You know I don’t sugar coat around here so I’m giving it to you straight – – the last two weeks have been a struggle and I find myself searching for the joy in my journey. I’m not talking about being deliriously happy to push through grueling workouts because that’s just insane, no I’m simply talking about the desire to continue working toward a goal and finding meaning it in day after day and week after week. I lost my mojo for a bit and even contemplated taking the rest of the year off. The scariest part was, when I thought about letting go of qualifying for the USAT World Championship team, I felt nothing but relief.

WEEK OF APRIL 24, 2017


The only time I have felt good in the past couple of weeks has been on the run. It makes sense, since that is my happy place, the place I find I can relax and feel most confident, most like myself and most comforted. Those of you who run will understand. Luckily for me, there was a lot of running on my training schedule which improved my mood.

The running weather most of the week was crap but I’ll take warm rain over snow and ice any day!

And no, I didn’t actually run in this jacket. I haven’t gone completely off the rails.

Monday – 40 minutes with 10 second excels before swim | 5.86 miles

Wednesday – 6 miles easy before swim | 6.3 miles

Thursday – speed work at Orangetheory | 3.2 miles

Saturday – 20 minute run off the bike | 2.7 miles

Total = 18.06


This was a down week for biking but I still had my long ride and run on the weekend. My coach is loving my power meter and, I have to say, it’s infinitely better than my heart rate monitor and I can gage my workouts a lot better. Yes, I’m becoming a bike nerd, deal with it.

I also finished the S-Town podcast during one of my trainer rides and it’s so worth the listen! Such a fascinating story and so well told. If anything made me feel better about my life, it was this podcast.

Tuesday – Tempo ride | 17.6 miles

Saturday – Long ride and run brick | 37.8 miles

Total = 55.4 miles


I had a lot of time in the pool this week and, I was still getting over my cold in the beginning which made for some ugly breathing. I somehow made it through and turned out a few good swims. I was pretty down about everything so I was just trying to get through these workouts and check them off the list. Not a good place to be but, I give myself credit for actually doing all of them when I kind of just wanted to go home and curl up with Star instead.

I did that later…

Monday – Endurance form after run | 2,300 yards

Wednesday – Endurance 11 after run | 2,600 yards

Friday – 25’s Hard after run | 1,400 yards

Total = 6,300 yards or 3.5 miles in the pool y’all


At least this was a great week for food! I ate very well at Mohegan Sun in Bar American (where we saw Chris Rock!), was able to do some shopping at Whole Foods prior to Orangetheory class and have been making this deliciousness at home for lunch most days…

Half a whole wheat bagel, two eggs over medium, goat cheese, red peppers and spinach:

Unfortunately I didn’t have any fun food festivities over this past weekend and instead had disgusting pizza at a horrible indoor trampoline park for the boys’ birthday party. God I love them so much. Speaking of…


Talking to enthusiastic runners! Every couple of months the wonderful owners of Fleet Feet in Longmeadow invite me to speak to some of their running groups. If you’re local and are looking for fun, diverse and motivated groups in the area – – Fleet Feet is where you can find them!

Of course my ego is fed 10 fold by Jill, one of the owners, who gives the most over the top introductions for me and I love her for it. This past week I spoke to the No Boundaries group about the importance of strength training and how to make it super easy and (somewhat) fun.

Also, my neighbor randomly happened to walk by the store as I was pontificating and was utterly confused. It was hilarious.

I also met my husband and boys afterward for dinner at a great burger place next door and treated myself to a tasty cocktail for all my hard work. I also sampled their Veg Burger for the first time and seriously, it was delicious! The burger is handmade with sunflower seeds and quinoa and they make it slightly crispy on the edges, topping it with goat cheese, avocado and other sloppy yummy goodness.


Chris Rock.

His show was not funny and it was super disappointing, but that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was the confiscating of our cellphones prior to being let into the arena. Apparently this was stated on his web site or wherever you buy the tickets but, one of the perks of my husband’s gambling problem is we get complimentary tickets, so we were completely unaware. The line to get in was longer than I have ever seen it and I’ve seen Justin Timberlake, Coldplay and Aerosmith there.

The line is snaking around the corner!

We were told the reason was they were trying to put every single person’s cell phone in a locked bag, provided by the arena, before you could enter. Um, what? Sorry Chris but I’m not trying to video your show and stream it all over the internet but I do have a dog with a sitter and two kids with one and I can’t be unavailable for two hours because you’re paranoid about pirating.

Naturally, instead of complying with that nonsense, we shoved our phones down our pants and smuggled them in.

Get over yourself Rock.

Ok fine, the worst part was after all that, the show was not funny. I expected to be cry-laughing, the way I was for Sebastian Maniscalco. Not even close.

We left early for two reasons:

  1. The show was not funny.
  2. On the way out we would have had to wait for everyone to get their damn phone unlocked from their bag and it would have taken hours!

The best part of the night was our dinner at Bar American and seeing Chris Rock eating there with some of his family. He was much more entertaining in a seated, mute, position.


You may have read about this or have seen it in the news but this incredible murder happened right here in my sleepy town. I only knew Connie Debate casually, from the pool at the YMCA, but our entire community was completely outraged when the news broke about this almost two years ago.

It was so completely obvious from the beginning that her husband shot her and then lamely tried to make it look like a home invasion and, it was an agonizingly long wait for him to be arrested. I cannot tell you how happy I am that her FitBit gave the concrete evidence they needed to finally put her scumbag husband in handcuffs.

And, because I can’t just leave you with that awfulness, I will give you yet another stellar recommendation for a book! I have to say, my book club is hitting it out of the park with these selections. I usually give a massive eye roll to the young adult genre but Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is awesome, awesome. It’s a quick, intense read that has a lightness and hopefulness about it that can only come from being in love when you’re 18…and you can’t leave your house…and have actually never left your house.

The only downer was I guessed the plot twist. I’m usually not that clever but you should read it just to see if you can figure it out. It was definitely one of the most interesting books I have read in a while and perfect for summer reading. Oh and I think they’re making it into a movie so you can always just wait for that. #lazy


While it’s heating up here in Connecticut, my dad and stepmom are traveling in Vancouver and Banff! The pictures are stunning but are making me tremendously grateful for spring and summer.

A small Cuban in a big hat. That’s my dad.

My post on Wednesday will go into more detail about me wrestling my training demons and what I see happening in the coming months. Stay tuned and happy freakin’ Monday.

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How was your week?

Are you finding joy in your journey?

Have you ever had to hand over your cell phone for a show?