I often choose to do “rolling hills” when teaching spin class. We play around with the tension, and are either climbing or speeding. I like the change up, my muscles like it too, and it gives my mind something to think about other then the burning sensation in my legs and lungs. However, this past week, I felt like my life was on rolling hills – big ups and downs. I had the awful 20K race on Monday, a great day in NYC on Wednesday, re-injured my quad on Thursday and then saw my best friend get married on Saturday. It was just one of those weeks. Here’s what else happened…



RUNNING: I wasn’t able to do much in the way of running this week, and that may be to blame for some of my bad mood. Since the 20K and injuring my quad, I’ve been sticking to low mileage and cross-training. And I’m not happy about it.

Running total (including the race): 26.1

CYCLING: Once again, the only cycling I got in was on my spin bike. The weather has been fabulous but the boys only going to school in the afternoon is killing me! I vow to do more fall riding!

Cycling total: 55 miles

CROSS-TRAINING: I’m happy to say that I actually did some open water swimming…and I loved it! I’m hoping to get in a few more sessions before it’s too cold!

I also braved the Metro North train into NYC and walked the streets like a boss. I think that counts, don’t you?


RACING: I’m psyched to announce that I will be running the Reach the Beach Relay in New Hampshire, at the end of this week, with two of my most favorite bloggers – Melissa of theValentineRD and Christine of Love,Life,Surf and an entire team of fabulous women I haven’t met yet!

New Balance is going to hook us up with a factory tour, gear and some VIP treatment for the race and I’m also beyond psyched to be able to meet Angela of HappyFitMama and see Sarah (again!) of RunFarGirl who will also be racing! This is like my fantasy girls weekend. Seriously.


FUEL: I’m going to brag that I once again made something from Pinterest (originally from RunningWithSpoons)! That’s TWO things in like a year people. Give it up. Seriosuly though, this Spiced Greek Yogurt Applesauce Bread was amazeballs. I couldn’t even keep it in the kitchen because my husband was wolfing it down and asking me, in between mouthfuls, “This is healthy, right?” Um, have we met?



THINGS I LOVE: Weddings. Two nights alone with my husband. Champagne toasts. Seeing happy people everywhere, if only for a few days.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Weddings (because I miss my own that happened 8 years ago), two nights alone with my husband (because I miss my kids), champagne toasts (because I keep toasting and toasting!), seeing happy people everywhere (because, really, enough already).

The wedding was in beautiful Mystic CT and yes, we ate at Mystic pizza because it's like a law when you're there.

The wedding was in beautiful Mystic CT and yes, we ate at Mystic pizza, because it’s like a law when you’re there.

MUSIC: My new favorite – TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!? It was actually playing at the dreaded New Haven race and made me feel great…for 40 seconds.

TV: I have one word and it’s not Scandal. It’s FOOTBALL! Go Pack Go.

READING: My own! Check me out on Healthline where I present to you the 10 Essential Stretches for Runners! Are you doing them?

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their life is better then yours.

How was your week?

Do you enjoy rolling hills – in spin or otherwise?

What are you reading?