Relaxing on vacation and, having training days that last under an hour and half, have me feeling like I need to get up to speed!

I have only four weeks until Triathlon Nationals.

I got my new Cervélo P2 triathlon bike.

I have been training with my Garmin fenix 3 watch.

I just returned from five days of all things chocolate at Hershey Park and hotel.

I still have at least 1/4 of my mind left.

I think we’re in good shape so let’s get some speed going…

WEEK OF JULY 11, 2016


Although it was ridiculously hot and humid by 6am in Hershey, PA I woke up almost every morning and did a gorgeous little loop along the rolling farm country. The spacious land with rows of corn as far as the eye can see, comically surrounds a chocolate bar themed amusement park and gorgeous victorian hotel, which opened in 1933.

Good morning chocolate world!

Good morning chocolate world!

But, out on the country roads with only the deer and some very large bugs, I felt like I was in another universe. Isn’t that why we run? It’s why I do!

All smiles when it's over. It's super HILLY in those parts!

All smiles when it’s over. It’s super HILLY in those parts!

Wednesday – 5k run easy after swim

Friday – 5.52 miles around Hershey, PA

Sunday – 5k speed work before land swim

Monday – 5K warm-up before core/strength work

Tuesday – 45 min run after bike

Total – 20.52


This past Tuesday was like Christmas morning all over again. I couldn’t hardly wait to get to Fit Werx in Peabody, MA to be introduced to my new Cervélo P2 triathlon bike.


There is definitely a learning curve from road bike to tri bike and, after a 40 mile ride I felt like I worked out a lot of the kinks. It’s funny how you get so used to your bike! My first ride on this baby was kind of awkward (as expected) and my water bottle, that used to be underneath me and is now behind my seat, flew off on a busy road and a very nice guy pulled over, grabbed it and helped me wipe all the sand and dirt off of it. Needless to say I spent a lot of time just taking my water bottle out and putting it back in. Yep, these are the things I do out there. Don’t get jealous.

Overall this new bike is so smooth and my speed increased dramatically. I cannot wait to see what I can do once I really get used to it!

Monday – 21 mile base build after swim

Tuesday (7/12) – VO2 max training (45 minutes) after swim

Tuesday (7/19) – 2 hour ride on new bike! 38.4 miles

Wednesday – 5 x 3 mile loop increasing speed

Total = 86 miles


Since I was on vacation and the indoor pool was only four feet deep and not even 25 yards long, I opted to do what are called “land swims” where you work your core and upper body as you would in the water.

Swimming on the land in the hotel gym.

Swimming on the land in the hotel gym.

I have to say, I really missed real swims but, when I did get in a pool it was with my crazy kids. We had an absolute blast! The very first time we went to Hershey, these boys were only three and were still in swim diapers. It’s amazing to see how much they have grown and now are swimming all over the pool and going down the water slides as many times as possible. They also never take off their goggles.


Monday – 30 minute recovery swim | 1600 yards after 20 mile ride

Tuesday – 30 minute open water swim after 45 min ride

Wednesday – 2000 yards with 5K run

Sunday – land swim on vacation, after 10k run

Monday – land swim on vacation, after 5k run


So, I obviously bought my beloved watch. A good friend of mine, after reading my plea for help here, told me to call Garmin and see if they have a buy back program. Turns out he is a genius because they DO have what they call an “upgrade” program. You simply send them your old watch and they give you 20% toward a purchase of a new one! I had the Garmin 220 so I shipped that off and am now in the process of selling my vivoactive.

Of course, about three days after I was feeling so clever and frugal, a 25% off coupon for the fenix 3 was sent out all over the internet like a mad pinball. Thanks to everyone who sent it to me and yes, I called Garmin and got my extra 5% thank you very much.

My first run with my new bling!

My first run with my new bling! And the new Brooks Victory shoes! Love them both.

The jury is still out on the fenix for me. There are some things I absolutely love and others I do not. So far the good outweighs the bad and I’m still watching demos on YouTube to find my way around it. After a few months of using it, I will be sure to give a full report.

Also, no less than four people asked me if it was waterproof when I was in the hotel pool. #ImSoFancy


So obviously I have been eating nothing but chocolate.

Yeah right.

I can honestly say that I was not that tempted by the near constant push of Hershey’s chocolate at the hotel and the park. I did however, enjoy some chocolate kisses in my martini and a plum pie-in-a-jar dessert.

IMG_9703 IMG_9762


My husband owns his own business and, therefore, can work anywhere. I’m putting this under “things I love” because I do love his freedom however, we have never taken a vacation where he doesn’t work. And, not just during the week days but on the weekends as well. I know we would not be ON these vacations if not for his hard and constant work but, I was left to drink alone on Friday while he took calls and tapped away on his laptop in the pool cabana.

This pretty much sums up every vacation we have had since 2007.

This sums up every vacation we have had since 2007.

It also astonishes me that he can work in the car, by the pool, during breaks on the rides at the park…pretty much anywhere. Thank you to all my Facebook friends who offered to keep me company. Next time.


One of the reasons why we have so much hate and violence in this world is because people think something as absurd as Pokemon Go is life changing. I cannot express how ridiculous and dangerous I think the whole concept is and, when I read that Arlington National Cemetery (and other sacred places like the Holocaust memorial) have to tweet messages like this…


…it makes me insane.

I cannot say that I’m astounded we’re in the middle of a major crisis in this country after seeing all this nonsense over a Pokemon game play out. Please put your asinine phone game down and try something called LOVE ONE ANOTHER GO! How many people would download that?

*end rant…for now…


In the near constant outpouring from the media about what foods are healthy vs unhealthy, I really enjoyed the article in The New York Times basically stating that not even the experts can agree on what foods are actually healthy. There is a pretty fantastic flow chart depicting the discrepancy between what the public believes is healthy vs the experts. It’s fascinating stuff:

“The results suggest a surprising diversity of opinion, even among experts. Yes, some foods, like kale, apples and oatmeal, are considered “healthy” by nearly everyone. And some, like soda, french fries and chocolate chip cookies, are not. But in between, some foods appear to benefit from a positive public perception, while others befuddle the public and experts alike. (We’re looking at you, butter.)”

Probably the most fascinating thing about the above chart is that SlimFast shake is even on there! Do people really still drink those?


When making the six hour trek to Hershey, PA we saw a billboard with this message somewhere between here and there:


In case you don’t know, E.D. stands for erectile dysfunction. I laughed for miles and only wish I was quick enough to have snapped a photo. Just another reason to get up to speed…

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How was your week?

What do you need to get me up to speed on?

How do you feel about Pokemon Go?