail and… it’s SO SMALL! Yes, I realize the one I have is gigantic but that’s part of the reason I love it. It stands out! It’s a gorgeous timepiece! And I’m guessing I’m one of the only women in sport that wanted a watch THIS big because these colors do not come in a bigger size for the fenix 5 Plus.

Hey little fella.

Why Garmin? Why? Damn you! The new watch has been sitting on my desk for days as I contemplate if I really want it or not.

In case you have to ask, yes, I’m choosing to suffer over this ridiculousness.


I haven’t talked about food in a while here, but I must tell you about these delicious bites I’ve made twice now. I barely cook or bake, so anything I make more than once is worth sharing.

Healthy PB+J Oatmeal Cups! These babies check all my boxes – easy, healthy, delicious, filling and more than one person in my house will eat them.

Do yourself a favor and whip some up…


No matter how you may feel about Howard Stern, he is an exceptional interviewer. He’s also extremely honest and aware of how far he has come from the days of Fartman and having an all-day lesbian parade on the radio.

Don’t get me wrong, he still has some ridiculous and crass insanity going on during his Sirius XM show and the maturity level on any given day is questionable. What is not, are his materful interviewing skills and they are on full display in his new book Howard Stern Comes Again.

It’s filled with some of the most intriguing interviews from his over 30 year career and includes his thoughts going into the interviews as well as highlights and pictures. Some of my favorites are Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Dave Matthews, Conan O’Brien, Snoop Dogg, Claire Danes, Tracey Morgan…I mean, how much time do you have?

Even if you hate Howard Stern, I can recommend this book because it’s barely about him. He also has a very interesting take on our current, um, president, as he was not only personal friends with him but interviewed him over 20 times. The friendship ended when Stern declined to speak on Trump’s behalf. Stern is a Hillary Clinton fan.

I highly recommend it to escape any pain and/or suffering.


Because I’m a total nerd when it comes to reading, I have endless highlights from any book that was an exceptional read. You can imagine how many I have for Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.

I was scrolling through these digital highlights on my iPad when I came across this gem. It was from a therapy session with a woman who had terminal cancer:

“Sometimes the only thing to do is yell ‘Fuck!'”

I, of course, 100% agree with that advice and, it actually works. Now I have two things to look forward to in my new career – kicking people and yelling ‘fuck!’ This is going to be amazing.

Here’s to a week of ending all suffering!

Do you let yourself suffer? Over what?

Which Garmin do you think I should choose – new or old?

Thoughts on Howard Stern?