I used to think that two-a-day workouts were for hard core football players and young people.  After going though a week where I did two workouts a day on four different days, I’m inclined to say I was right in thinking that.  At least about them being for young people!



Although crazy hard, I had another great week of training and I’m psyched and ready for the NYC Half-Marathon on Sunday!

RUNNING:  I ran a total of 35.6 miles and my toughest of the week was 5 x 1 mile repeats.  I did them at a local indoor track because there’s ice and snow still covering everything else.  The problem with this particular indoor track is that no one seems to know what the measured distance of the track is.  It’s definitely not a standard track and weaves around the indoor playing fields, which are the main focus of the owners.  When I called to ask how many laps equaled a mile, I was told it was 4.5.  Ok, no problem.  I set off for the workout feeling a little sick knowing how hard it was going to be.  I was supposed to be hitting the mile splits at 6:11.  My first one was 6:25.  What?  Second one – 6:25.  Third – 6:31!?  What the …?  This is what the chatter in my brain sounded like:

“You’re overtraining.  No, you’re just having a bad day.  You’re overtraining and you’re not as fast as you think you are.  Not sure you’re going to be able to get that 1:30 half time again.  Maybe I need more rest days…”

And on and on in my head.  By the end of the workout, I was feeling a little defeated but I knew I ran as hard as I could, plus I was meeting Coach Rocket Scientist afterward.

The meeting with Coach went GREAT and my form has improved tremendously!  The film from my running three weeks ago looks completely different from what she filmed that day and I was ecstatic….but still thinking about my slow splits.

The next day I got an email from CRS:

On those mile repeats the other day, I found out that the Star Hill track is 363 m in lane 1.  That means a mile is 4.4 times around the track.  If you were running 4.5 laps, and not in the first lane, no wonder you weren’t hitting the mile repeat targets!  Just saying.  I could also accuse you of trying to overachieve again… 🙂  
but I won’t.
*breathes deep sigh of relief*
How many laps does it take to get to the Tootsie….ugh, I mean to equal one mile?

How many laps does it take to get to the Tootsie….um, I mean to equal one mile?

CYCLING: I was able to spend a good chunk of time on my real bike (as opposed to my spin bike) this week and I’m really loving it.  I absolutely cannot wait to take it out on the road!  I also had two great spin classes this week with zero talking by the class.  What more could a girl ask for?
CROSS-TRAINING:  In addition to a great Power Sculpt class this week, I was able to go sledding with my whole family (hubs, dad, stepmom, niece, nephew, my kids and my brother!) at a hill that my brother and I used to sled on when we were kids.  The weather was in the 40s (balmy!) and the sun was shining.  It was so much fun and we ran back up the hill after each zippy descent, sometimes with a passenger in the sled.  Talk about dead legs!
How many cousins can you fit on one toboggan?

How many cousins can you fit on one toboggan?

RACING:  It’s finally here!  The NYC Half-Marathon is less then a week away and I can’t wait!  I’m so excited for a weekend in the city, to test my abilities and for a pre-birthday celebration!  As usual, I have three goals going into the race: #1 is to finish strong and uninjured, #2 is to finish in 1:30 or better and #3 is to meet up with as many of my blogging friends as I can!  My 39th birthday is March 21 and I’m a big celebrator of birthdays.  I’m especially going to enjoy this one since it’s my last year in my thirties and man, have they been good!
FUEL:  I finally tried the Honey Stinger Waffles on a run/bike workout I had and I loved it.  Unless I can try it again this week, I probably won’t use it for the half but I’ll definitely get more so I can use them in Spain.  YUM!
Another fuel discovery I made this week was Ladera Granola.  I like to put granola on everything and this did not disappoint.  Ladera’s original granola is made up of only eight, all natural ingredients like almonds and whole grain oats, and tastes good on everything or all alone.  Plus, they gave me a free bag and a sticker.  I’m a sucker for a good sticker.
THINGS I LOVE:  Being with my brother and his family all weekend.  All the cousins are at a perfect age to play together which means more drinking down time for the parents.
THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  How quiet and empty the house seems after a wild weekend filled with family.
MUSIC:  I finally had to break down and buy a new iPod.  Mine was about 8 years old and I marveled at the “new” technology of the 7th generation.  It’s touch screen, it has Nike+ built in so you can record time, distance and pace without one of those annoying shoe thingys.  I have a Garmin watch but I decided to give the Nike+ thing a try.  Big mistake.  I set it for a 10K.  It told me each time I completed 1K, which inturrepted my music, plus I don’t even know what a 1K is.  I mean, of course I know a 5K is (3 miles) but, like I said, I also had my Garmin so my watch was beeping every mile and every 1 freakin K I was hearing about it in my ears.  I felt like a running robot.  The worst part was that the Nike+ was so far off it was ridiculous.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:
6.7 miles at 7:18 pace from my Garmin vs...

6.7 miles at 7:18 pace from my Garmin vs…

9.14 km (less then 6 miles) at an 8:39 pace!

9.14 km (less then 6 miles) at an 8:39 pace!

Let’s just say I will not be using that again!  It said something about calibrating it for better accuracy, but I think I’ll just stick to the good ol’ Garmin.  I like the silent, strong relationship we’ve developed.

READING:  I mostly loved reading text messages like this from my friend this week:
How did she know exactly when to send this?  It was just the “stop feeling sorry for yourself” thing I needed at exactly the right time.  Now my definition of living the rest of my life “as a champion” may be a tad different from Muhammad Ali but still…
I also started reading Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler.  It is a pee-your-pants kind of ridiculously funny book with just enough raunchy and I love every bit of it.
Clearly it's a memoir about her African Safari trip with three of her besties.

Clearly it’s a memoir about her African Safari trip with three of her besties.

TV:  The worst TV I watched this week is a horrible fashion show of hair which is on a loop at my new hairdresser’s salon.  It’s a long story but, they play this looped video promoting Bb hair products. It’s one crazy hair style after another, on models with 15 stylists working on them with such ferocious intensity you would think the girl’s hair was curing cancer.  Which is a hell of a lot more then I can say for my hair.  I would have been happy with one stylist working on it so I could have cut down on the three hours  I spent there.  I swear I’m just going to start shaving my head.
RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  According to the movie Prisoners Pennsylvania has the worst police force on the planet.  If you have kids and/or a low tolerance for mumbling, I do not recommend watching it.
What was your favorite workout this week?  
Reading any good books?  Do you use the Nike+ device on your iPod?