You know you have had a successful training cycle when you are looking forward to your taper. Last week I finally hit the point of mental exhaustion – just in time for my taper this week and then (gulp) my race on Sunday. Here goes everything…

WEEK OF MAY 2, 2016


I had three runs this week and all were done on heavy/tired legs. I swear I have started every single run like that for the past three weeks since running (as in the race) is done last in my training sessions. However, something magical happens between my warm-up and work miles where my legs and mind just Mental game is on point.

Oh and it rained every day last week just to ensure I am prepared for rain and wind. Check.

Bring it on.

Bring it on.

Tuesday – 6 mile hill push where I ran easy on the flats and downhills and pushed the pace on the uphills. It was about as fun as it sounds but, the race course is hilly so… 7:47 pace (after 2,200 yard swim)

Thursday – 6.5 miles done 3 x 10 minutes @race pace with 1 min easy in between. Splits – 6:53, 6:54 and 7:02 all on varied terrain so I am 100% dialed into that pace! I didn’t look at my watch until it was over and I was so excited because I felt like I had sandbags strapped to my ankles. Did I mention I swam 2,600 yards first?

Friday – Bike/run brick done as 4 x (10 min bike, 1 mile run) mostly to practice transitions but I also did these up my hill each and every time. It seriously makes me want to move.

Total miles = 16.5


I’m feeling really good on the bike and yes, if it rains on race day, I will be all set.

Sometimes I wish I could read people’s comments in air bubbles over their cars as they pass me when I’m riding in the rain. I bet they would all be something like “What a nut job!” They don’t know the half of it.

Soaked but smiling.

Soaked but smiling.

Monday – 22 miles in mostly rain

Wednesday – one hour easy ride – 16.5 miles – followed by strength work

Friday – brick session with run – 40 minutes, roughly 10 miles

Total = 48.5 miles


So my wet suit is trying to kill me. It’s supposed to feel buoyant and amazing, like an eel slipping though the water. I feel like I’m trying to wrestle and octopus that is choking me with it’s tentacles. Not good.

Unfortunately for me, I’m still in the process of figuring this all out. Wish me luck.

How many bags does it take to run and swim at the Y? Let's find out. One. Two. Three. Three.

How many bags does it take to run and swim at the Y? Let’s find out. One. Two. Three.

Tuesday – Long swim with drills and 1,500 non stop – 2,200 yards before run

Thursday – wet suit strangulation and 2,600 yards of fun after I took it off! I barely survived this swim. I had 8 reps though a cycle and I was losing it around 4. I wanted to get out of the pool and cry but somehow, after 1 hour and 15 minutes, I finished. And then I ran. I’m not sure how I made it, other then to remind myself that I love to run. Over and over and over. It worked.

Sunday – 20 minute warm-up and then 30 minute continuous swim for 1,500 for a grand total of 2,600 yards. Thank you WaterFi iPod for keeping me sane!

Total = 6,700 yards


So, I need some honesty here. I absolutely love all things Betty Designs however, her prints are on the loud side. < – – massive understatement

I have a cycle shirt and tri shorts and I’m thinking of getting the tri kit. Am I too old to wear this? Level with me:


Part of me just wants to “blend in” at races and this is not what one wears to “blend” in. I’m also pretty sure this is not what one wears when having grey hair.


I’m back on my muffin kick and loving it. I found this recipe at wholesomelicious on Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.10.36 PM

I’ve been devouring them after my training sessions. I slice one open, toast it up and slather some peanut butter on it. I know they already have peanut butter IN them but, did you see my training this past week? A girl needs all the protein she can get…


Lest you think all I do is swim, bike and run…I also bake! Hardly ever but when it happens I show it off like I’m the recipe creator. #GoBig


My ambassadorship with Fleet Feet Longmeadow!

I was so excited to talk with their couch to 5k group this past week about one of my favorite topics – mental strength. Newbies are just so happy to be running but sometimes woefully unprepared for how mentally tough it can get out there.

The night I spoke with them it was cold and rainy outside (of course) but not too much was said about the weather. Mostly the group was milling around chatting about running, running clothing and their upcoming race. They were so welcoming to me and were shaking their heads in agreement as I spoke.

Eager, awesome runners who are raring to GO!

Eager, awesome runners who were raring to GO!

I was also able to give them each a Foot Note of Motivational Wrap of their choice from Momentum Jewelry. When I reached out to Amy at Momentum to tell her what I was doing, she did not hesitate to send me a box full of motivation! The group (including two men) could not get their hands on this stuff fast enough…a feeling I know all too well.

Come and get your motivation!

Come and get your motivation!

This week I talk to the marathon group!


As I said at the start, I am ready for my taper. I hit a serious mental wall in the last two days of training last week. For both workouts on Thursday and Friday all I could think about it was when it would be over. Definitely not a good place to be and the perfect time for a rest day. Maybe two.

This is my "stick a fork in me" face, taken after my bike/run/bike/run/bike/run/bike/run last Friday.

This is my “stick a fork in me” face, taken after my bike/run/bike/run/bike/run/bike/run last Friday.

Luckily for me, it was the day of my 10 year wedding anniversary and a bunch of us went to Sol Toro at Mohegan Sun Casino for a post-cinco de mayo party complete with dueling pianos! After my second margarita I felt like I could conquer anything!


For anyone who is training for a half marathon, I recently wrote a piece for Training Peaks listing the many do’s and don’ts I have learned the hard way, after racing a crap ton of them, and doing so many things wrong. Learn from my mistakes – – > HOW TO TRAIN FOR YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON

Amy Schumer has totally redeemed herself in my book with this hilarious video about how men in congress should have absolutely nothing to do with women’s health:



 Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.54.24 PMHow was your week?

What is exhausting in your life right now?

What is your favorite muffin combo?