This past week really threw me for a loop. I crave consistency, organization and routine and last week was laughing in my face with chaos, pop-up problems and sick kids. Not all of the unexpected things sucked but, as a general rule, I hate surprises…unless they involve alcohol or an amazing PR.  < – – neither one of those happened





This is going better then expected. My legs were super tired after my race day effort in the heat so CRS and I decided to take it one day at a time. I had a hard effort planned for Wednesday:

2 mile warm-up

Over 10K: 2 minutes @ 5K pace, recover for 1 min, 1 min @ 5K pace, recover for 30 seconds, 30 seconds @ 5K pace, recover for 30 seconds – repeat for duration.

It was HARD as hell! And I loved it.



I felt really strong afterward and rounded out the week with six easy miles and 13 long slow distance with a good friend. Those miles always go by so much faster.

Total: 40 miles


Big fat goose egg here. Why? My kids decided to get sick on exactly the days I was supposed to teach spin. #Conspiracy I toyed with the idea of setting up the bike trainer one of the days but, it was the day after the New Haven road race and, watching Odd Squad with my sick boy seemed like a better use of my time.


So far I’m keeping this in rotation because I hate to think there will be weeks of no swimming. But, this is one of them. Not even one swim stroke and I’m not happy about it. We’ll see what next week brings but I may replace “swimming” with “strength training” since I know there’s a lot more of that in my future.

I hope to be back IN the water and not just LOOKING at it...even though this was a perfect moment.

I hope to be back IN the water and not just LOOKING at it…even though this was a perfect moment.


I hope you’re sitting down because I have BIG news! I finally broke down and bought the Garmin Vivoactive watch. I’m now completely and totally addicted to technology and all.the.stats. It’s not my fault that I totally unexpectedly received an email from Amazon alerting me that it was $50 off. I literally had to buy it.


Full review coming (of course!) but here’s a hint: I LOVE IT!!!!


Other then my Garmin Vivoactive I also love straight hair. I do not have straight hair and I know you always want what you can’t have, however, I would settle for hair that grows down instead of out the way mine does. I’ve whined before about how unmanageable my hair is and I think my hairdresser reached a breaking point with my colic. I have one huge piece of hair, right in the front of my head, that just wants to be a mohawk. A 40 year-old woman does not look good with a mohawk.

I secretly think my hairdresser hated cutting my hair so short, just so it would lay down, so she came up with a fantastically brilliant idea to tame it. Upon entering the salon she told me she wanted to give me a “reverse” perm. In laymen’s terms, that’s an ethnic hair treatment which mostly black women use to relax their hair. Yes, that’s what I got and now I have straight hair:

Let's see, I now have vitilgo and need relaxer treatments on my hair. I'm starting to think I'm not Cuban and Italian.

Let’s see, I now have vitilgo and need relaxer treatments on my hair. I’m starting to think I’m not Cuban and Italian.


The leaves are changing! I think this literally happened overnight. Since it was upwards of 90 degrees with 110% humidity maybe I just didn’t notice but, when out for a run I saw them. Colored leaves are already on the ground. Fall is really here people so we may as well embrace it.

You know fall is here when your kids are petting cows. I'm sure this had nothing to do with them getting sick.

You know fall is here when your kids are petting cows. I’m sure this had nothing to do with them getting sick. #Cowbuttsaresoclean


Who has time to read when there’s Netflix? So back 100 years ago when everyone was watching Orange Is The New Black, I wasn’t. The book was so boring and awful that I guess I ignored the fact that absolutely everyone was addicted to the series. Finally a good friend of mine talked some sense into me and I started watching it. I literally haven’t stopped. What day is it?

I will also never look at a screw driver the same way. #MyEyesAreBleeding

On a completely and totally different note, I was not expecting to have freakin’ Bart Yasso read an article I wrote about Yasso 800s. Words cannot express my girl-like giddiness when this happened:


I of course immediately re-read the article and hoped it was all accurate and complementary. It was both.

I hope I don’t freak when I meet him at the Runner’s World Half and Festival in October! #NoChanceofThatNotHappening


Guess who has a podcast? Miss Zippy! Catch a glimpse and then have a listen:

“Have you ever considered running a marathon in flip flops? Didn’t think so. Today’s guest, however, has not only run a marathon in flip flops, but did it in well under three hours, breaking a world record at the same time. But Keith Levasseur has far more to his list of credentials than that, so today we’ll chat with Keith to hear all about his many crazy adventures in just a few short years of running.”


My husband received the following error message when trying to create a new online account:

“Username may not contain inappropriate words or phrases.”

What was his username? Our last name: Burdick


 How was your week? Did anything unexpected happen?

Do you have a fitness tracker/GPS or Apple watch? Thoughts, feelings?