This is it. The week I have been waiting for. Well, I was really waiting for those two weeks I spent eating and drinking my way though Italy in May but, this is also a very big date on my calendar. On Thursday of this week I will leave for triathlon nationals in beautiful exciting Omaha, Nebraska!




Other than the news about the new female running emoji, I don’t have much to report here. The fact that I have not one but two half-marathons this fall has started to creep into my mind since I haven’t run more than say 8 miles in months! I guess I’ll have to sort that out when I get back…

Just a quick core session in between my run and swim. It was a gorgeous day at the lake!

Just a quick core session in between my run and swim. It was a gorgeous day at the lake!

Tuesday: 4 miles @6:51 as part of bike/run brick session

Friday: 4 miles with speed after swim

Saturday: 5 miles with last 10 min at race effort, after swim and bike

Total = 13 miles


I had to pack up and ship out my bike last week. I was so sad to see it go but getting back on my road bike was like slipping into a comfy pair of old running shoes. Plus, the weather (after a few days of much needed rain) was absolutely gorgeous!


Tuesday: 12 miles as part of bike/run brick

Thursday: 20 miles of pure bliss

Saturday: 20 miles as part of swim, bike run

Total = 52


My coach is always looking for new and exciting ways to drown me. I swear she secretly reads this blog (Hi Becky!) and then, sensing my new love of the water, needs to remind me that I’m still in training!

She put what is called “hypoxic” training drills on my log for Monday. I should have sensed death when I had only a swim on that day. My main set was:

4 x 200 hypoxic drill, 20 second rest in between, done as:

50: breathe every third stroke

50: breathe every fifth stroke

50: breathe every seventh stroke

50: breathe as much as you need building to fast

Do I need to tell you that breathing every fifth and seventh stroke almost gave me a stroke? OMG! I could absolutely not hold out for seven strokes after the other two sets. It was awful! I had to keep stopping to catch my breath and I think I saw some of the elderly pool ladies laughing at me.

And, because having your toes done makes everything better, I got a pedicure in the shade of Rio green.


Monday: Drowning breathing drills | 2,625 yards

Wednesday: strength and speed 2,187 yards

Friday: 40 min open water | 1,784 yards

Saturday: 45 min open water race simulation | 1,865 yards

Total = 8,461 or 4.81 miles


If you read my post on InsideTracker, you know I have changed up my breakfast and now have oatmeal with peanut butter, chia seeds and whatever fruit is in the fridge. I also pretty much live on Starbucks coffee and protein boxes for lunch, since a new Starbucks opened closer to home.


Word on the street is they are putting a Starbucks in Target! Those people are freakin’ geniuses! If they open a tapas bar and child care I will never leave. Plus, I can change clothes by buying a new outfit for $15 and I’m pretty sure I can make up some interval training sessions in their seasonal aisle.


Concerts! It was the second weekend in a row when my husband and I pretended we’re not over 40 by rocking out at  a live show. This time it was Counting Crows and Rob Thomas at Mohegan Sun Area and one of them was fantastic. The other was a bloated, underwhelming, jerk who basically talked his way though his songs, which he managed to change so much that one one could sing along. We left after three songs.

Thank you Rob Thomas for being the complete opposite of that and, may I suggest you stop touring with them so more people will go? Just some advice from someone who knows nothing about music.

Rob Thomas sounding even better live than I thought possible!

Rob Thomas sounding even better live than I thought possible!

Thomas came out into the crowd for his last song, This is How A Heart Breaks, and it was super boring which you can tell from this picture of me…bottom right…not psyched at all…




Lack of motivation. Yes, even I become unmotivated at times and have to wrestle though it. I don’t know if it was the staying up until 2am the night of the Coldplay show or because I have started to taper for my big race. Whatever the reason, as I was wandering though the aisles in Target, this shirt called to me:


After announcing it on my chest, I realized that I absolutely could and was feeling much more motivated by week’s end. It’s good to know I have it in the closet, in case of emergency. It should come with wine.


Right now I’m reading the book Orphan Train which, so far, is just ok. So, I’ve taken to reading more stuff online like this:

Stop telling me I’m ‘beautiful.’ I’m ugly. It’s fine. | by Kristin Salaky | The Washington Post

Obviously the title is a grabber if I ever saw one. I love Kristin’s honesty and humor in this piece and I really love that a strong, smart woman is standing up and saying “beauty is not that important!”

What the Oldest Team USA Runners Can Teach You About Running | by ME | Women’s Running

I absolutely love writing articles like this one. The older I get the more motivation I need from guys like Bernie and Meb. I based the article on quotes from both over-40 Olympians, just to show how their attitude is everything!



You know I love my podcasts and, when I found out Tina Muir would be interviewing Matt Long on the Runner’s Connect Run to the Top podcast, I could not wait to listen!

I read Matt’s book years ago. His story is incredible. He was hit (and sucked under) a BUS while commuting on his bike in New York City. At the time he was training to run a sub 3 hour marathon at Boston after qualifying with a PR of 3:15. After being sucked under the bus, his bike literally impaled him and he barely survived. After 40+ surgeries and countless hospital, physical therapy and grueling mental and physical work, he went on to finish another marathon (this time in NYC) and an Ironman!


Obviously, I highly recommend the book and listening to the podcast. Plus, Matt and I have the same philosophy – Train for Life!


If you haven’t seen this, be prepared to laugh until you cry…


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How was your week?

What is inspiring or un-movtivating you this week?