You would think that after so many years of running and racing I would have this fueling thing down. Sadly, I still make mistakes and sometimes I pay dearly for them! I’m also not just talking about food. It’s of the utmost importance to fuel your mind and spirit. Let’s discuss…



WEEK OF JUNE 15, 2015

RUNNING: Here is where the trouble started. I was released into the wild and given the task of running on a soft surface for 8 x .50 pick-ups. This was not supposed to be full on speed work but kind of a testing-the-hamstring workout. The issue was I had to teach spin in the morning and then do this workout in the afternoon, which meant I had to eat lunch before running. This is never good for me unless it’s simple banana or bagel in the morning. Unfortunately, I would be much hungrier and needed more nutrients after an hour of spin.

I don’t know why I ignore facts, but I simply chose to ignore the fact that it takes my body well over an hour to digest peanut butter. It was 11:30, and I was going to be running around 12:30, in the heat and humidity and faster then I have in a while on actual solid ground. I thought about it and made the damn peanut butter and jelly sandwich anyway.

Bad move.

After each and every .50 mile pick-up I thought I would puke. I could taste the peanut butter while I was running and it basically made the whole workout miserable. Just so I never ever do this again, I made a note in my training log:


Road running: 13.5 miles

Elliptical running: 6 miles

Pool running: 45 minutes

Kicking up dirt on the trails, while churning my stomach.

Kicking up dirt on the trails, while churning up food in my stomach.

CYCLING: I had some fantastic long rides this past week, some ‘brick, brick’ training (run 2 miles, transition, bike 8 miles, transition, run 2 miles, transition…and so on) and some road blocks. I’m not sure why this keeps happening but I had to ride on a major road with way too much traffic to get back on course after this little detour:

When I'm running I can always go around stuff like so on a bike!

When I’m running I can always go around stuff like this…no so on a bike!

But, that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that I didn’t bring enough food. And I brought no money. FAIL!

Last Wednesday I had a swim (2300 yards), bike (30 miles), run planned (3 miles) – yep, all three! I was ready. I thought. After the swim I ate a Chia Bar and brought 7 chomps with me. About 4 miles in, I was starving. Remember what I said about the pool? It makes me ravenous! So, I had to literally ration out my fuel like I was on survivor and time it out so I was keeping my glucose levels steady. I savored the last one, used up all my reserves to make it back to my car, the whole time thinking “I’m skipping the run. I have no energy. Be smart”

So of course I stowed my bike, ate another Chia Bar, and ran it out.

Looking back, I could have cut the ride short, but that would have been crazy. #ObsessMuch

Lesson learned! I will now not venture out without money and extra fuel.

FUELING: For whatever reason, my fueling has been off. I had the disaster on the bike and the rest of my meals have just been wonky for one reason or another. I’m having a hard time determining what exactly my body needs and I don’t think this has happened before. What can a girl do but experiment!

Body Armour This is super refueling, recovery drink that elite runner Tina Muir told me (and the rest of the world) to try. I remember she mentioned it was sold at Target and lo and behold, I found it! It has great flavor, all the recharging nutrients you need after a hot run and/or bike in the summer.

That’s It Fruit Bars I found these tasty tidbits right at the grocery store. The best part? What you see on the label is exactly what’s inside. Just fruit. That’s it. Mind blown.


THINGS I LOVE: Surprising the boys with The Wild Kratts live show at the Bushnell. What is a Wild Kratt? It’s two grown men (the Kratt brothers) who romp around forests and oceans, pretend they have ‘creature powers’ and teach kids all about wild life. It’s actually worse then it sounds, but the boys love it and since they’re learning something and being non-violent, I must approve.

In their 'creature power suits' waiting for the show to start!

In their ‘creature power suits’ waiting for the show to start!

The Kratt brothers Chris and Martin as themselves and also their cartoon selves. #Weird

The Kratt brothers – Chris and Martin –  as themselves and also their cartoon selves. #Weird

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Having to call the fire department at 6am on a Monday morning. Yeah. I was working quietly downstairs when I heard the distinctive ‘chirp’ of what I thought was the smoke detector running low on battery.

First of all, is this the best idea we can come up with for these things? Can’t my detector send me a text message or something when the battery is low instead of beeping out a decibel that rivals the boys screams, and always in the middle of the night or at a God-awful time of the morning?

So, everyone is sleeping and I want them to stay that way so I can work. I grab a 9-volt battery (this is another issue, I mean really, a freakin’ 9-volt battery?) venture upstairs to the offending detector, which is of course right outside the boy’s room, and realize it’s the carbon monoxide detector.


I actually remained calm and woke my husband up. He assessed the situation and we agreed to call the fire department. They showed up in a matter of minutes and declared the house poison free. Whew. However, when they went to reset the detector, which had been steadily beeping the entire time, it really started going crazy! This insanity finally woke up the boys, who were more then a little excited to see a house full of fireman and a real life fire truck in their driveway.

Miles: “Is this a dream?”

No sweetie, it’s a nightmare.

READING: I’m feeling really lucky in the book department. I keep coming up with gems and finding books I cannot put down. My latest favorite is Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad. Little Norman (to his dad’s big Norman) was an 11 year-old sole survivor of a plane crash that killed the pilot, his dad and his dad’s girlfriend. Yes, he was 11 and survived a Cessena plane crash into a mountain! In the winter! In nothing but his Vans and a ski sweater!

It was a perfect Father’s Day read because the relationship he had with his dad, although insane, ultimately saved his young life.

A picture of Norman Sr. with his baby son strapped to his back while surfing! I think he would be arrested for this today.

A picture of Norman Sr. with his baby son strapped to his back while surfing! I think he would be arrested for this today.

Norman Jr. grew up skiing and surfing in and around California in the 70s. His father took him on wild escapades and pushed him to (and past) the limits of an adult, let alone an adolescent. The book is a reflection on how being raised as he was, lead up to that fateful plane ride and the events that transpired after the crash.

Read it.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Although I couldn’t possibly get though all of Rolling Stone’s 100 best Instagram accounts, I tried and was rewarded with some sweet eye candy:

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.06.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.07.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 3.07.46 PM

How does @baddiewinkle have 996K followers and I have 650?


Coach: It’s a little hot to run too fast, so take it easy.

Kid: I’m going to run SO FAST!

Other kids: Me too! Me too! Me too!

Overheard at the boys last Pee-Wee track session. When did we lose this?

How was your week?

What is your favorite snack or drink these days?