“Roll with it” has been my mantra this week. The week began with one of my kids still being sick (day four), a 55 degree run outside in shorts followed the very next day by 10-12 inches of snow and no school, a root canal and some seriously hard and long efforts in all three disciplines – run, bike and swim.

As you can imagine, there were lots of highs (running in shorts!) and lows (a root canal) but every time I felt my emotions start to swing, I just rolled with it. #CoolLikeAFool

Here is the play by play…



I have a serious love/hate relationship going on right now with my treadmill. I’m so happy I have it since by now, I would have missed several essential runs either due to my kids being sick or the weather. However, logging 14 miles on it because I have no excuse not to, while the boys run around like animals, is not my idea of fun.

Is it hot out here or is it just me?

Is it hot out here or is it just me?

But, I rolled with it and this week had equal runs outside and in. I’ll take it.

Sunday:  45 minutes of “fast feet” with 10 min warm-up, next 10 minutes alternating every 30 seconds concentrating on cadence of 90 spm or higher, 30 sec easy. Last 20 min alternate 1 min building to fast with high cadence, 1 min easy recovery. This run was hard but concentrating on what to do every 30 sec or 1 min made the miles literally fly by! Average pace: 7:46 My average run cadence was 189 spm so I guess I went with “or higher.”

Tuesday: 5 mile tempo run on a hilly course. Well, the “hilly course” ended up being me controlling the incline on my treadmill since Vaughn was home sick. It worked out fine but the sun was shining though the window and I tried my best to ignore it. Average pace 8:06.

At least I was able to run, right?

At least I was able to run, right?

Thursday: 4 miles easy after hard effort on the bike. It was a glorious outdoor romp in shorts and a t-shirt. I loved it! Average pace: 8:16

Friday: 14 miles done as 3 warm up, 3 at marathon pace, 3 at half marathon pace, 3 at tempo (7:00), 1 at marathon pace and 1 cool down. I was looking forward to this until I woke-up to a blizzard and school being cancelled. I slogged though 14 miles on my treadmill and felt awful. I couldn’t hold the paces and the whole thing was a mess. More on that later… But, I finished the mileage, averaging 8:26. #Fail

Total mileage = 30 


I had a great swim week and am starting to see some improvement in the water! My nutritionist also explained to me the reason I’m so ravenous after my swim workouts is because I’m so inefficient in the water – HA! He didn’t say it exactly like that but, he didn’t have to.


Sunday: 2400 yards of muscular endurance

Wednesday: 2750 yards with pace changers

Total = 5,150 yards or 3 miles


Although I wasn’t brave enough to cycle outside this week, I’m still loving my bike trainer. I get so much feedback on the bike (pace, cadence, time, heart rate, average heart rate) plus, unlike the treadmill, I don’t mind having the TV on in the background, so it’s not so mind numbing.

I had a big heart rate challenge last week and it was my favorite workout. #Nerd

This is a sweaty and unfocused picture showing I am in heart rate sone 3.8 or high Z3, which is right where I should be.

This is a sweaty and unfocused picture showing I am in heart rate sone 3.8 or high Z3, which is right where I should be.

Wednesday: 1 hour endurance ride with 30 second speed intervals every 5 minutes

Thursday: 1 hour of “over/unders” or staying in certain heart rate zones

Saturday – optional ride for 30 minutes that I snuck in before heading out to the mountain to snowboard!

Total – 2.5 hours


If you read my Fact or Fiction – Nutrition Edition last week you already know one of the big changes my nutritionist had me make was eating full fat yogurt and milk. I’m loving the yogurt option but only went so far as to purchase 2% milk.

The other changes we made have been pretty slight but, I now start my morning with coffee and a hard boiled egg instead of my precious fig bars, which I save until after my workout.

I also had a semi-Pinterest win! #PinchMe

What the No Bake Energy Balls looked like on Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.00.00 PM

And this is what mine look like:


Ok so mine are a little more misshapen but seriously, who can say they have perfectly round balls? Come on!

And, more importantly, they are delicious!

Here is more stuff I’ve been shoving into my mouth:


Yes, that is bacon and it was amazing!


Whole wheat blueberry protein pancakes (with VEGA protein powder) after my 14 mile slog on the treadmill.

I tried to trick my kids into eating the protein pancakes. As soon as Miles took one bite he asked, “Did you put medicine in these?” So I now have four extra pancakes and the boys had Annie’s mac and cheese. #RollWithIt


It’s been a long time since I’ve used ropes to workout! Since Barre was cancelled this week and my coach gave me an extra long strength workout to do on Monday, I headed to the gym and added in some rope work. It sucked, which means it was exactly what my shoulders and core needed.


It was one of the best strength workouts I have done in a while and the hour kind of went by quickly. Sort of. Which is really the best I can hope for on strength day. #RollWithIt


Finally getting some snow! Even though it meant doing a long run on the treadmill and bribing the boys with more iPad time then six year old eyes should sustain, when we finally made it outside, it was fantastic.

I strapped on my snowshoes while the boys played and went sledding in the yard.

I strapped on my snowshoes while the boys played and went sledding in the yard.

And, since it dumped on Friday we realized the only logical thing to do was to go snowboarding/skiing on Saturday. Obvi.


Don't worry - we got my husband a helmet and he recovered nicely in the lodge with a beer.

Don’t worry – we got my husband a helmet and he recovered nicely in the lodge with a beer.

And after I killed off my husband, I grabbed my only willing son to spend my last run of the day with. Best one ever!

Could my smile be any bigger? I've waited a long time for this!

Could my smile be any bigger? I’ve waited a long time for this!


People overreacting to social media. I’ve seen more and more articles bitching about what not to post to Facebook or how many people are “fake-booking,” etc. Who cares? Post away! I mean, you look at it for about three seconds and move on, so just move on. #RollWithIt



I’m in need of a new book! I finished “After You” for book club and hated it. The next club book is “The Kitchen Wife” which I have already read and absolutely loved. Please give me some recommendations while I continue to read “How Bad Do You Want It.”


It would be great if they could please move the Super Bowl to Saturday. I guess that makes too much sense.


Two new hits this week! #New2Me

Obviously this first one has swearing in it. A lot of swearing and right from the start. You have been warned.


And this is my Bitmoji of me as Sia:



Watching the opening ceremonies of the Super Bowl…

Miles: Is this like a whole big thing?

Me: It’s the Super Bowl. Whoever wins this game is the football Super Bowl champion!

Miles: What does that mean? I mean like why is it important? It doesn’t seem like it’s that important.

Me: *sigh* No, it’s not.

How was your week?

Do you have any good book recommendations?

How did you “roll with it” or not this week?