Here is the tricky part with posting a weekly recap on a Monday – when something big happens on Sunday, you need to back it up a week and start from seven days out.

Although I am dying to do a full recap on all that was the New York City marathon, this is where I pause to set the stage.

the rundown-2


RUNNING: Despite it being the final seven days until the marathon, I still had some work to do:

Monday: 2400 yard swim with 6 x 200 odds with pull/evens swim and 50 kick after each 200

This was sort of a tough workout, especially with all those kicks! The worst part? It only registered as 1700 yards because when my arm isn’t moving, but laying on top of a kick board, it looks like I’m taking a long rest. #GPSFail

Tuesday: Pre-race track session with 4 x 1 mile @MP (7:30)

It was actually hard to keep this under control. After running speed work at the track low in the 6:00 minute range, plus being full of pre-race angst, I think I did pretty well with 7:01 (oops!), 7:20, 7:20 and 7:21. It felt easy and that was very encourgaging.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy/8:09 pace

I breezed out the door, started my watch and then didn’t look at it until I finished my run. I wanted to see what my “easy” pace looked like. I was very happy to see a low eight at the finish. This was also my last real run before the big day!

RESTING: My plan called for rest Thursday and Friday with little notes from my coach like “if you HAVE to do something, do 20 minutes of pool running but keep an easy effort.” She knows me so well. But, I’m happy to report that I felt the need to simply rest. And pack. And organize. An agonize. And anticipate. It was exhausting.

FUEL: I love a good carb load. Although I don’t truly “carb load” I don’t shy away from pasta and bagels during race week. I made my first meal from the Runner’s World cook book “Meals on the Run,” and it was just the comfort food I needed three days out.


One of the best things about this cookbook, because it was made for runners, is that the recipes are broken into categories specific to our needs like “recovery,” or “pre-run,” and they have tons of gluten free options.

GEAR: I cannot believe how concise I was with my packing this time around. Having experienced overpacking for the Maine half marathon, under packing for the Runner’s World Half and Festival, I was finally able to Goldilocks myself into “just right” for NYC. It also helped that race day weather was predicted to be almost perfect.

Of course cowbells for everyone in my cheering section was a must. I had exactly 5. Coincidence? I think not!

Of course cowbells for everyone in my cheering section was a must. I had exactly 5. Coincidence? I think not!


Oh I did. I did indeed.

Oh I did. I did indeed.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: I don’t know if it was nerves or overthinking or just reading so many posts about people getting sick but, I woke up on Thursday feeling like I was getting a cold. I tried my best not to completely freak and just attacked it with all.the.meds and Emergen-C. If nothing else, it really helped to keep me on my hydration game!

I’m going to chalk it up to nerves and allergies because once I popped a Claritin, everything was once again right with the world.


The mind/body connection is truly amazing but sometimes it can work against you!

READING: It’s crazy how much time you have in a day when you don’t exercise! People are always asking me the dumb question of “what do you do with all your free time now that the boys are in school?” Instead, I should be asking them “what do you do with all the time you don’t spend exercising?”

But I digress.

Some greats reads from the week include:

Easy DIY Marathon Map Phone Cover Run Wiki | So, if you haven’t noticed, I would usually rather DIE then DIY but this? Oh this is something one of my kids could make and, coming off of the NYC marathon, I think it’s a must! It would also make a really great gift for your favorite runner.

Source: Run Wiki

Source: Run Wiki

The Least Disgusting Ways to Use A Public ToiletGreatist | I had to read this just to see if they talked about port-o-potties, of which I have used way too many in the month of October. The good news is that public toilets are very clean, it’s all the other stuff in there that is horrendous…well, I guess that is also the bad news.

The Finish Line by Meb Keflezighi Players Tribune | I know the race is over but a great friend of mind posted this to my FB book a few days prior to my race. She knew I had lofty goals and that I pressure cook myself before big races. The best takeaway from this heartfelt article is how running unites us, and all runners can find themselves in each other. Our common goal, no matter how we get there, is that damn finish line. *warning: this may cause you to have human feelings*

“And every person who runs a marathon hits a wall at some point. It’s the point in the run where your mind really has to take over where the body is failing. That’s when you look inwardly, but also think about those people around you who are cheering in support. That’s when you’re most thankful to part of this amazing community.”

TV: Thanks to taper/rest week I was finally able to catch-up on some necessary television watching. The Walking Dead continues to amaze and disgust all at the same time. I absolutely love how Rick is going bat shit killing crazy, I truly hope that main character they killed off is really dead because that would just be lame, and Carol has somehow become my favorite. Sorry Michonne but you’re out…for now. < – – obviously besides Daryl because come on

Just one example of Rick going off the deep end. I love it.

Just one example of Rick going off the deep end. I love it.

I’m also inching my way toward being caught up on Orange Is The New Black. I have to say though, season three is a total snooze fest. They could learn something from The Walking Dead. And yes, I realize most people watched season three last year. Womp whomp.

PODCASTS: You know I’m a huge fan of the podcast. Some of these carried me though the depths of marathon training and I just had to share with everyone via Women’s Running Magazine:

5 Essential Podcasts for Runners

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.37.07 PM


“I’m never doing that again!”

Said by everyone, including me, upon finishing the NYC Marathon

How was your week?

Were you tracking runners at NYC? How did they do?

Any good reads this week?