Remember that movie? I don’t really either except that I was in love with Eddie Vedder when it came out in 1994, and he was in it. I was in college at Boston University and reality was amazing. Now I’m an aging athlete with 6 year-old twins who is losing her grasp on reality, which some days, is better then the alternative.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my life is a dream. It truly is, which is why when reality comes crashing down on you, it tends to bite.



Another week of strong mileage and speed work. This is what it looked like:

Monday: 7 miles easy @8:00/mile pace

Tuesday: spin class and strength training

Wednesday: 3 x 1 mile repeats at the track @6:20 for mile pace and 800 easy jog in between

This workout felt great. I always get super nervous about mile repeats because they tend to make you want to puke and die somewhere around the third lap of each one. I talked myself off the ledge by saying “it’s only three” which is a joke because it doesn’t matter how many you have to do – they sting. As much as I was pushing myself though, I felt strong when I finished and actually had to pull back to keep the pace my coach set.

Stretching it out afterward at the track on another gorgeous day!

Stretching it out afterward at the track on another gorgeous day!

Thursday: 5 miles easy @8:00/mile pace

Friday: 16 miles with 6 @MP

What a difference a week makes! My 16 miler this week felt good. I was strong though the 6 miles at pace (7:30) and, although definitely tired by the last three, I felt infinitely better then last week’s 13. I didn’t even have to do a handstand afterward.

Completely upright this time around!

Completely upright this time around!

Saturday: Rest day!

Sunday: 9 miles very easy (9:30/miles) with one of my BRFs! Please remember that easy miles should truly be easy.

Total for the week: 45 big ones!


The problem started with my goal for the year. You remember it right? I wanted it ALL. I wanted to qualify for triathlon nationals and also run two marathons, one of which being the New York City marathon. No biggie.

Seriously, what the hell was I thinking? Here I am, 5 weeks out from NYCM and my longest run has been 18 miles. That is not good. I know what it takes to run the marathon I’m capable of running but, I’m way undertrained to do it.

The problem was that I didn’t qualify for triathlon nationals in my first attempt, which pushed my marathon training all the way back until the first week in September!

I just loved swimming way too much this summer.

I just loved swimming way too much this summer.

I thought I really wanted to focus on the marathon and try to achieve something in the ballpark of a 3:15 but, I now know that is completely unattainable with the training I have done.

I’m not sorry because I truly wanted the triathlon qualification but…

I know this – I will go in New York to push as hard as I can within my limits, and really try to enjoy it. I have never really done that in the marathon, and what better time and place to do it?


I’m not sure this really qualifies as “gear” but I’ve been using this nubby little ball to sit on while driving. With all the miles I’ve been running, and despite all the movement I’m being commanded to do by my Garmin vivoactive, I sometimes get piriformis pain when I’m sitting. That’s the burning sensation right in the middle of your butt cheek and it’s not pleasant.

My little green friend.

My little green passenger, when not directly underneath my ass cheek.


I realized that I just can’t eat real food on my long runs. Even chia bars, which usually always agree with me, are not appetizing on my training runs. I’ve gone back to gel in chomp form and also had a waffle. It’s a lot of sugary sweetness but I only drink plain water so it’s all digesting well.


After my 16 miler I went straight to Starbucks for a grande vanilla soy latte and a protein box. I was also craving something sweet, which is weird since I had nothing but sticky sweetness though out the run, but who am I to second guess my post-long run craving? It was time to indulge.

Mostly, I hate all things pumpkin. I don’t do PSL or anything else pumpkin but, I spied with my little eye a pumpkin cream cheese muffin in the Starbucks case. I ordered it. I got my protein box and latte, and completely forgot about it and left. I think it’s a pumpkin conspiracy. They know I hate them.


My new phone case! Now, I don’t love it nearly as much as the owl I had for my old iPhone but this is a close second. Ok, maybe it’s a distant third but it’s the best one I’ve had in over a year. And yes, I’m still searching for an owl case that fits an iPhone 6.

Of course I picked orange. It's my signature color.

Of course I picked orange. It’s my signature color.

This is the ultra slim Sena case and the reason I love it so much is because you can actually feel the real phone in your hands.  You toss your phone in this super sleek leather sheath and take it out as necessary. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and, because it’s leather and stretches over time, it was a little difficult getting it in and out the first few days. #ThatsWhatSheSaid

As much as I love this case, I would swap it for the owl in a heartbeat!

Everyone loves the Owl...most of all ME!

REWARD! Find me this case for an iPhone 6 and I’ll give you pretty much whatever you want.



I’m actually just pre-judging it and also being wildly hypocritical because I just signed-up. I told myself I absolutely would not but then I heard about this blog challenge and, you all know I cannot turn down a challenge.

Plus, I’m actually doing some pretty awesome stuff next month like running with some of my best blog friends in Maine, going to the Runner’s World Half and Festival, running the freakin’ NYC marathon and going to Miami for a wedding.

You totally want to see all of that shit, right? Just say yes and follow me on Periscope:

Right now I have two followers and I think it’s out of pity.

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These were my saving grace for my 16 solo miles this past week:

The Moth

A big gigantic shout out to Christine at Love, Life, Surf for recommending this one. However, I will tell you what she failed to tell me – you could cry so proceed with caution if you’re listening while running! I downloaded two episodes and headed out for an easy 5 miles. The very first story I heard was about a mom who delivered a baby with down syndrome and all the raw and honest emotion that followed. OMG, seriously? I almost had to stop. But, it’s also a testament to just how good this podcast is!

Others included a man who helped the FBI catch a most wanted criminal you have all certainly heard of, and a woman who found herself in a relationship with a man who had joint custody…of a dog…with his ex girlfriend. Hilarity ensues.

Another Mother Runner

Most of you may already be familiar with Dimity and Sarah, but listening to their podcast is pretty much like having two friends along on your run. I have listened a few times before but, now I’m hooked. I listened to three different interviews and stories though out my run and it truly made the miles go by. There’s only so much music you can listen too before you start focusing too much on how much your body hurts…no matter what Taylor Swift has to say about it.


My boys love Halloween more then they love me.

My boys love Halloween more then Christmas.


How was your week?

What kind of reality has come crashing down on you?

Have you watched anything good on periscope?