Don’t worry, you can’t get anything by reading this blog post – except maybe happy and motivated! It’s been a little rough around here this past week, with one of the boys and me getting sick. Now, how the hell did the other twin manage to stay healthy, but I got sick? Just lucky I guess.



RUNNING: Yes, I ran everyday when I was sick, because I’m also sick in the head. Running makes me feel better, cold or no, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous here this week (of course!) so I couldn’t help myself. I did dial it back to a reasonable pace, and sweat more then usual, but I was smiling!

Total mileage: 35 miles with 16 mile long run

CYCLING: Sadly, I’ve been clearing some space to set-up my indoor cycling trainer. I know all the die-hard cyclists will say there’s plenty of riding season left, but I’m not so sure. The weather has already taken a turn here in the Northeast, and I want to be ready!

Total mileage: 54 miles – all inside

CROSS-TRAINING: I’m going to try and start incorporating The Runner 360 workout at least once per week. I can already feel the effects it’s having on my hips, glutes and core! My hamstring pain? GONE! Here’s my video of it, in case you missed it…

RACING: I got my seeded card for my half-marathon in October! That little square paper means I can wait until the absolute last minute (like when the National Anthem is playing) to use a port-o-potty before I line-up for the race. There’s a section just behind the elites that’s roped off for those of us speedy enough to qualify for it. It’s a little perk but it goes a long way!


FUEL: Let’s see…Mucinex, Advil, Emergen-C and Throat Coat tea. I’m waging war over here!

THINGS I LOVE: My new Garmin 220! After seeing, and then talking to Jess and Melissa about theirs, I bought one from Amazon while I was riding in a van during the Reach The Beach Relay. Yes, I did. The beauty of Amazon Prime is that puppy was waiting for me, like a loyal dog, on my front porch by the time I got home.


However, I apparently didn’t set it up correctly the first time since, the first mile of my run wasn’t a mile at all, but a kilometer and my pace was 4:36. It would be totally worth the money, if a watch could make me that fast. Alas, I’m just a moron who put it on kilometers and also input my weight as 365 pounds and my height as 2 feet. What? I was sick and hopped up on Mucinex! Cut me some slack.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Getting a text from my dad with this picture:


Yes, that would be a BEAR and directly behind him is the area my kids play in every single time they are at my dad’s house, which is a lot! Then this text exchange happened:

Dad: We had a visitor this afternoon. We named him Smokey.

Me: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! My kids are NEVER playing on that swing set again!!!!!

Dad: He was so scared. He ran away the minute I went outside.

Me: WHAT??? Why in God’s name did you go outside when there’s a BEAR in your yard???

Dad: I didn’t want him to get the bird feeder.

Are all men this ridiculous? Is this what I have to look forward to? Somebody help me please.

MUSIC: I usually save this space for music I like however, I have to talk about how much I hate Nicki Minaj and Anaconda. Yep, that’s right. All I’ve been hearing and reading about is how good that song is, and how I have to have it on my playlist. Well, I downloaded it (without listening to it) and heard it on my run. I wanted to rip my ears off! If it were not for Ice Cube (who I love) interjecting every once and a while, and distracting me from that cow, I would have thrown my iPod into the woods.

READING: As you know, if you read my blog at all last week, all I have been doing is reading! I reviewed Build Your Running Body and How To Get The Behavior You Want… and then I revealed that one of my stories is going to be in a new anthology called Clash of the Couples. I think I deserve to just watch TV or even stare at a blank wall instead of read anything for a while. Doncha think?

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: I just have to laugh, every time I get an update from Learnist, because my name comes up on my phone like this:

I love having DICK in my last name.

Has sickness plagued your family this week?

What artist can you not stand to listen to?

Ever see crazy wildlife in your yard?