There’s nothing like four days in sin city to put your health in perspective. From the alcohol and smoking to outrageous food choices and overall indulgence of pretty much everything, it’s the place to be when you need a break from say 30 inches of snow. The weather was warm, the company was fantastic and the entertainment was non-stop. I was able to get a lot of my workouts done without interfering with any of the fun and activities. After all, there was a 40-foot Brittany staring at me each morning from the Planet Hollywood casino across the way telling me to “work bitch” with her eyes. Yes, she was.



RUNNING: I started off the week with two more treadmill runs (shocking!) and then flew to Vegas to once again run on the treadmill. Really? The gym in my tower at Caesar’s was awful. There was a view of the top of an adjacent building, the TechnoGym treadmill was super annoying because of the delayed response of the touchscreen, the lever to change your pace and a constant error message display that I had to keep hitting “ok” to, all while doing speed work. But the sun was streaming though the window so really, how could I complain?


After the less then stellar gym experience, I decided to run out on the strip the second day. I was a little nervous so I made my husband take note of the time and the outfit I was wearing. He did and I set off. It was a pretty pleasant experience overall and more like obstacle course running with all the stairs, street crossing and people. I treated it like a Spartan race and had the splits to prove it. My poor Garmin was all over the place with my pacing but I managed a 7:40 overall and 6 miles total. Not bad for a Friday morning in Vegas.

Since I was flying all day yesterday, I had to push my long run out until today. We also have another 6 inches of snow on the ground so I haven’t yet figured out how and when I’m getting 14 miles in but, where there’s a will…

Clearly I need a giant Brittany staring at me for some motivation.

Total miles: 25 with 6 on the vegas strip!

Me against Shalane in the Nike store at Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. I think I can take her!

Me against Shalane in the Nike store at Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. I think I can take her!

CYCLING & SWIMMING: Due to the buses not being able to start in my town on the morning I teach spin, class was once again canceled. The Y follows the school schedule so there’s was a lot of confusion that morning since there was no snow. Good times. I was able to ride my bike trainer at home and went to the gym later on to get my swim done! I pretty much felt like I was working out all day.

FUEL: If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of in Vegas it’s drunks, flicker cards and food! I was happiest eating my salted pretzels at Gordon Ramsay’s pub, drinking a Basil Vodka concoction at the steakhouse at Caesar’s and indulging in tiny little truffles left by my bed each night.


Don’t worry, I had shrimp and grits with this bloody Mary. It was amazing!


THINGS I LOVE: Vegas baby! I don’t think I’ve actually ever gambled one single dollar in Las Vegas. Of all the times we have been I just have fun relaxing, shopping and eating and drinking with whatever group of friends happen to be on the trip. I also just love alone time with my husband. Your life changes when you can return to being two adults again, with no kids and no one and nothing else to worry about but yourselves, if only for a few days. It was exactly what we needed and we took full advantage of it!

Hot pants and a hot date. What's not to love?

Hot pants and a hot date. What’s not to love?

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: A chatty pilot. It’s bad enough we had to fly home into a snowstorm, I don’t need the pilot telling me the following, before we took-off from Charlotte:

“We’re delayed at the gate here because one of the deicing valves isn’t working properly.” (this makes me think we’re going to die)

“We have to sit on the runway for about 3 minutes here to burn off some fuel because we’re overweight for take-off.” (this makes me think we’re going to die on take-off)

Literally just after take-off: “Well, it’s snowing pretty good in Hartford and visibility is decreasing. We’re going to try to get you in there but if we have to be re-routed there’s no airports to be re-routed too so we’ll have to come back here.” (this makes me want to kill the pilot)

By the grace of God we landed safely in Hartford, there were plows all over the place, and it took us another hour to drive home. Given the state of the roads on the way home, it’s obvious my state has said “F**k it” and is no longer making an effort to plow. I was never so happy to see my bed!

This is not the view I wanted although I was just happy to be on the ground in Hartford! All those lights are plows clearing the runways.

This is not the view I wanted although I was just happy to be on the ground in Hartford! All those lights are plows clearing the runways.

READING: One of my most favorite things was sitting poolside and reading. I honestly think I could do that everyday for the rest of my life…after my run of course…and never get tired of it. I finished The Husband’s Secret which I absolutely loved and started The Girl On The Train. It began a little slowly for me but got extremely interesting very quickly. I cannot wait to see how this one ends!

Just looking at this now makes me want to cry.

Just looking at this now makes me want to cry.

MUSIC: It’s non-stop in Vegas and I love it! One of the best bars for music at Caesar’s was Fizz. It’s owned by Elton John and has all these very, very cool photographs on the walls.

IMG_5204 IMG_5207

The drink menu had my sister-in-law in heaven since they are mostly champagne based. There were also a lot of choices with egg whites in them. Weird yes, but somehow made me feel like it was part of my training. #Rockystyle #Icanjustifyanything

Egg whites and alcohol? Yes please.

Egg whites and alcohol? Yes please.

TV: Do you think the Dr. Phil show is a good choice for the television at a spa? Neither do I. I was beyond excited to have a massage and manicure at the Qua spa and it was completely relaxing until I went into the waiting room and started watching Dr. Phil. I don’t think I knew talk shows like this existed anymore. Are these people for real or is this like wrestling where they fake it for a pay day? I’m going with the latter.

Luckily I had this view during my manicure. I can't wait to start doing dishes again so I can ruin it.

Luckily I had this view during my manicure. I can’t wait to start doing dishes again so I can ruin it.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Vegas brings out the dumb in me.” – my husband, after spoiling not one but two of my upcoming birthday surprises. Vegas has been known to scramble the brain.

And, just for the record, the damn dress is WHITE AND GOLD!

How was your week?

Have you been to Vegas?

What are you reading?