It’s a good week for a complete overhaul. Well, it’s at least a good week to think about one! This past week has been challenging for me: I took a break from running to help heal my hammy, the boys had pink eye (yes, both of them!) and I started physical therapy. I’m definitely looking forward to some holiday downtime (oxymoron) to re-group, re-boot and just re-lax!

Rundown_Rebuilding WEEK OF NOVEMBER 17, 2014

RUNNING: Non-existent. I did however get a plethora of physical therapy exercises that I’m doing like a boss, each and every day, twice a day. #rebuilding

Just doing a little eccentric bridge walk-outs...

Just doing a little eccentric bridge walk-outs…

*I may have done a ‘test run’ on the treadmill on Saturday and it may have gone pretty well 🙂 maybe…

CYCLING: In addition to my spin classes this week, I set up the bike trainer (rebuilding!) and got my first indoor ride on! Ok, so it’s not that exciting. It’s actually depressing since I wasted so many beautiful days of outdoor cycling on running. I’m torn between two loves and in desperate need of a coach to keep me on track with my cycling. *sigh*

SWIMMING: I’m still loving my pool workouts and jumped in three times this past week, since you know, no running. In case you missed it, here’s a pool workout for you to pin and enjoy!


RACING: Next up is the Santa’s Run 5k+. I add the ‘plus’ since they call it a 5k (3.1 miles) but it’s a 3.5 mile course, which matters a lot! You may recall my husband ran this festive race with me last year. I have yet to try to talk him into it this year. I think it’s best to wait until the last minute and then bribe him with a sitter and the promise of beers and burgers afterward.

FUEL: I officially have a serious problem with whole wheat fig bars. Apparently I have a reputation at my local natural food store and the (new) owner came out to meet me when I placed my ‘bulk’ order for my beloved bars. He was happy to know how much I loved them, took my order and upon my return to pick up my fix, I found this:

IMG_4548 IMG_4555

I now have a six month supply (maybe?) and a full on addiction. This is definitely going to take some rebuilding.

THINGS I LOVE: Running shoe deliveries. Not Santa in his sleigh (hopefully that too!) but the best running specialty store in my area has just announced they can ship shoes to your door at no extra cost! #ChristmasComesEarly

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: The entire health care system. Talk about something needing a complete re-build! In short, my insurance requires I have signed paperwork from my doctor to have physical therapy on my hamstring. My PT sent the paperwork to my primary care physician. This is the doctor I see only if I have a raging cold, infection or poison ivy (as you may remember he under prescribed medication and it lasted over two weeks!).

He refused to sign the paperwork without seeing me in person. You know what that means – copay. I’m furious with the ridiculousness of this. My PCP knows next to nothing about athletic injuries. He’s an older man in the last years of his practice, and I only go to him because he’s close to my house. The fact that the insurance company demands I get signed paperwork from him, which will go like this…

Him: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “I need PT for my hamstring that I injured last spring.”

Him: “Ok” *head down signing paperwork*

…is insane! Insurance companies operate on zero common sense, create huge time sucks, make it supremely difficult to get the basic help you need and then profit 10-fold directly from it. Connecticare? Connecti-doesn’t-give-a-shit. Rebuild!

MUSIC: Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat from the soundtrack to Mockingjay. The last time my husband and I went to a movie, I was six months pregnant! On Saturday night we actually were able to go to a movie and then dinner. It was pretty amazing. I read all The Hunger Games books (which I absolutely loved!) and luckily, my husband has loved all the movies and actually suggested we go see Mockingjay. #TrueLove

READING: In addition to A Prayer for Owen Meany I’m dabbling in reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerarald. Like a lot of athletes I struggle with adding variety to my diet while also maintaining my weight, and making sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need, to stay healthy though a tough training cycle. It’s very interesting reading and Fitzgerald references a lot of top Ironmen and Triathletes, telling tales of both what to do and not to do!

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “It ain’t cool bein’ no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving.” – Eddie Murphy, Trading Places

In honor of being a jive turkey myself, I’m taking a little blogging hiatus this week. I’ll be entertaining family and laying low for the reminder of the week. See you back here next Monday and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


What do you need to rebuild?

What food are you addicted to?

How are you celebrating the holiday?