The week following my first triathlon race of the season was deemed an “unstructured workout” week by my coach, who also added “do you think you can handle it?” Hell yes.

Handling my unstructured workout week with a little SUP on the lake!

WEEK OF JUNE 5, 2017


Obviously I wanted to run but, you may recall, I had a pretty nasty blister on my foot from not wearing socks during the race. I ended up putting a band aid on it and then KT Tape over that and it held up nicely. Oh and first thing Monday morning was a downpour. I ran 8 miles in it and absolutely loved it.

Tuesday – easy 8 miles in the rain | 8 min mile pace

Saturday – easy 4 miles with some pick-ups, after a bike ride, just for fun | 7:40 pace


The weather started cooperating after the beginning of the week and we enjoyed some stunningly sunny days. I was able to ride with a friend and really just enjoy my rides with no worries about pace. Is this what normal people do? Interesting.

Friday – 25 beautiful miles

Saturday – 20 miles before running


I had the best intentions of getting in the open water but, not surprising, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to join me. I did manage to get in the pool twice and out on the lake (for SUP) once. I think I need a little anchor for the SUP so I can dive off and swim laps around it in the middle of the lake. The fishermen would love that.


Since we’re going with an unstructured theme here I’m going to count fuel for my soul last week to fill in this blank.

My SIL is very much into the spiritual world with psychic readings, reiki and all others kinds of higher power enlightenment and healing. I decided to join her for a psychic reading and it was awesome!

Let the healing begin!

I had a reading done only once before, about 15 years ago, and it was eye-opening and dead on balls accurate (name the movie that quote is from) which is why I decided to go again.

It did not disappoint.

There was a lot she was so right about but this was the freakiest thing that happened:

My dog came up early in the reading and we discussed her for a bit and later on, when talking about something totally unrelated she stopped mid-sentence to say “oh, the dog…Star? She has something wrong with her mouth…is it her tooth? I don’t know but something,” so I said yes, she’s been losing her puppy teeth and we moved on. Fast forward three hours later when I picked Star up at puppy training and the trainer greeted me with “Star was a little off today and we noticed she has a cut in her mouth and her lip was swollen.” WTF???? I almost died.

I took notes on everything the psychic said and on some of the suggestions she made. I have a lot to reflect on and think about. And yes, the triathlon national championship came up and the “reward and recognition” card came up but only after I waded through doubt, fear and anxiety. Exactly.


Booking my flight to Omaha for nationals, along with five others. After going with just my husband last year (which was awesome!) I think it’s going to be really fun having the boys and my dad and stepmom there this year.

Surprisingly, the city of Omaha is gorgeous and had a ton of shops and delicious restaurants. Luckily I wrote a few articles on preparation and things to do, so I just need to reference them and start making some reservations.

This year’s pictures will have a lot more people in them!


I know at least one other person will agree with on this because she wrote an entire like-minded blog post about it, but I really cannot stand “Global Running Day” or any other made up day. Enough. Just stop. It’s lame.

For “global running day” I went for a swim, just to be an asshole, but my kids had a track meet and their coach (bless his heart) gave them all bibs to wear with the day’s theme blazoned on them:

For once, I held my tongue and kept my comments to myself. I hope they enjoyed it.


Since I was so unstructured in my workouts I was able to read a heck of a lot more. Here’s the best of what my eyes have seen and something from yours truly:

The Essential Guide to Pooping Anywhere Outside | Outside Magazine | by Brendan Leonard – – Runners know exactly how to get this done but have you ever thought about how you would take care of business on skis or rock climbing? You will after you read this. Bonus: the personal stories that go along with each outdoor sport.

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths | New York Times | byΒ 

Why Our Best Ideas Come On the Run | Women’s Running | by Allie Burdick – – Runners may not be aware of why but most all of us know we come up with our best ideas and can more easily clear our minds on the run and this article explains why.


How could they not know?

That was my question when it came to the now infamous family of Bernie Madoff and their involvement in his Ponzi scheme of the century. Well, after watching HBO’s movie The Wizard of Lies, based on the 60 billion dollar scandal and starring Robert Dinero as Madoff, I can say they had no idea.

I’m not sure why I even wanted to watch but it was extremely well done, exceptionally acted (Michelle Pfieffer as Ruth Madoff is amazing) and written and confirmed what I already knew – – that Madoff is a monster and all he left his wife and family was a legacy of shame.

Probably the best scene in the movie is when the youngest son Mark is being questioned by the FBI, who are asking the same question I was, “how could you not know?” He gives a stunning dialogue as his response in which he details exactly who his father is (he invented NASDQ and sat on every board known to mankind in trading and investments) and looks directly at the agent and says “How did I not know? How the fuck did YOU not know?” Seriously.


On my SUP and nearing one of the fishing boats on the lake:

Fisherman: How many laps around the lake do you do on that thing?

Me: It depends but today I’m doing two!

Fisherman: Wow. I should start thinking about rowing this boat.


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What is unstructured for you lately?

Ever been to a psychic?

Did you celebrate global running day?