It really should be called basking in the afterglow of a long and brutal race week, but that would be a tad lengthy. I cannot tell you how much I love recovery week and I’ve been doing it justice! #TreatYoSelf


THE RUNDOWN-8It started out very rough. Making a long story extremely short and with zero details, I had to schedule back to back doctor appointments for the boys on the Monday and Tuesday following the marathon. Yeah, I know. It wouldn’t have been so bad except one was a sleep study overnight Monday, and the other was for 9:30am Tuesday morning. It was ugly but I absolutely took the time I needed to recover from those appointments and the marathon.

WEEK OF APRIL 27, 2015

RUNNING: I hope pool running counts because that’s pretty much the only “running” I did. I snuck in a 20 minute jaunt last Wednesday, on a soft surface, just to see what was doing and it was pain! It was also a gorgeous day and, as I warmed up a bit, the pain decreased. I kept it extremely slow (no Garmin) and enjoyed each and every minute.


BIKING: I had two, one-hour bike sessions, just to get the blood flowing. I was more then excited to actually bring my bike outside for the first time this season! There’s nothing like flying downhill on a warm Spring day. I forgot how exhilarating it is!


SWIMMING: This is where I live now. I started with a recovery swim on Wednesday after taking Monday and Tuesday completely off, and was in the pool either lap swimming or aqua jogging for the rest of the week.

Pool bag, complete with fins and lots of water.

Pool bag, complete with swim fins and lots of water.

RACING: I have the Ten Penny Ale Duathlon, where I won the sword last year, on my calendar for May 17. There’s a very real possibility I won’t be able to do it. Training for and running the marathon left me a little banged up and I want to be kind to my body for all it has given me over these past few months. I will only race if I feel fully recovered and pain-free so…

FUEL: You now how much you eat after a marathon right? And, you know how much I normally eat anyway right? This week has been filled with food! I’ve even kept my delicious whole wheat fig bars by my bed (Meb style!) if I wake up early and I’m starving, because it happened twice. The only other time I had this issue was when I was pregnant with the twins! Gotta love it.

Immediately after the race we found a local spot to have a cheeseburger and beer. Pure bliss. I then drove home and ate pizza and had another beer. I’ve had pizza at least two more times, ice cream and/or frozen yogurt almost every night and one night I had a celebratory party of one with a nice glass of red and some dark chocolate truffles. #TreatYoSelf

Oh…and a pedicure. I think that’s mandatory after pretty much any race…

Don't mind the random chafing on my left foot? WTH? Who chafes on their foot?

Don’t mind the random chafing on my left foot? WTH? Who chafes on their foot?

THINGS I LOVE: Date night at Mohegan Sun casino with my husband on arguably the best sports day in recent history! We watched the Kentucky Derby as we stuffed ourselves with dinner, saw highlights of NBA game 7 playoffs, as well as some hockey highlights, (Go Rangers!…that’s for you Carly:-), saw Seth Myers live (hilarious!) and ended the night dancing at a club (feeling old!) and watching the most hyped and least exciting boxing match ever. Just once I wish someone would knock Mayweather out…for good…preferably a woman. #StayDown

Staying up way past my bedtime and my husband's best duck face...

Staying up way past my bedtime and my husband’s best duck face…

THINGS I HATE: Sleeping in a chair two nights after running a marathon. As I said, my one son had to do a sleep study, which means we both had to stay overnight in a hospital. I walked into the room and saw this was my bed:

This is a CHAIR! This is not a BED!

This is a CHAIR! This is not a BED!

The whole experience was exceptionally awful and I got almost no sleep. After they woke us up at 5am and I got us out of there, drove home, picked up my other son, drove back from whence I came and had his appointment, I slept on the couch after they both finally got on the bus Tuesday at 12:15!

That’s a lie. I tried to sleep but you really shouldn’t put on Unbroken if you want to sleep. #WorthIt

MUSIC: Coming down the final mile and a half of the marathon, I finally heard it. It was the familiar beat from “Eye of the Tiger” and I hadn’t heard it up until that point. It was the moment when I needed it most and I looked around for the source. Nothing. Was I now hallucinating? Entirely possible. Then I saw it. The girl in front of me was carrying her phone and playing it from there! WTH?? Was she carrying that the whole 26.2? As I passed, I thanked her and let her know it was exactly what I needed! #ModernDayBoomBox

READING: I’ve been giving myself a lot of “time outs” so I can read! Christine at Love, Life, Surf told me about this gem that was written by a friend of hers: Where They Found Her. One warning, if you’re overly sensitive about dead bodies and don’t like surprises, you should probably read something else. That said, I’m completely absorbed in this mystery and the writing is amazing. Of course the author’s first book was a NY Times bestseller so…


MOVIES: Oh how I love to indulge in movie watching! This past week, I did what people think all stay-at-home moms do, and I sat on the couch and watched a movie in the middle of the day. It was amazing. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, Unbroken, is a must! The book was fantastic and Angelina did it justice in the movie. I cried at the end.

I decided to continue the “true story” streak and watch Foxcatcher. It was creepy. It was as creepy as Steve Carrell looks as John DuPont. That creepy. I now need to watch 100 episodes of The Office to cleanse my mind’s eyeballs.

Try not to look directly at it or you will have nightmares.

Try not to look directly at him or you will have nightmares.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “I have something that rhymes with bucket list.” President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Me too, Mr. President, me too.

How was your week?

How do you recover from a hard effort or race?

What is your favorite indulging food?