Things have been going one of two ways around here – great and horrible. Ever have a week like that? Welcome to my world. In the spirit of all that is honest around here, I present to you all the highs and lows, and nothing in between.


WEEK OF JUNE 22, 2015

RUNNING: My best run was also the worst. If you’ve run for any amount of time you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. I headed to the local track for what I knew would be a grueling workout, only to find the infield swarming with pre-teen boys at football camp. Ugh. Since I had no time to change my plan (because when dear sweet baby Jesus do I ever have time?) I grabbed my bag, hopped out of the car and prayed they wouldn’t be running laps as part of practice. They did not.

It was hot, I did the workout I posted last Friday, and it was hard. Really hard. I battled and willed myself though the last two miles of the nine-mile speed session, cursing my coach (sorry CRS I really do love you!) and everything else. But, when it was finally and mercifully over? I felt like a total rockstar because I finished and I finished strong!

It looks like the path way of a lunatic.

This looks like the running route of a lunatic. Hmmmm.

800 (two laps): 3:10

1 mile: 6:30

2 miles: 7:00 avg pace

3 miles: 7:30 avg pace

Total for the week: 20 (almost all outside!)

SWIMMING: The best part of my swim week was doing what was labeled a “threshold power set” in my training plan. Ignorance is bliss. I had no clue I would be swimming 2500 yards with 10 x 50 “hard best effort” on 15 seconds rest. It’s the closest I’ve come to puking in the pool and I loved it. #Sick

The worst part of the week was not being able to get in an OWS (open water swim). They say it’s dangerous to go alone and since I don’t think my kids could save me if something went wrong, I was unable to find a suitable swim mate this week. Just two months ago I would have considered this fantastic luck.

This crazy storm rolled in making very few good OWS and outdoor cycling days.

This crazy storm rolled in making very few good OWS and outdoor cycling days.

CYCLING: Staying properly fueled on my long and brick rides made me very happy and kept me conscious. Having to do most of my rides this week inside, either due to weather or children, made me insane.

RACING: I’m very excited about my sprint triathlon in two weeks! I feel prepared and ready to go. I can’t hardly wait to see what I can do in the water and how my hamstring and peroneal tendon holds up.

I get nervous stomach when I start looking up the results from last year, scared that I don’t know the course (and trying to find time to get out to the venue and at least drive it!) and slightly worried about the 6pm start time. Other then that, I’m sure everything will be just peachy.

I also haven’t a clue who Pat Griskus is and, it just dawned on me that it’s probably a man. In my mind it has been an amazing, strong woman. I think I need to find out. #RaceKarma


FUEL: I last reported that my stomach seemed to be revolting against me. It seems as though the war is over. I’ve been adding some extra hydration and also tried to eat a little less fiber. Although all of that was completely abandoned at the Saratoga Jazz Fest this past weekend where I basically ate and drank like it was my job.


Of course we need to start here…


These fish tacos were amazing, even though the picture is awful. #NotAFoodBlogger


I did not eat this roasted pig, and my kids were shouting “Don’t kill animals!” in front of it, but my husband, brother and father loved it. #graphic


I was very thirsty in a very patriotic way.

I’m getting a promotion.

THINGS I LOVE: #LoveWins It’s about damn time!


THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: My name. Not my real name but the name I worked so desperately to earn – Mom. As in, mom, mommy, mama, mom, mommy, mama, mom, moooooooommmmmmm.

TV: The best these eyes have seen this week is definitely Women’s World Cup Soccer. I know every man on the planet is rolling his eyes right now, but these women are fierce! I also know our country as a whole doesn’t care about soccer but trust me, turn it on and I dare you to not be amazed by Abby Wambach, and frightened yet so very interested in all that is Hope Solo. The girl has crazy eyes.

Don't poke the hornets nest.

Don’t poke the hornet’s nest.

The low is how little attention and recognition these games get. I could barely find it in the 1,000 channels on my TV yet every other channel seemed to be a mind-numbingly stupid reality show. Is this the best we can do America? Come on! You know the Kardashians will only crawl back into the hole from whence they came when you STOP WATCHING. You know this, right?

READING: I could spend all day and night reading articles and still never get caught up on all the ones I want to read. Some of the best of the week:

Is It Ok to Run In A Sports Bra? Is this a serious f**king question? Apparently, and Amanda wrote about it so well.

My Favorite Photo A blog post at Hit The Ground Running, hit me hard as I read it. If you want to see actual reality with a side of serious courage? Click the link.

Some other things I read left me wishing I had 10 minutes of my time back:

I Can’t Even With the Latest Social Media Trend because I hate when people bring more attention to something they’re saying they don’t want to pay attention to…kind of exactly like what I’m doing here. I also hate when people start I social media post with “I don’t usually post stuff like this…” Please don’t start now!

MUSIC: I think I mentioned the Saratoga Jazz Festival, right? Everything else kind of pales in comparison and makes me a little ashamed of my playlists. #NoCulture

One of the amazing artists at the festival putting on a show of his own.

One of the amazing artists at the festival putting on a show of his own.



How was your week? Give me your highs and lows!

Ever been to a music festival?