It’s not that cold here. The first snowstorm of the season dumped a very manageable six inches, yet I’m definitely in hibernation, and I love to hate it. Ok, I mostly hate it but I would never want to move.

Having my treadmill and bike trainer set up in the basement is definitely not helping. The only time I leave the house is to go to the indoor pool at the Y or grocery store. And it’s not even February.






I’m becoming a total wuss because of my treadmill. There, I said it. Days when I would be forced to run in the elements can now be spent in the comfort of my basement in a sports bra and shorts, watching The Today Show. It’s just not right. Although I love having the option, I definitely need to get outside more because I feel much more satisfied, accomplished and aware when I get out there and get it done!

Instead of gorgeous (but freezing) pictures of running outdoors, I have this as my view:



Despite the pampered running conditions, I had a great week:

Sunday: 6 miles easy after a swim, 8:06 pace

Tuesday: 3 miles at Half Marathon Pace then, 6 x 20″ hill repeats with speed, 6.2 miles, 7:50 average pace

Thursday: 4 miles easy after bike, 7:56 pace

Friday: 10 miles with 5 x 1 mile repeats at 6:40 pace < – – this was hard!

Total miles: 23 and all done on the treadmill..whomp whomp


The good news is that my butt is completely used to being in the saddle for an hour plus. Again, I would prefer to be outside but until we move south, it just isn’t happening.

My coach likes to give me “optional” workouts on days that are meant to be lighter or if I have an extra long swim or run. I’ve been taking her up on most of the bike options since it’s so easy to get on and ride for 30 minutes or so. The best part is that the drills she is giving me are definitely paying off though my cadence. It’s truly all the little things that make the biggest impact.


Optional bike work done before 9am. Then off to Barre…

My cycling week looked like this:

Monday: 45 minutes of threshold intervals

Wednesday: 30 minute optional pedal for form

Thursday: 50 minutes 10 x 30″ speed intervals

Saturday: 30 minute form focus ride

Total time: 2 hours 35 minutes


Heading to the pool at the Y is the only time I get outside for exercise…and then head right back in to a steamy, indoor area with lots of glass so we can pretend we’re outside…or in a cage at a zoo. Such is a life of hibernation in the Northeast.


I started the week with some tough kick sets, settled into a long, steady swim midweek and finished up with some quick and tough swims. It was perfect!

Sunday: swim and kick sets, 1,450 yards

Tuesday: 1000 x 8 x 25 (I used to have no clue what that meant either so don’t feel bad), 2,000 yards

Friday: 2 x (10 x 50 negative split), 1,900 yards

Total swim = 5,350 yards


Guess where I’m strength training? In my basement! I’m telling you, it’s getting bad. I may go all Jack Nicholson in The Shining over here. I already have the twins and I’m a writer, so it’s not that far of a stretch.

I think Miles too this one. I love that my kids are so willing and happy to take my Instagram pictures...

I think Miles took this one. I love that my kids are so willing and happy to take my Instagram pictures…


I’m in a little bit of a rut with my eating so I’m seeking some nutritional guidance. I think I’m eating super healthy and correctly for the amount of training I’m doing but I want a check-up. As soon as I finalize some things, I’ll be posting more about this!

For now, my go-to breakfast or snack (or second breakfast) has been Siggi’s plain yogurt with strawberries and granola from a local bread shop.

There IS some yogurt under that pile of goodness.

There IS some yogurt under that pile of goodness.


Guess what? I’m not talking about KUHL clothing. Ok, I will just mention that I got the Flight Jacket which is an “adult sized lovie” as promised:

Only briery outside before heading inside the gym for a swim and run...

Only briefly outside before heading inside the gym for a swim and run…

…and I tried Stitch Fix for the first time since so many people I know absolutely love it. If you don’t know, Stitch Fix is basically a personal online stylist. You fill out a ton of information about your style likes and dislikes, sizes and what you absolutely do not want, and they send you a neat little box of clothing selections right to your door. Love it? Keep it and pay for it. Hate it? Send it back for free.

I received my first box last Friday so more on that in the coming weeks…


I’m jumbling these together this week because I had yet another ridiculous adventure in the kitchen. Why I continue to try and bake I have no idea! And, my kids didn’t even have anything to do with this one.

It was snowing outside. There was a fire. I was going to have wine. I had yet to use my brand spanking new bundt pan.

It was a perfect storm.

I gathered all the ingredients and even waited for the eggs to be room temperature. Why is this important?


Notice the fire and storm tracking on tv...

Notice the fire and storm tracking on tv…

I mixed all the ingredients, exactly as instructed, and poured the mixture into the “buttered and floured” bundt pan.

I popped it in the oven and retired to the fire with a fresh glass of wine. My first, by the way, I was not drinking prior to making this. I wish I was because at least I could blame it on that. Anyway…

A few minutes later I smelled something burning. I checked the oven and saw this:


OMG! It was bubbling over like lava. I seriously could not believe it. Luckily I had a liner in the over so I pulled out the pan, put it on the stove top, cleaned the rack and the liner and put everything back in.

My husband thought it was hilarious and insisted I take this picture to “capture” the moment:

Mine does not look like the one on the box!

Mine does not look like the one on the box!

I put everything back in…and it continued to bubble over. I cleaned everything again determined to cook this damn thing, and this time I put a pan underneath it.

It cooked forever and then came out like this:


Does that belong on Pinterest or what?

My husband and I actually ate all the lumps that baked onto the pan and they were delicious! Crispy on the outside and moist and delicious on the inside.

After it cooled, I flipped it over and held my breath…



And that my friends is NOT how you make a Devil’s Food bundt cake.

Who knew there are different sized bundt pans? #InformationINeededYesterday


I’m in love with this song from my Barre class. We do an ab routine to it that I just have to get a video of. My friend, the instructor told me she absolutely does not want that to happen, so I’ll be sure to get one this week…I’ll bring Vodka.



If you have not yet seen the new series on Netflix “Chelsea Does…” I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and watch all the episodes.

She is her hilarious self but in a much more interesting way.

There are four documentaries in all – Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism and Drugs – I only watched the first two but they were fantastic!

The scene from her interview with the CEO of Ashley Madison alone (prior to the shit hitting the fan) is worth the watch. Did anyone else know he was married? Don’t worry, neither did he…

Of course there is inappropriate language in this clip so don’t let your kids hear it…


Why am I hibernating when these two are running around out in the open?


How was your week?

Are you hibernating where you are?

Would you have eaten my bundt cake?