I’ve been making some changes around here – both inside and out. Obviously my site received a facelift but I’ve been making some other, less obvious changes, one that was even a surprise to myself!

My favorite transition - from the swim to the bike!

My favorite transition – from the swim to the bike!

Transitions in triathlon are those precious minutes when you switch your mindset from one discipline to the next. It’s both an ending and a beginning, bringing you one step closer to the finish line. Without getting too deep, let’s talk about transitions!

WEEK OF JULY 18, 2016


I have been running for a very long time. I’ve had so many running goals, some achieved and some yet to be achieved. Since 2000-something I have always considered myself a runner but lately, I’ve been sensing a shift.

Where I used to dread (and even fear) my swim workouts, I now look forward to my time in the pool or open water. Where the bike used hurt my lady parts, I now crave hours out on the open road. I’m transitioning from runner to triathlete and it’s kinda awesome.

Cruising through my track workout to get to the pool!

Cruising through my track workout to get to the pool!

I will always have a die hard love of running but I’m not sure I care about chasing down marathon PRs anymore or even a sub-19 5k. Right now, my focus is squarely on triathlon and, I’m not entirely sure how I got here, but I’m going with it!

Monday: Easy 3.66 miles before a land swim at Hershey Park | 29:52

Tuesday: 5k as part of a brick session | 23:52

Thursday: track session with 2 mile warm-up, 3 x 400 on 1:30 (actuals were 1:34, 1:28, 1:30) with 400 recovery lap in between | 30:36 | 4 miles

Sunday: 5k race as part of sprint triathlon | 7 min pace

Total = 13.66 (very low mileage week!)


So, I absolutely love my new bike, but some changes needed to be made. After riding about 40 miles on the first day, I realized my handle bars and seat needed some adjusting. This is where, having a rocket scientist for a coach helps. I brought my bike to her place and we tweaked it in all the right places so it was race ready for Sunday!

I also need a size up in my cycling shoes. I didn’t think it was possible for my feet could go numb when it was 90 degrees out.

It's all about the cruelly named "Minor Hill Road" with an 18% grade hill at mile 10. Not cool.

It’s all about the cruelly named “Minor Hill Road” with an 18% grade hill at mile 10. Not cool.

Tuesday: 2 hour bike | 38 miles | before run

Wednesday: 5 x 3 mile loop, increasing intensity with each loop | 17.6 miles

Friday: Easy ride for bike familiarity | 12.7 miles (race loop)

Sunday: 12 mile ride as part of sprint triathlon race

Total = 80.3


I’m back to swimming almost five days a week (I had a rest day before the race) but only one open water swim. It’s obviously a lot harder to complete drills in open water than the pool and, right now, I needed to drill it out! My coach tried to kill me with the speed and endurance session she planned for me last Thursday but, the joke was on her, because I made it out alive! #takethat

Then I had to skip a swim on Friday because of a biopsy on my hand. The dermatologist’s exact words were “I have no idea what that is!” Could be anything from dry skin to pre-cancerous but she thinks it’s “probably minor.”

Sitting at the dermatologists office on a Friday morning because being healthy is not all about the swim, bike and run...unfortunately.

Sitting at the dermatologist’s office on a Friday morning because being healthy is not all about the swim, bike and run…unfortunately. And yes, I have a faux-hawk. #MyHairDoesWhatItWants

Monday: land swim in Hershey

Wednesday: 2400 yards

Thursday: 3226 yards < – – the workout that almost killed me

Saturday: 2600 yards

Sunday: 400 yards as part of sprint triathlon

Total = 8,326 yards < – – o.m.g


My hometown sprint triathlon was held this past Sunday and I won the overall women’s division! It was such a great race for so many reasons but I especially loved having so many family, friends and neighbors cheering my on. You guys have no idea how helpful it is and, what an adrenaline rush, to have people screaming your name and cheering you on though each transition and the finish. THANK YOU to everyone who came out and cheered.

Full report later in the week but it was a blast!

My husband gets credit for this shot - just before I crossed the finish.

My husband gets credit for this shot – just before I crossed the finish and just after I saw my kids!


Being home! I feel like we have traveled so much this summer, which is great, but I also really love having no plans and just hanging out at my house.

And no, it’s not because I’m old, I’ve always been this boring.

Feet up with coffee and a good book close by. Is this heaven?

Outside with my feet up, fish jammies on and, coffee and a good book close by. Is this heaven?


Saying good-bye to Oiselle. I will no longer be a part of the Volée team for a number of reasons (they don’t have a triathlon team for starters!) but I will definitely miss the camaraderie and support from the bird’s nest.

I had made this decision a while ago when it was announced that the Flock and Volée would now be one team, and would be charged a $100 yearly membership fee. I will absolutely continue to buy Oiselle clothing and accessories, since it’s such high quality and top notch in style points, although I will really miss my discount!

Thanks for the memories Oiselle!

Thanks for the memories Oiselle!


I just finished The Light Between Oceans and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Some parts and characters I absolutely hated but the writing was so good and the story so intriguing, I kept going back for more. I’m not sure I would recommend it, but I wouldn’t not recommend it either. #SorryNotSorry

And now I want to see the movie since it just may be better than the book…for once.


I just started All is Not Forgotten, and cannot put it down! Start reading it now. This was a book club pick but I will be in Omaha when they meet to discuss it. #Boo


 “Nice job woman! You are kicking so much butt!” – random stranger (I think?) at the triathlon as I headed in from the bike transition to the run. Thank you!

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How was your week?

What is the last major transition you went though?

Do you identify as a runner, triathlete, swimmer, mom, barista, lounge singer…?