Can someone please help me push the reset button? I really need a fresh start, especially going into the week of my 40th birthday. Yes, it’s finally here. So, let’s recap – I had the health scare of my life last week and this week I’m turning 40.  For realizes?



RUNNING: Running pretty much sucked this past week since I had a “little” surgery on Monday. I was told to rest for 48 hours and then it was game-on. My first run, two days post surgery, was one of the worst. This was shocking to no one but me. My legs were like two logs I was dragging, I had shin pain in my left leg for no apparent reason and I had to make two bathroom stops, one of which with an “uncooperative” port-o-potty. You don’t even want to know.

My second run was infinitely better but an 8:15 pace felt like speed work.

I was swinging from the rafters after my first good run and the sun was out!

I was swinging from the rafters after my first good run post-surgery!

Run number three was a “almost tempo” on the treadmill – 1 mile warm-up, 4 miles @ 7:00 and 1 mile cool down. It felt easy! I was so happy I almost ran myself right off the treadmill. I even added some incline just to keep it interesting.

I was subtly forced into a rest day on Sunday by CRS so, while you’re sitting there reading this, I’m probably out on my 18 miler. Send a little good vibes my way, won’t you?


Total mileage: 18.5

CYCLING: What is this? I was too busy forcing my body to run that I didn’t get in any bike work. RESET!

SWIMMING: And this is why I love the pool. My pool workout, three days post-surgery was amazing. I felt so good in the water and I was so grateful to be a swimmer! Maybe I can swim the marathon?

Total yards: 1900

CROSS-TRAINING: I was a little scared to do any strength training since I was instructed not to lift heavy things. Somehow this doesn’t apply to laundry so I figured some push-ups, core work and hip and glute strengtheners wouldn’t kill me either. In fact, they did the opposite and this workout was one of the only highlights in my week.

RACING: So this is getting real:

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.07.02 AM

He looks so warm! Will it really be shorts and singlet weather on April 26th? If so, you know my whole race recap will be about how unbearably hot it was. #Diva

FUEL: Super cereal! I discovered this buckwheat delight and have been putting it on everything. Did you know buckwheat is actually a seed and not wheat? This cereal is packed with nutrients plus 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. It really is super.

You need to keep it cold so I snuggle it in between my milk and Siggi's...and yes, that's a beer back there...

You need to keep it cold so I snuggle it in between my milk and Siggi’s…and yes, that’s a beer back there…

GEAR: Are you sick to death of compression sock promos? I mean how did these things get to be such a staple of runners and running? Probably because they are amazing. And, though Oiselle, I was able to test out CSX Compression and they are delicious. Here’s why: FIT, FIT and FIT. The unique sizing system they have ensures the perfect fit and putting them on and taking them off does not in any way resemble wrestling with a wet bathing suit. SCORE!

I had to fetch these out of the laundry b/c I wear them so much lately! It's a good thing this isn't scratch and sniff.

I had to fetch these out of the laundry to take a picture b/c I wear them so much lately! It’s a good thing this isn’t scratch and sniff.

THINGS I LOVE: Oh so many things – Life! Birthdays! Contests! Check out this one by RunHaven and Nathan, you could win $250 worth of gear just by sharing your #JourneysInRunning. And we runners love to share!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 6.38.37 AM

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Chafing in my delicate lady parts. I don’t know what the hell happened but on one of my long runs, I had to shove my glove down my pants (visual) because the pain was so bad, with 5 miles to go! This was one time I was deliriously happy to run where there are mostly cows. #RunnersAreEmbarassedByNothing

In case you want more over sharing, in the best possible way, about the grossness of running check out what Tina and Jesica (two of my most fav runners!) had to say on Zelle.


MUSIC: For whatever reason, though all my shitty runs, stops and starts this week, this song has made me smile. I love the beat, I love the flow and it was the last tune I heard when leaving the pool in Las Vegas. Now that was a good RESET.

READING: If nothing else, this was a good week for reading. I finished Girl On The Train (amazing!) but mostly I’ve been reading articles like this one which basically says hey – stop working so damn much – it’s stupid! Um, it’s actually titled Work Better, Work Less but that’s basically what I said, right?

RANDOM QUOTE COMMENT OF THE WEEK: So when writing for the masses, you need to have a tough skin. An article I wrote for RunHaven titled If These Shoes Could Talk got some people’s panties all bunched up. This was my favorite comment from the RunHaven FB page:

“For the first time I’m gonna say thus was kind of dumb… I don’t choose a shoe like an immature high school cheerleader drop out…. my colors? I choose the option I like the best… the shoe? I have what I like but I’ll try something based on a review…”

Where do I even begin? And stop hating on high school cheerleader drop outs!

How was your week?

What would you like a “reset” for?