I have to admit I kinda feel like I should have been in mental recovery this past week as well as physical. I was in a definite funk after the high of running the Colchester Half Marathon and I nearly crashed and burned mid-week. My one son came down with a stomach bug and I had the pleasure of cleaning every nook and cranny of the entire house, all the clothes, sheets, towels, doorknobs until my hands were chaffed from constant washing. The only saving grace was that miraculously no one else got it.

The Rundown-4

But, thanks to drinking though Book Club and a pre-birthday dinner with my surrogate moms (my aunts) to cap off the week, I made it with my sanity and physicality in tact.



There was very little of my favorite activity so perhaps that contributed to my sour mood but, I was recovering from the half marathon effort and, toward the end of the week began focusing more on the bike and swim, as I should. The thing was, the runs I did have, just plain sucked.

This is how I felt about my "easy" 4 miler on Thursday. Suck it!

This is how I felt about my “easy” 4 miler on Thursday. Suck it!

Monday: Optional (yeah right!) recover run after 2800 yard swim. It was set for 20 minutes and I swear I could not have taken one more step. I should have definitely opted out of this one.

Thursday: Please see picture above. This was another easy 4 miler after a swim and the wind was killing me, I was listening to Spring Moves via my phone, and my phone just died mid-run. I dragged my sorry self though the rest of it and tried to say things like “I GET to run today” but my body wasn’t falling for it.

Saturday: You would think I would learn to opt out of these optional runs but I’m not that smart. After a tough bike on Friday and early morning soccer game for the boys on Saturday, I laced up and tried my luck again for an easy 5 miler. Success! Best run of the week by far. I guess it pays to be stupid stubborn.

Total miles = 12 (mostly) sad miles. whomp whomp



I was so thankful for my bike last week! I was able to ride outside the day after the half marathon as well as yesterday! The rides I did though out the week got progressively more intense and I was ready.

Getting my sweat on in the living room. Gross.

Getting my sweat on in the living room after spending the morning cleaning puke. Don’t get jealous of my glamorous life.

Tuesday: 1 hour cadence drills between Z2-Z3 heart rate

Friday: 1 hour build pyramid < – – crazy hard!

Sunday: 30 mile outdoor ride

Total ride time: 3 hours and 50 minutes


Unfortunately my time in the pool only added to my funk. I had my monthly swim test on Wednesday and failed miserably. I didn’t want to look at my previous times, in an effort to not psyche myself out, and just swim and see what the numbers reveal. Well, they revealed that I’m getting slower. Great.

Jan 3, 2016: 300 x 3 times – 5:28, 5:30, 5:21 and 100 time – 1:38

March 3, 2016: 300 x 3 times – 5:40, 5:44, 5:35 and 100 time – 1:43

My coach said she’s not worried and I shouldn’t be either. She also reminded me that this week was “rest AND recovery week, and it’s not a “rest so I should be able to be Superwoman” week.

I hate it when she makes so much sense.

Total swim – 4,550 yards or 2.5 miles


After reading about RX Bars on NYCRunningMama’s blog, I decided to give them a try. I absolutely love that all of the ingredients are on the wrapper so there is zero label reading and it’s all real food. I ordered the variety box from Amazon and have tried almost all the flavors. The winner is Chocolate Sea Salt and boy can you taste the salt! I love it and so good post hard run, bike, swim or all three.


There are more flavors under there including

There are more flavors under there including Blueberry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Pumpkin Spice and Coffee Chocolate.

The best part is my husband is not a fan so I don’t have to hide share them!


This tricked out school bus! I was stunned when I saw the interior…

From A Colorado Gal’s blog | Alyssa Pelletier’s Story

First I saw this:


And then this:


Since I was just kind of “skimming” the story, I couldn’t even put it together. I mean how in the…? What the…? Is THAT the inside of the school bus??? Yep, it sure as hell is. This thing is nicer then a lot of people’s homes! I seriously want to live in it, all by myself. Just for a few weeks…

You need to go back (like I did) and read the whole story. It’s inspiring!


This is the sole racing photo I got from the Colchester Half Marathon. I mean, it’s funny because I have way worse ones but this one is also pretty bad! I look like a blind woman who is lost in the woods and about to say something…”help!” maybe?

Breathe through your mouth much?

Breathe through your mouth much?


Since I’ve been using Training Peaks for all my tracking and training (and even finding my coaching!) needs for the past few years, I decided to hit them up for some writing exposure. This was my first piece and I have to thank Anna Mattoon and Anna Lucy Photography, once again for making me look so good…her and the Spandits tights of course…


Runners know damn well how good planking is for our running stability and injury prevention, but I get sick to death of these things, which is why I came up with my Top 10 Favorites and shared them. Have fun!


Don’t forget about your 30-day free trial of Spring Moves that is just waiting to rock your world…and runs…or walks…or trips to the grocery store. Unlike Donald Trump, it doesn’t discriminate. #sorrynotsorry

Street cred.

Street cred.


 “F**K YOU WIND!!!!!!” – me, while riding my bike outside on Sunday

How was you week? Are you recovering from anything?

What is your favorite protein/food bar these days?

Plank variation you do most often?