It was that kind of week. It flew by, but things got messy. I had to get antibiotics for a sinus infection, one of the boys had another doctor visit (he’s fine), I attended my first PTO Halloween party committee meeting (my life is now complete) and it all culminated in yet another wedding in Boston for the weekend. I’m exhausted, but now it’s Monday again. Shit.



RUNNING: I had some excellent runs this past week, including a track workout (6×800 @ 10K pace) and 12 mile long run (7:26 average pace). I feel ready to race and not at all like tapering. But, that’s probably just because I had two full rest days over the weekend while I was in Boston. And when I say “rest” I mean walking all over the city, dancing the night away, and drinking wine.

Total mileage: 28 miles

Walking though Copley Square. My dad would call this an "action" shot. Gotta love it!

Walking though Copley Square. And yes, the cousins hold hands pretty much everywhere we go when we’re all together. My niece also laughs at your baby Bjorn. She simple buttons her baby inside her jean jacket. Suckers.

CYCLING: I’m dying to get out on my bike but, I have to get all my core training runs in so, for now, all my cycling sadly remains indoors.  However, I have to say that I absolutely love teaching spin and I love my class. Last Thursday I only had four people, but we killed it. Like I always say to them “This is the best part of your day!”

Total mileage: 50 miles

CROSS-TRAINING: I have been loving my pool workouts! I’m incorporating more/different workouts and I’ll be sharing some here very soon! I’ve also been stretching, rolling and stretching some more in hopes that my hamstring issue holds up for the race on Saturday!

Like I posted on Instagram, I was channeling my inner Christine at Love, Life, Surf

Like I posted on Instagram, I was channeling my inner Christine at Love, Life, Surf when I popped a wheel at the gym during my stretch and roll session.

RACING: The ING Hartford Half-Marathon is days away! BRING IT ON! I’m so ready to redeem myself after that horrible, awful, no good, very bad race in New Haven last month. Let’s f***in DO THIS!

FUELING: I’m very excited to have received two new products this week. Thanks to posts from Happy Fit Mama and Family Sport Life, I will be testing out EnduroPacks in the coming month. What exactly are EnduroPacks? It’s a system of daily vitamin and mineral replacement for endurance athletes. I really want to start trying some different fueling systems like this, prior to the new year, when I really rev up my training! Stay tuned…


I also started eating my way through my very first NatureBox thanks to a post by Brittany of My Own Balance. I was rushing around, packing for Boston, when my first box arrived. I was starving, and I tore right into some parmesan pretzels. They were fantastic – – and not just in the way that anything is fantastic when you’re starving and pressed for time. I know this because I went back and finished off the bag, with the boys, the next day and they tasted just as good!

Come to mama!

Come to mama!

THINGS I LOVE: How excited the boys get when their Halloween costumes arrive! They completely freak out, immediately try them on and wear them everywhere until I have to peel them off their bodies. It’s awesome.

The slow motion high-five.

The slow motion high-five. And, in case you’re not familiar with Skylanders, Miles is Chomp Chomp and Vaughn is Spyro. This is my life.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Not being able to see my extended family all the time. It’s just another thing that sucks about growing up. When I was a kid, the entire family (five kids and their families) would gather at my grandma’s house each and every Sunday. It seemed like my brother and I would play all afternoon with my cousins, and then sit down to a massive Italian meal, before rolling home again.

Now, we’re scattered all over the country and only occasionally get together, mostly for weddings and funerals. Luckily this year, we had three weddings (all in the same family!), and two of them were in Boston. And yes, we all go crazy dancing to “We Are Family!” It’s awesome.

Me and my cousins, both of whom were married this year. The one on my right was married in August and this weekend's groom is on my left. There was a time I was taller then both of them. I think it was when I was 10.

Me and my cousins, both of whom were married this year. The one on my right was married in August and this weekend’s groom, is on my left. There was a time I was taller then both of them. I think it was when I was 10.

MUSIC: I had the pleasure of hearing Howard Stern interview Melissa Etheridge this past week. She was so open and honest about just exactly how David Crosby is her kids “bio dad,” and talked a lot about the stories behind her songs. She sang two of them, live in the studio. The first was a classic – Come To My Window (which she wrote for her ex-girlfriend Julie) and then a new one called Monster from her new album This is M.E. I can’t wait for it to be on iTunes because it’s a perfect spin/running song!

READING: The only thing I had a chance to read was the map to the Science Museum in Boston. We were able to spend about half the day there on Saturday, and we can’t wait to go back. It’s funny because there was a time, not that long ago it seems, I was there late at night to watch laser light shows to music with my college buddies. How the hell did I end up at the dinosaur exhibit with my five year-old twins…and 40 something year-old husband? #LifeMovesFast


RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: If you’re walking on the track, please, please, please, walk in the outside lane. Please.

What did you do last week that was quick and/or dirty?

What are you or your kids going to be for Halloween?

Anyone else racing this weekend?