Throughout the summer I have been focused on qualifying for triathlon nationals. Mission accomplished. It’s now time to shift gears to all running, all the time, and start to seriously think and train for the New York City Marathon!

Someone hold me. I’m scared.





So here we are again my old friend! I have spent this past week doing mostly running and it has been fantastic. I did quite a few hot, humid and sweaty runs and tried to focus on feel and not pace since I raced hard on Aug 30 and had a 20K race yesterday (Monday, Sept. 7th). Not ideal but, this is what I do…

Post run downward dog smile pose.

Post run downward dog smile pose.

Week total: 30 including the race!


I had exactly two opportunities to cycle this past week and one of them was the spin class I teach. Class was once again held in the lobby do to the annual clean-up of the facility. It was abusively hot but I had a full class and we made it though!

I was also able to cycle outside, which is so preferable to running in this heat, for a nice long ride last Friday. Did I tell you how much I’m loving my new schedule?

Total miles: 58


This is super sad but I only swam 1000 yards this past week. I was solo parenting from Thursday though Sunday and I just wasn’t able to get more then 20 minutes in. Clearly I need an indoor pool in my house.

However, I was able to get to the ocean for an amazing day with the family and managed to not be eaten by a shark. #ItHappensALot



As part of the annual clean up and clean out at my local YMCA some changes were made – amazing awesome changes – in the form of a new functional fitness area! Finally I have tons of space in which to do my strength training and some new equipment too.

I did two strength training workouts this week and focused (as I usually do) on hips, glutes, quads and core.


Once again it was a ridiculously hot day for the New Haven 20K Road Race. The only reason I still run this race is because it’s a tradition with me and some of my best running friends.

Plus, this year I ran a less then stellar 1:32:18 (7:20 pace) and still managed to place third in my age group. #ThisIs40

Because the "before" picture is always better.

Because the “before” picture is always better.


Getting massages. I was finally able to schedule a much needed massage last week and my body needed every minute of it. I felt amazingly better afterward and so did all my achy spots. I think I need this twice a month until the marathon.

This giant mural is in the waiting room at my massage therapists office. The weird thing is I would also rather be at the massage place then the beach!

This giant mural is in the waiting room at my massage therapists office. The weird thing is I would always rather be at the massage place then the beach! #NoContest


Star Wars. Here’s why:

I went to Target at 8:30am foolishly thinking I would be able to whip though the aisles to get just a few things. No, really, this time I just got a few things…

Ever since I read about Body Armour on Tina's blog, I've been addicted. Unfortunately the only place that sells it out in Boonetown where I live is Target.

Ever since I read about Body Armor on Tina’s blog, I’ve been addicted. Unfortunately the only place that sells it out in Boonetown where I live is Target.

Unfortunately for me, early rising nerds were out in droves searching for Star Wars toys. Apparently another movie is coming out and the awesome Star Wars marketing people held a sort of midnight madness event which was now spilling into my otherwise sunny and amazing Friday morning. The worst part was the digital coupon for all the plastic Darth Vader heads and oversized Chewbacca stuffies were not working. Of course.

Luckily I wasn’t late for my coffee date at Starbucks. God forbid! #FirstWorldProblems


I’m in between books right now, although I’ve started to sort of read To Kill A Mockingbird. I’ve actually never read it (gasp!) which is kind of crazy since I love literature and, reading and writing were two things I never skimped on in school, so I’m not sure what happened there.

Anyway, I’ve been reading very important newsworthy headlines in the mean and in between time:

The Secrets of an NFL Locker Room – because you have always wanted to know and it’s almost time for football!!!!!

Is Running Good for Weight Loss? – excellent question! Most people assume it is but we could all be wrong.

Chelsea Handler mistakes Apple for Underwear… – apparently Chels is having some kind of feud with Instagram over them not allowing nakedness. I think I have to side with Insta on this one, although some of her photos are hilarious.


Solo parenting is not all bad. Since my husband has been away I was able to watch all eight previously missed episodes of Ray Donovan. In three nights.

Unfortunately, I’m not loving it. I like my Ray with zero affect, facial expression and feeling. So far this season he’s cried (a few times!), smiled (when not kicking someone ass) and has said more then two sentences per episode. What’s worse, he seems to genuinely care about his annoying wife. Kind of. What’s happening? Make it stop!


“I can do all things through sarcasm and profanity.”

Thanks to my bestest friend for gifting me this mug. You truly get me,


What would be your ideal saying on a coffee mug or t-shirt?

What are you focusing or re-focusing on this week?