Don’t mind me, just trying to keep my head above water as we enter the third week of January. How is 2016 so overwhelming already? Before you answer that, let’s back up and talk about everything that happened last week.

Hopefully you also have the day off to honor Martin Luther King Jr. We do and I had a very interesting conversation with my son about who Dr. King was and what he did for our country, but we’ll get to that later.

Right now, let’s recap last week…





Big news! I bought a treadmill! I already put it to great and proper use when I had a sick kid last week. Not only was I able to get in a 10 miler, my son was inspired to build his own obstacle course and “train” while I ran. Of course he took frequent and long breaks on the iPad playing Minecraft but he was sick…

Vaughn took this shot on my cool down mile. Can you tell how happy this treadmill is already making me?

Vaughn took this shot on my cool down mile. Can you tell how happy this treadmill is already making me?

Overall I had a great running week but one run almost killed me. I did a 2400 yard/45 minute swim with lots of hard laps, immediately followed by this run:

First 3 miles at HMP (7:20) < – – right out of the gate! I wanted to cry.

3 miles at marathon pace (7:50)

1 mile at 5K pace (6:48)

1 mile at marathon pace (7:50) I had the puke feeling though out that 1 miler at 5K pace but I felt like a super star when it was over. I also ate and ate and ate afterward.

Total miles = 25.2 


I’m staying alive with my love of my bike trainer. I had a strong cycling week with lots of one-leg drills, endurance rides and, of course, speed.

My favorite workout on the bike happened on the spin bike at the gym. It was over an hour of different cadence, speeds, standing and sitting. I was drenched in sweat at the end but didn’t feel totally spent. I’m also getting back in tune with my heart rate zones and how I should feel during each. Needless to say, I have to reel myself in quite a bit!

If I'm sweating, I'm smiling.

If I’m sweating, I’m smiling.

Bike duration = 2 hours and 12 minutes


I felt a lot better about my swims this week and I’m starting to understand my stats more and, therefore, what my ranges should be for speed and SWOLF even! #WhoAmI?

Swim total = 4700 yards or 2.67 miles


I’m being very consistent with my strength training although it is still my least favorite. I was able to spice things up a little this week with a FB ask and photo shoot about proper form. OMG! Hilarious, accurate and I just love how judgey trainers get when it comes to form…myself included:

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.46.55 AM

Overall, I received about 50 comments and the same offenders were repeated: squats, lunges, planks, dead lifts and overhead presses. The full article is coming soon but here’s a sneak peek at the photo shoot with the talented Anna Mattoon:


Please do let me know if you see a mistake in my form here! It will prepare me for what I’m sure will be an onslaught of criticism once the actual articles hits the internet. Why do I do this again? #TakeCover

Strength training duration = 2 hours and 10 minutes 


I ordered another two meals from Chef’d for the week knowing it was going to be hectic. This time I chose a Women’s Health meal – Halibut Tacos with Grapefruit Salsa and another Runner’s World selection – Portobello and Asparagus Farfalle Pasta.

The tacos were so easy (I’m talking 15 minutes to make) and so good that I ate three and only left my husband with one. I’m sorry but have you seen my workout week? Sheesh.

I promise there is a lot of Halibut hiding under the avocado, cabbage, grapefruit, cilantro and jalapeño.

I promise there is a lot of Halibut hiding under the avocado, cabbage, grapefruit, cilantro and jalapeño.

As I’m writing this I have yet to make the RW pasta meal but I’m sure it will not disappoint. Like 100 percent sure.


Are you sick of me talking about KUHL yet? No? Good because he we go again! This time it’s all about outerwear. I received the Lena Insulated Jacket which I absolutely love. Christine and Angela also talk about their selections and oops, I bought Angela’s coat as well. She described it as “an adult-sized lovie.” Sold!

This photo screams "asshole" but I was alone with my camera phone so my options were limited. It was also about 5 degrees that day so I was in "get it done!" mode.

This photo screams “douche” but I was alone with my camera phone so my options were limited. It was also about 5 degrees that day so I was in “get it done!” mode.

The thing I love most about the KUHL gear guide is that it’s completely honest. We write equally about the good and bad of the product. I don’t like the pockets on the Lena jacket and I didn’t really like the color when I first got it so I shared that and a few other minor details.

Want to read all the honest opinions about the coats we reviewed? Check it out HERE.




It’s official. Which is terrifying.



So, unfortunately for me triathlon races are done in swim, bike, run order which means my coach is trying to mimic that progression in my training. It’s unfortunate because the swim being first means I have to try and get on a sports bra for a bike or run when I’m wet.

It is a friggin’ nightmare! Sometimes I feel so tangled as I pull and twist and wiggle that I think I will be permanently stuck in my sports bra and will have to waddle out of the locker room to have someone literally cut me out of it.


I’m so tired from the struggle of changing when wet sometimes that I feel I should add it as part of my workout. I’m positive I burn upwards of 200 calories just getting that damn thing on my wet body.

And yes, I have tried pulling it on from my feet up. It’s better but still horribly, terribly awful.

In other problems that are not problems – my cleaning lady is on maternity leave. *help*


I have downloaded two excellent and highly recommended triathlon training books, The Well Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon and How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald.

I went to my first book club (loved it!) and have another book assignment before the next one, After You by Jojo Moyes.

Yet, I’m completely and totally distracted reading Reconstructing Ameila that my training is surely suffering from the lack of knowledge I’m getting and I may not have time to read the book club book. Yet…I can not stop reading it!



Since I’m now spending a ton of time either on the treadmill or bike trainer, I had to seek out some new music. These are some of my recent favorites:

I just have one question misdemeanor – where can I get that glitter lip stick? I could rock that shit while I’m cleaning my house!


This is from the movie Southpaw. Horrible movie. Superior acting by Jake but still…



After I talked to Miles about why he has the day off of school today, explaining who Martin Luther King Jr. was and what his dream was all about, he sat and contemplated what I had said. He then asked one question:

“Are we black or white?”

I love that he had no idea. He also proceeded to ask me about both black and white people we know, asking what color each one was. It was truly amazing….and, of course, led to a lot more conversation.


How was your week?

What has you staying alive?

Have you talked to your kids about MLK?