Sorry summer but don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Time’s up. Please go. That’s right, I live in the Northeast and I’m very much looking forward to fall and winter, my two favorite times of the year. Here’s why…

Running around the University of Connecticut with Nat two weeks back…in the hot sun!



I will not miss running in the heat and humidity one bit! I much prefer being cold at the start (and even middle and end!) of a run then the sufferfest of hot that has been the majority of this summer. Please, make it stop! Oh and the bugs! There’s nothing worse than having biting flies chasing you while you’re drenched in sweat, in the middle of a long run, and wasting precious energy on swatting them away. Shall I go on?

According to my coach, it was “good” I had to miss the 100on100 Vermont relay so I don’t have to taper and can continue training for the Hartford Half Marathon in October. She’s sweet.

Monday: easy 6 miler | 8:29 average pace

Tuesday: 8 x 800 track sets | 7.02 miles | average 3:11 for 800 meters

Friday: long run | 11.0 miles | 8:30 average pace

Sunday: short hill reps 4 x (90 sec, 60, 45) | 6.36 miles | 8:12 average pace

Total = 30.38 miles


The one bad thing about summer ending is there are only about 8 weeks of riding outside until spring. I’m more upset this year since I’ve been mostly running and haven’t spent as much time as I would like on my bike. However, I do enjoy riding though the winter on the bike trainer and binge watching new shows…so I guess I still hate summer. #Itried

Thursday: 1:27:30 | 21.4 miles


Another great thing about summer ending? The end of kid’s swim lessons at my gym! Praise be! I was able to swim in a (mostly) pee-free pool last week and I basked in it. I say “mostly” because is a public pool ever really free of urine? No. The answer is no. #therearestilloldpeopleinthere

My strength coach Antwan is back in full effect and kicking my ass sufficiently. The ass kickings will continue, no matter the season. Aren’t I lucky?

Swim: 2000 yards with 10 x 50 descending intervals

Strength: one hour of brutality


Brooks. The running shoe and clothing company. They are amazing and here’s why.

Natalie Mitchell (aka NatRunsFar) is a blazing fast marathoner and is sponsored by Brooks. She was also part of our Vermont 100on100 Relay team and asked Brooks to give everyone on the team a new pair of shoes. They did.

Nat and I just showing off our kicks.

When she told them I was unable to run the relay due to a death in my family, they let me keep the shoes anyway! I had been keeping them in the box they came in, by my front door, and was ready to return them until Nat gave me the good news.

Seriously, Brooks, you are the best. I have been wearing Brooks since I started running WAY back in 2000 and this kind of customer service and just human-ness is why I will continue to buy and wear Brooks shoes and clothing.

Thank you!


Apparently, in order to go to school with the masses I have to prove I’m healthy. That proof, oddly enough, can only come from a physician in the form of a physical. I mean, can’t I just give them my racing records from the past 10 years? Sheesh.

Since I’m so freakin old, my immunization records were put in a manilla envelope sometime in the 80s and then probably into a metal filing cabinet until ultimately being tossed in a dumpster, un-shredded, with all my personal info. I’m sure the Russians have it by now. Anyway, since there is no record of my immunizations, I had to get a tetanus shot (that hurts like a bitch!), Hep 2 and then a blood draw. Not cool.

I was willing to overlook it since it means that my graduate classes are starting soon. I cannot wait!


I’m always hunting for new podcasts that have nothing to do with running. Most of the time when I’m actually running, I don’t want to listen to a podcast about running. Am I alone in this?

My favorite non-running podcasts include Rich Roll, WTF with Marc Maron and the Sunday Sit-down with Willie Geist. Recently, I remembered that late-night host and comedian Conan O’Brien had started one called Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend. And friends, it’s hysterical. I mean, even the commercials are funny. The only issue is that sometimes I laugh out loud and it’s incredibly hard to run and full belly laugh, but obviously totally worth it.


After finishing “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” in record time, I realized the movie is still in theaters and, obviously I only see kid and/or Marvel movies at the theatre these days so there was no need to rush. Anyway, the book is amazing and hysterical and I highly recommend it, no matter what your theatre habits are.

Substitute “create” for “run” and it applies directly to me.

I just started reading “The Need” by Helen Phillips and I was not prepared for what happened. It’s an emotional roller coaster from the first chapter and is incredibly hard to put down. If you’re looking for a thrilling page turner, this one’s for you! Full disclosure: I haven’t read the entire book so it’s possible it’s a tremendous letdown but I don’t really think that’s possible.

From here on out it’s probably going to be a series of textbook and journal reading for me so I’m trying to enjoy it.


My stepson’s girlfriend is a huge Jonas Brothers fan so when we heard they were playing at the local casino, we got four tickets and went to dinner with them. It was randomly on a Wednesday and my husband had zero interest in going to the show. I know about three songs and Nick is hot so I figured it would be fun…until my husband gave our tickets away to a bartender and her 12 year-old daughter. WTF?

Sorry Nick and the other two, nothing cool about that…ok fine, the 12 year old’s head exploded when her mom told her she got tickets to the show and I guess I did (yes me!) my good deed for the year.

Peace Mohegan Sun. Thanks for nothing.

And I saw Lenny Kravitz on Sunday which was 300 million times better. More on that next week…

Do you love or hate summer? And no, there’s no in between!

Favorite non-running podcast?

When is the last time you needed a shot or blood draw?