Here we go again. It’s time for the race taper but, before I got too lax, I did a 10 mile race yesterday. Yep, I raced 10 miles exactly one week before the Duathlon National Championship. Genius move or worst idea ever? Only time will tell.

The one thing I know for certain is from this point out I will repeat the hard training, taper, race cycle at least two more times. Possibly three. Who am I kidding? I have no idea how many races I may do by 2020!



Since this was a taper week I had very little running leading up to the race on Sunday. My coach was looking for a race that was a little further out but, snowboarding got in the way. Oh well. We decided that if I didn’t try to crush this race, it would be perfect leading up to race day.

I did have one extremely hard effort at the indoor track which actually left my throat sore because I was gasping for air. Good times.

Tuesday: VO2 Max run | warm up, 10 X (30 seconds FAST, 30 seconds easy) | 3.77 miles total, with two reps under 6:00 min! | 30:10

Friday: pre-race run 30 minutes with 4 x 15″ building speed


I’m getting ready to ship my bike to South Carolina which always comes with a lot of anxiety. I wrap and protect it as best I can but you just never know how careful people will be with your cargo!

Step one: hope my bike arrives on time to the hotel in South Carolina

Step two: opening the bag and having it all be in one piece, or at least the pieces I left it in!

This pic is from when I packed up my triathlon bike to go to Cuba in 2016. It came on the plane with me and was miraculously fine upon arrival. Let’s hope the same is true this time around with my less delicate road bike.

For the first time I’m using a company called Bike Flights. For about $100 they are picking it up at my house (I’ll have it bagged and ready), shipping it to the hotel and then shipping it back. Trust me, if this works out, it will be the easiest, most inexpensive transport I have ever had!

Thursday: High Z2 2 x 40 endurance ride | 2:00:24 | 34.4 miles


One fairly tame strength day and two swims this week can only mean I’m in taper mode!

Monday: recovery swim | 1,350 yards

Wednesday: strength with Antwan | 1 hour

Friday: swim after run | 1,800 yards


Being so close to race day! I’m really looking forward to racing my first duathlon since the World Championship in 2014! Since then I have focused on triathlon but let me tell you how great it is not to have to worry about the swim!

The boys (and I ) were so young! This was taken after the race in Pontevedre, Spain. It was magical. And hotter than hell!

Duathlon Nationals will be so different this time around and I’m doing my best to not set my expectations too high and just enjoy the ride.


My babies are turning 10. How is it possible?

Vaughn is the one attacking Lamy’s ear. Sadly, Lamby lost his ears soon after that. In a show of solidarity, Miles removed doggy’s ears as well. They both still absolutely love their Lamb and Dog(s).

You really can’t blink because you will miss it. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to mostly stay home with them and be there for so many moments I would have otherwise missed. Sure, there were days I begged to go to work or just be out of the house (I may have actually run out of the house or into my closet) but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ten is a very cool age and I love the conversations I get to have with them and how they are testing their independence. And vocabulary…ahem.

They are at the point where they still love me the most, sleep with stuffed animals and cry out their frustrations but are also fiercely independent, would rather hang out with friends and speak in lingo I can’t understand. #whysomuchGUCCItalk?


Sadly my time with Grace + Frankie came to an end. How is it possible I watched five seasons of a show almost exclusively while riding the trainer?

My husband and I started watching Hanna, an Amazon Prime original series and so far, it’s amazing. I love that Hanna is a serious badass and can fight like Bruce Lee, think like RBG and yet has no idea what social media is. You see, Hanna was stolen from what looks like a militant Russian secret facility in the middle of nowhere, by her parents. She was then raised in the woods and taught tracking, combat, marksmanship and four different languages.

The mystery is who is she really and who can she trust? It’s definitely worth the watch. And the music is pretty great too.


It seems like the whole world was reading the memoir of the Mormon survivalist turned Cambridge scholar and I was somewhat disinterested. If you haven’t heard of it, Educated is the true story of Tara Westover and her six siblings, growing up on a mountain in the middle of Idaho with parents who rejected anything man created — school, doctors, non-Mormons — you get the idea.

As horrifying as it is (and trust me, the injuries these kids suffer and survive without medical treatment is horrifying) to read, it’s absolutely worth it. Tara’s writing alone is astoundingly eloquent which is in direct contrast to the painful story she’s telling. If you liked The Glass Castle, you will like this but it may take the first 100 pages to get into.


I love this so much…

I hope all the doors open to you this week and, if they don’t that you can open them back up all by yourself.

Hopefully I will write my 10 mile race recap before leaving for South Carolina. In the meantime you can catch me in taper mode…

Do you taper for races? Love it or hate it?

Do you remember your 10th birthday? Sadly, I don’t.