After you’ve been running for a while you can get into what I like to call a “steady state” of flow during a run. It’s that blissful state of cruising along and feeling good, letting your mind wander and feeling grateful for just being out there while letting go of expectations for pace or mileage. I feel like I’m in the steady state of life right now with everything flowing. Obviously it’s only a matter of time before the crash but, while I’m in it, I’m going to enjoy it for all it’s worth!

Soaking up the sunflowers while they last.



As I steadily increase my mileage to ramp up for the Las Vegas RNR half marathon in November, I’m enjoying my long runs more and more. I had an 11 miler this week which is the longest I have run in quite a while but instead of being intimidated by it, I embraced whatever happened and didn’t shy away from a hilly route. It paid off in that euphoric feeling you get when it’s over…and there’s food…and coffee.

My hardest run of the week was definitely the track session on Monday. Holy hell! I was not feeling my steady state because I was breathing too loudly and then, just as I was closing in on the end of my ladder 2 x (1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200) a gym class came out and was playing, of all things, disc golf! WTF? I felt like a jackass and then had to use only half the track, lest I become the target of the discs…since I’m pretty sure that’s what I would have done in high school. Karma is a bitch.

Don’t mind me youngsters. Just doing a nerdy track workout.

Monday: track session | 2 x (1600, 1200, 800, 400, 200) | 9 miles | 7:35 average pace

Tuesday: easy run after ride | 4.12 miles with Star | 8:13 average pace

Friday: long run | 11 miles | average pace

Total = 24.12 miles


So I got a new bike computer since I haven’t had one for about a year and it’s basically impossible to look at my watch while riding, if I don’t want to die. The new toy is the Garmin 520 and it’s fantastic but I just hate setting up new equipment! They make it almost idiot proof but it took a few rides to get all the data I want to see. I guess that makes me…

My two rides this week were fantastic and I can only hope this beautiful weather holds out a little while longer…

After a long ride and run with the baby girl.

Tuesday: strength endurance ride then run | 16 miles

Thursday: VO2 Max ride | 13.3 miles

Total = 29.3


I gave my coach the shock of her life when my notes after one of my swims was “this was downright pleasant!” After she recovered, and realized I wasn’t talking about a run, she was deliriously happy.

We also have a group now that can meet at the local Y at 5:30am on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m going to try desperately to get to at least one of them since the thought of swimming with other people makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Of course the very first week my husband is gone on Tuesday and I’m gone Friday morning. I can see how this is going to go…

As it was I only made it to the pool once last week…which is probably why it was so pleasant.

Wednesday: endurance and form | 2,250 yards


One of the things I love about fall running and riding is the use of the arm sleeves! Where I live there are only a handful of weeks where you can slip those babies on and off so you’re comfy at the start of the run or ride and can easily peel them off when you inevitably heat up.

Some people love pumpkin lattes and cider donuts. I love arm sleeves and these ones from Orange Mud are the bomb because they have a pocket! Genius!


Making time to get a massage. I’m back on the “I will book a massage once a month” train and so far I have gotten two, very much needed massages! It’s amazing how good you feel after just one hour of working out the kinks. For the locals, Dawn at Body Secrets in South Windsor is amazing and knows how to work on athletes.


Being the grammar police. If everyone could go ahead and get a copy of this, it would be appreciated:

I could not resist this book when I randomly spied it at Anthropology in Boston. It is filled with so many words people abuse on a daily basis from “acai” (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) to “yin-yan” because it’s YIN-YAN and not ying-yang. It also gives a history and description of the word with a lot of hilarious misuses. Early Christmas gift? Yes. Please give it to everyone you know! (and yes, I already have a calendar for 2018)


I am currently reading a book by an author that I had dismissed as trite and for the masses. Well, I’m happy to tell you I have been throttled off my high horse where Jodi Picoult is concerned as I’m in the depths of Small Great Things for book club.

I’m horrified and disgusted by some of the content, since it’s a story about a psycho racist (was that redundant?) white supremacist and a black nurse. The story is captivating from the beginning and, if you can stop feeling sick every time you read or hear (I’m mostly listening to it on Audible) racist slurs, it’s actually worth it because I cannot wait to find out what happens. Another cool aspect for me is the story takes place in New Haven, Connecticut so I can picture the scenery and some of the places mentioned.

I have yet to finish it but I would say it’s absolutely worth the read.

It’s also being made into a movie starring Viola Davis and Julia Roberts, which will obviously be worse than the book so read it before it’s too late.


Miles to Vaughn: Remember when I pranked you by putting that cup in the toilet?

Vaughn: Oh yay, that was hilarious. I tried to flush it but it wouldn’t go down!

Me: You put a cup in our toilet and then Vaughn tried to flush it?

Miles: No. *with a tsk and a roll of his eyes* 

Vaughn: No mom, we did that at school.

Dear Lord help me. At least I didn’t get a call from the principal or a bill from the plumbing company. Miles added that he simply reached into the bowl to remove the cup after the prank was complete. I’m sure he washed his hands afterward.


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How was your week?

Are you in a steady state?

What is your favorite piece of fall gear/clothing?