I used to remember absolutely everything. I never had to write down one single thing and had a memory like an elephant…whatever the hell that means? I balked at the idea of “mommy brain” mostly because it sounded so dumb. I mean, just because I was pregnant, why would that make me lose my mind and memory? Oh how naive I was! Unfortunately I remember that all too well.


What I don’t remember anymore is pretty much anything I don’t write down. I never thought this would happen to me, but here I am with virtual notes ten feet long on my phone, and constant calendar reminders starting with this:


Yes, it has TWO alerts because that’s how many reminders I need! And yes, I must use an expletive because as much as I loathe having to remember one more thing in my day, that stupid elf actually works in my house. The boys believe with every ounce of their being that Johnny Elf comes alive each night and reports their behavior – good or bad – directly to Santa. If I could have an elf for every month of the year, I would move that little fucker too. It’s worth my sanity and then some. However, all I do is move the elf. It doesn’t get into any kooky shenanigans or cutesy hi- jinx, it doesn’t spell anything out with candy and it doesn’t fish for crackers in the toilet bowl. It just sits somewhere…watching. #creepybuteffective

I almost forgot what I’m supposed to be writing about! On with The Rundown:


RUNNING: Slowly but surely is my mantra these days. I hope the day will never come that I will need a reminder to run, however, I need to keep my pace in check if I want to fully recover this hamstring. I decided to play a little jedi mind trick on myself and use only time to dictate my runs this past week. I didn’t even want to know my pace, and instead run by how my hamstring felt. The only run I knew my pace was on the dread mill on Sunday and I kept it at an average of 7:40 with no pain. Ok, minimal pain but totally worth it.

Total mileage time: 4.5 hours

CYCLING: I finally bit the bullet and decided not to teach one of my two spin classes at the Y. With all I have on tap for 2015, something has to give. I absolutely love teaching (which is why I’m keeping one class) but I need to cut back on my commitments and spin class #2 had to be it. I’m assuming I will be on a bike at that day and time anyway, but I would prefer to be outside!…we’ll see how that shakes out.

SWIMMING: As you all know I’m loving the pool – antics and all – and spend a considerable amount of time wet these days. I finally figured out a good system for having my hair not be straw-like for the rest of the day post-pool (leave in conditioner!) but does anyone have a good suggestion about ridding my body of the constant chlorine smell? I can’t tell you how much my husband loves it.


CROSS-TRAINING: Since I’ve cut back on running, I’ve been cross-training with weights twice a week now. Doing body weight/weight and ab work bores me to tears! Honestly. I do it only because I know it’s helping my running, swimming and biking and I’m constantly reminding myself of that while I’m doing it. The only time I enjoy it is in a class format (when I’m teaching it – hahaha) after a 45 minute spin. When I’m alone it’s torturously slow.

FUELING: I made more yummy bars this week! I can’t remember where I got this recipe, hence the theme of this post, but it was amazingly easy, the boys helped me and now I can grab these babies and go.


RACING: I made an amazingly mature decision to not race the Santa’s Run this past Sunday. I know I don’t have it in me to not race, and do it ‘just for fun,’ so I decided to bag the whole thing. I typically place in my age group, have fun with my friends and get my annual ornament there so I definitely missed all of that, but I know I did the right thing. *sigh* My next planned race isn’t until the end of February. It’s an absolute killer of a half-marathon so I need to just focus on that beast!…and I have to remember to sign up.

THINGS I LOVE: The new Victoria’s Secret sports bra with HR monitor sensors! Since I put a divit in my chest last spring from wearing my HR monitor, I’ve been searching for a bra like this. I would routinely forget to put glide or Aquaphor on my chest where the monitor would rub and I cannot tell you how nasty of a scar I have there. It’s ridiculous.

If you don’t know, VS actually makes some really good workout gear. I know, I know, but they do! I have the cutest pair of cycling shorts I bought from their store in Vegas last year and one other sports bra that I love. The HR monitor bra is a little steep ($75) but to me, it’s worth every penny.

My husband is thrilled that THIS is what I want from Victoria's Secret.

My husband is thrilled that THIS is what I want from Victoria’s Secret.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Showing up for an appointment, sitting and waiting for 15 minutes, becoming increasingly annoyed at the wait and then checking my email confirmation and realizing I’m two hours early for the appointment. Yes, that actually happened. #I’mamoron

READING: This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally. It’s a unique children’s book that the boys will be reviewing here on Friday. You don’t want to miss it!

TV: The hubs was traveling last week and I caught Footloose on TV one night. I love watching “old” movies by myself and seeing them through my adult eyes. Footloose was one of those movies that I watched on an endless loop when I was a tween…I mean it was before people even referred to that age as “tween.” I wanted so badly to be Arial, who was a total badass and rebel. I shared her aspirations of getting the hell out of my small town and rebelling against the world though making out with bad boys, drinking and dancing. Watching it now, I was kind of seeing her preacher dad’s point of view. I also live 5 miles from the town I was so desperate to get away from when I was growing up. Ah, reality. However, the Kevin Bacon speech is as awesome as it always was – “Leaping and dancing before the Lord. Leaping and dancing!!” Right on McCormack.

"I thought only pansies wore neck ties." "I thought only assholes use the word 'pansy.'" Classic.

“I thought only pansies wore neck ties.” “I thought only assholes use the word ‘pansy.'” Classic.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “If finding a husband was that easy, I would not be here working. I would be married and in Connecticut. Wine drunk all day and working on my smug mom blog called “Diapers and Daydreams.” – Mindy from The Mindy Project


How was your week?

What do you need a reminder for?

Favorite quote from Footloose or The Mindy Project?