As a runner, fall would signal the start of my most favorite season. The temperatures finally and mercifully cool, all the training though the heat and humidity of summer start to pay off and big goal races are only weeks away. Now, as I have morphed into a full-blown triathlete, the beginning of fall signifies something much different. Instead of relishing the changing weather, I’m dreading open water swims, searching for my bike gloves and lamenting my very last triathlon race of the season.

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It’s not all doom and gloom since I have two half-marathons to look forward to and many indoor swims and cycles as I build toward 2017. For now, let’s take a look back at my last build-up to my final triathlon where I hoped to qualify for nationals.



Since this was a taper week I didn’t get to run as much as I have in the past several weeks. I did do one more indoor track session, this time with only 3 x 400 on 1:30 with a note from my coach warning “no faster!” No problem.

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Tuesday: 4.5 mile run before swim with 3 x 400 on 1:30 | 36:17

Thursday: Easy 4 miler (ended up being 4.77 because it was gorgeous out!) 8:11 pace

Friday: Pre-race brick, including 15 minute easy run | 7:40 pace

Sunday: 5k race as part of triathlon

Total = 16.27 miles


I feel like I’m just really settling into a good place with my new bike and soon I will be banished to ride it exclusively on the indoor trainer. For now, I’m savoring the last of the bearable riding days and enjoying how my body warms up as the miles pass.

Wednesday: 15.2 miles with 4 x 5 minutes hard effort before swim

Friday: Pre-race brick including 30 minute ride | 9 miles

Sunday: 13 mile bike as part of triathlon

Total = 37.2 miles


One day this week was a lot easier than the other when it came to diving into the lake! All of the buoy lines for beach swimming have been removed which is a sure sign that summer is officially over. Luckily, I still have my New Wave swim buoy and was out there sans wet suit per my coach’s instructions, getting it done while I still can.

Best day ever!

Best day ever…just because it was warm.

Monday: Strength and speed | 2,000 yards

Tuesday: 2,200 yards after speed work on indoor track

Wednesday: Open water – no wet suit | 1,200 yards

Friday: Open water swim as part of brick session | 800 yards

Sunday: 1/2 mile swim as part of triathlon | 750 yards

Total = 6,950 yards

Thank you for not letting me drown out there.

Thank you for not letting me drown out there.


Now that I’m completely addicted to my dried pineapple slices for fuel, I’ve broadened my horizons and have since tried mango and papaya, per several reader’s recommendations. I seriously cannot believe I haven’t done this sooner! Although it’s harder to chew when you’re on the run, I think it’s worth it.

We also made a trip to Mystic last weekend to check out the food festival! It did not disappoint and I ate most all the food before I could capture it on film.


That’s Miles as a pirate getting his iconic Mystic Pizza because, of course.



In my never ending search for a triathlon bag that fits all my gear, I discovered the Hermes of transition bags in Z3r0d. I have zero clue what that name means since the company is based in France. When I ordered it, all the shipping info was in French so it was just a magical surprise when it arrived on my front porch.

Check this bag out!

I wish my entire life could be as organized as this bag!

I wish my entire life could be as organized as this bag!

It literally has a place, with a label, for absolutely everything triathlon. And, see that card on the bottom right? It’s an extensive packing list! It has everything from your phone and plane tickets to food, wet suit, hotel information and race logistics. If you forget something, you may have a learning disability.

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If you follow me on Instagram then you already know what happened at the Women’s Triathlon race this past Sunday. If not, I think it’s obvious what you need to do.

If you’re too lazy to click the link and follow me then you will have to wait for my race recap on Wednesday. And, actually, even if you know my results, you definitely do not know the whole story. Due to a very poorly marked run course the race results ended up being a complete shit show. I’ll explain everything in the recap. For now, please enjoy the picture of my medal. It seems to be the only good thing about the race.



1, “Basket of deplorables”  – because it so beautifully captures the essence of all that is Trump.

2. The iPhone updates – because of all the women emojis. Welcome to 1955 Apple, it’s so nice to see you. I just have one question. Why are the runners with all the people doing nothing and not under the “sports” category? Why do I know so much about emoji placement?

3. “Pinksourcing” a la Kristen Bell. Nailed it.

My favorite part is how everyone is “Kathy.”


While on a rare trip to Whole Foods I discovered two very disturbing things. They hate k-cups (which I totally get because they’re killing the world with litter) and they don’t have tampons. What the hell does Whole Foods have against tampons? I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I could not find them anywhere.

The truly weird thing was the article I saw in Greatist, right after I got home. It’s an entire text exchange between a mom and daughter about scouring a store in search of tampons. Part of it is below but I really encourage you to read the whole thing.



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If you have never heard of Jessi Klein, let me introduce you. She is currently the head writer for Amy Schumer (who I now hate by the way, but that is another post) and is one of the funniest and smartest women I have come across. I just found out, though an equally funny and smart (ass) woman Dana from Kiss My List, that Ms. Klein wrote a book.


It’s hysterical. I’m embarrassed at how much I’m busting out in laughter when I read it. If you’re currently having a bad life, read it and call me in the morning.

The below excerpt is from the chapter on Bar Method. During class, Klein is lusting over the gorgeous, sculpted bodies of the other women and instructor and hating every second of being there:

“I’d naively always thought that being on the elliptical meant I was exercising. It does not. Women who are in great shape, the women who really workout out, consider being on the elliptical something akin to a nap.”



After I posted this on Instagram it was immediately met with a landslide of understanding from women and men everywhere!

This is what I had to result to in order to keep my sacred stash of VEGA protein bars away from my husband who casually eats them as snacks. We are talking about 11 grams of fat, 260 calories and 15 grams of protein. Who snacks like that?



How was your week?

Do you love or hate the iPhone updates?

Do you need to guard or hide your food?