After weeks months of lamenting and condemning the snow and it’s bad timing or accumulation, I spent a few days basking in it!  One of the great things about living in Connecticut is the proximity to so many other great states like New York, Massachusetts (and by that I mean Boston) and the Green Mountain State – Vermont!

After four hard days of training that contained two days of double workouts, I took to the mountains with my family to ski, eat, drink and feel really old and really young at the same time.  So, instead of the same ol’ rundown this week I decided to theme it with all things snow, skiing/snowboarding and add in a hunk of Vermont cheddar:

The Rundown-5

RUNNING:  I started the week running on treadmills and one outdoor run (gasp!) that I did in 14 degree weather.  It was the best run of the week…until I got to Okemo Mountain.  I felt like a 20 year-old out on the slopes, cruising on my board.  There’s a flow to snowboarding and a rush of adrenaline, much like running, that I hadn’t realized in my younger years.  I was alone on the mountain (my husband ended up doing work) and it was like a moving meditation.  The view was outstanding and, even though my quads were burning by the time I reached the bottom, I felt like a kid and couldn’t wait to go back up!

Happy Trails!

Happy Trails!

Speaking of kids, mine were taking ski lessons and having a ball.  What a difference a year makes!  They were raring to go once they got their tiny little skis on and I glimpsed my future – racing after them down the mountain as they float over the slopes, like I once did years ago, with my own brother.  I cannot wait!

And they're off!

And they’re off!

SWIMMING:  I made it into the hot tub and, since my swimming has been pretty much non-existent, I’m counting any time I get wet as swimming.  Of course about 10 minutes after getting into the hot tub, there was a “snow shower” with thunder and lightening.  Everyone out!  I’m telling you – someone is really trying to send me a message about swimming.

SCHLEPPING:  Every time I think I cannot hold one more thing, I manage to pick up something else.  Anyone who has ever been skiing knows the sheer amount of stuff you need.  Multiple that by three nights worth of winter clothes for man, woman and (two) child plus all the kids ski stuff and it’s a lot even for me.  I’ve never seen so many styles of skis, jackets, boots, poles, goggles, snowboards, hats and sunglasses in my life!  Everywhere you went through the hotel there were people with bags, poles, helmets…it was a schlep-fest and a half.  Getting you and your family to the chair lift with all your equipment on could be an endurance sport in an of itself!

CROSS-TRAINING:  Everything I did was cross-training.  From packing and unpacking the car to all the schlepping (see above) to carrying worn out little ski monsters, I got a total body workout everyday.  It also never ceases to amaze me that I can run a half-marathon with almost zero quad and hamstring pain but after two runs down the mountain on a snowboard, my legs were on fire!  The human body is an amazing machine and I love getting the chance to test it in different ways.

FUEL:  One word – s’mores!  S’mores is to kids what an ice cold beer is to adults after a long day on the slopes.  The place where we stayed had a s’mores tray served complete with it’s own fire to roast your marshmallows over!  I cannot tell you how many of these we saw being ordered and consumed in the lodge.  Hershey’s is probably making more money then Budweiser at this place!  Crazy and delicious.

Not the best shot but I was busy building a s'more with my other hand...

Not the best shot but I was busy building a s’more with my other hand.  Luckily my dad is helping Vaughn not set his on fire.

There was also a Waffle Hut just near the base lift.  Every time I came down to the bottom, the smell of Vermont maple syrup smothered hot waffles filled the air.  It was like riding a chair lift inside a Krispy Kreme.  They served them plain or with chocolate drizzle.  Breakfast of champions.

This time Papi and Miles are indulging.

This time Papi and Miles are indulging.

TV: Who needs TV when you can people watch at a family ski resort?  Since I was riding the lift by myself, I met quite a few interesting people from all over the world.  We saw kids wrestling and tackling each other in restaurants and my table with  my children sitting at it, was actually referred to as “the quiet corner” by the waitress.  Oh how I wish this restaurant was in my town so I could feel this normal all the time!

This is possibly the reason why my kids were so quiet.  Don't get all judgy - they were quiet!

This is possibly the reason why my kids were so quiet. Don’t get all judgey.

READING: My reading was happily reduced to menus and trail maps!  My husband thinks I’m crazy for thinking this but food and wine always tastes a little better when it’s “earned.”  By that I mean after a good, hard effort, like running or snowboarding, food tastes better to me.  I feel like my body truly needs it, like I worked hard for it.  It’s just like a big glass of wine tastes so good after the kids had a meltdown and are now finally asleep in bed!  It’s rewarding.  Was I supposed to be talking about reading?  Oops!

MUSIC:  There was music blaring all over the mountain!  They have it playing in the chair lift lines and we rode carts on rails down the mountain with the kids, and it was playing the whole time.  I loved it!  I also saw quite a few skiers and snowboarders with tell tale white wires hanging out of their jackets and helmets.

Finish line of the Mountain Coaster!

Finish line of the Mountain Coaster!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  Whoever thought it would be funny to set the alarm clock in our hotel room to 3am.  It wasn’t.

Do you ski or snowboard?  What was the last thing you did that made you feel young again?  What’s your favorite food or drink to indulge in on vacation?