I feel funny having the theme of this post be “race week” since it was really just a 13.1 training run that happened to be during a half-marathon race. I was out there running my best for sure, but it certainly was not a goal race and I was not in PR shape for his hilly, cold, hilly, crazy, hilly, friendly course. Did I mention the hills?

I was much more excited to take off to Vermont for more snowboarding immediately after the race!



Obviously this was a taper week as I prepared to tackle a challenging 13.1 at the Colchester Half Marathon. I have done this race at least half a dozen times and it never gets easier. Although I PR’ed the last time I ran it in 2016, I had also run two marathons in 2015 leading up to it so, my goal this time was to feel strong throughout and finish feeling like I ran a smart race. Mission accomplished.

I’ll have a full race recap later this week so stay tuned…

Tuesday – 45 minute easy run outside | I had strict orders not to wear a watch so I listened!

Thursday – easy 30 minutes on treadmill with 3 x 1 min @hmp before strength work | 3.91 miles | 7:43 average pace

Saturday – race day! 13.1 miles | 7:56 average pace | 1:44:46

Total = 23.51 miles


I had only one scheduled ride this week and I was supposed to do outside! It reached 70 degrees here on Wednesday, then proceeded to snow on Thursday, then drop some freezing rain on Friday before becoming sunny and 55 on Saturday. Truly unbelievable.

I so badly wanted to take my bike on the road but there was no way I was passing up an opportunity to snowboard in this weather either.

There was zero cycling last week but a whole lotta this…


The pool is so great for hard training when you’re in a taper week. I pushed hard in my water workouts which took the edge off not being able to bike or run for endurance or speed. #addict

Monday – 100s and 25s | 2,200 yards

Friday – 200s pull/swim | 2,400 yards

Total = 4,600 yards


Besides the snowboarding, I did one other day of strength work. I continue to work the ECFit program but I’m seriously getting bored with doing a lot of the same moves. I know it’s working but why does it have to be so boring? < – – I’m sure this is what most people think about running


As I’ve confessed here before, I’m not a big fan of Amy Schumer. When she first came onto the scene she was so relevant and funny but then I feel like she morphed into something else, and that something was much less relevant and funny. I was thinking this very thing when she came on Ellen a few weeks ago…dressed as a baby.

What the…?

But then they showed the preview to her new movie, I Feel Pretty and, although I’m still not a huge fan, this movie has the best message for women, especially right now. And, messages delivered with humor are always better.

And I still have no idea why she was dressed as a baby on Ellen.


People losing their damn minds because L.L. Bean decided not to replace the indoor slippers they wore outside every day in Antartica to  get their mail for the better part of the last 25 years. Better yet, some were seeking to replace stuff they bought at yard sales! #whoraisedyou?

Come on people! How do you sleep at night? As a New Englander I take a personal offense to anyone messing with L.L. Bean or Dunkin Donuts. Those things are sacred and are not to be judged, sued or otherwise negatively impacted. Hasn’t L.L. Bean done enough for you heathens? Call off your dogs and go replace your own damn boots!


Two things that have really declined since we re-homed our dog Star are my my total steps for the day and reading. I used to walk her every day (unless it was raining) and listen to my Audible audiobooks. Ever since, I’m behind in my reading and I’m lucky to get 8k steps in a non-running day.

I’m just starting Kristen Hannah’s The Great Alone, until we chose a new book club book, otherwise, here’s some stuff I enjoyed on the web, including one of my own:

Brooks CEO Discusses His “Real Runner” Comments | Allie Burdick | Women’s Running

Thanks to Jesica at rUnladylike who is a Brooks Ambassador and friend, I was able to connect with Brooks CEO Jim Weber himself and talk about runners, real and otherwise. I was beyond excited for this opportunity since I’ve worn Brooks for most of my almost 20 year career, and Weber was such an intelligent, funny and laidback guy.

11 Terrible Jokes for Runners | Mark Remy | Dumb Runner

A rabbi, a priest, and an atheist walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, fellas?” All three of them reply, “Just water. We have a marathon tomorrow.”

Q: Why did the runner cross the road?
A: Because that’s where the less-crowded aid station was.

Most people laugh at runners so we may as well laugh at ourselves right?


Overhead in the car with the boys:

Miles: Does your teacher push you?

Vaughn: What? NO!

Miles: Even if you’re having a hard time with something?

Vaughn: Um no!? Teachers aren’t allowed to push students!

Miles: *lets out a long drawn out, overly dramatic sigh* Not that kind of push! A mental push!

Vaughn: Well, sometimes I think she’s mental.

And there you have it. 

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How was your week? Did you race?

Know any running jokes?

Do you feel pretty?