Singing also helps.

This is what my early morning runs have come to, ever since a bear cub was spotted just at the end of our road, up here in New Hampshire. I was just getting used to the wilderness in these parts but that is too much even for me. If you have ever gone for a run just as the sun was coming up you know that everything is spookier in dawn’s first light. I don’t need to add a bear cub, no doubt with a huge mama nearby, to the fear factor. I’m positive this is helping my heart rate training but I’m also positive that if I’m mauled by a bear, it won’t matter.

The sign behind me reads "Happy Trails." It should say "proceed at your own risk!"

The sign behind me reads “Happy Trails.” It should say “proceed at your own risk!” and have pepper spray available.

You will notice I have added “crazy animal update” to the rundown.

WEEK OF JULY 27, 2015

RUNNING: I never dreamed I would carry a small knife in my flip belt but I’ve added it in with my phone and chomps. It’s probably silly but it makes me feel 60% better about fending off a wild animal if need be. Hopefully there will be no need. When I’m not afraid for my life, I’m afraid for my hydration. It’s been hot and humid and I’ve been running around 10am. Not smart, but it’s the only time I was able to smush in most of my runs this past week.

Hazy, hot and humid? Bring it bitch!

Hazy, hot and humid? Bring it bitch!

Despite it all, I still love my runs and I’ve been seeing some improvement in speed and strength in my brick (bike/run/swim) sessions. You know what they say – strong fall marathons are made in the summer. I’m working toward you, one sweaty, terrifying step at a time NYC!

Total: 25.5 miles

CYCLING: Dream.come.true. I found a new ‘hood to cycle in which A) gets me off the God-awful main road and B) has my head spinning with lake views and Adirondack mansions around every corner. Amazeballs.

I also hit a new “elevation gain” record. Go figure.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.08.42 PM

Total: 65 miles

SWIMMING: I had the best swim experience yet this past week when I was able to swim the lake lap lanes. OMG, I seriously don’t know how I will be expected to swim in a pool ever again. The water was crystal clear, there were boards to push off of and hundreds of little minnows that were swimming right along with me. I felt like the freakin’ Little Mermaid.

Is there anyway I can build these into the lake below my real home? Please?

Is there anyway I can build these into the lake below my real home? Please?

I also had the pleasure of jumping in right after a 5 mile death march that left me sweating and panting like a maniac.  The one downside? I had to change in the woods near a port-o-potty. I swear, some of the things I do in the name of fitness just keep getting grosser by the week. #LakeLife

I'm going to miss my "pool" when I get home.

I’m going to miss my “pool” when I get home.

GEAR: There is almost nothing better then testing out new gear! I have two big winners this week:

TrailHeads Race Day Running Cap!


Because of my vitiligo aka Michael Jackson skin disease, I need to keep my face covered at all times in the summer months. I have about 100,000 hats and I’m always looking for more. The awesome people at TrailHeads gifted me this cap and I truly love it:

It’s small and seems to fit my girlish head better

It’s made of ALL mesh and is super breathable

It didn’t stink even after it sat in my hot car while I got my swim on

It washes extremely well and dries almost instantly


Orange Mud HyrdaQuiver Hydration System

Two thumps up!...or sideways...whatever.

Two thumps up!…or sideways…whatever.

I read about this baby on NYCRunningMama and was very skeptical when it first arrived. The first time I tried it on I couldn’t fathom it wouldn’t chafe the hell out of my underarms. Well, guess what? Not only did it not chafe, it didn’t move! And the ‘quiver’ is just that – each time you reach back for water it’s as if you’re Katness. #HungerGames #WaterIsMyWeapon

I’ll be doing a full review on this puppy…coming soon!

THINGS I LOVE: Miles lost his first tooth! I cried. He actually swallowed it so we had to draw the tooth fairy a picture. He was beyond excited and couldn’t believe the loot he received under his pillow the next morning. I also love that he had no doubt Toothy would find him up here in the wilderness.

The best way yet to tell the twins apart!

The best way yet to tell the twins apart!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: Besides all the animal freak outs, I had a kind of scary encounter with a human. On one of my early morning runs out here in the middle of nowhere, a pick-up truck passed me. No biggie. Not at least until I crested a hill about a half-mile later and the same pick-up was completely stopped at the stop sign at the end of the road. You know that pit you get in your stomach? I got that. I seriously reached for the knife in my flip belt as I approached and then, just as I was about 200 yards away, another car came in the opposite direction and the pickup suddenly put it in drive and started off down the road.

Now, he could have been texting, looking at GPS, trying to kill a bug in the car – hell, ‘he’ could have been a ‘she’ because I didn’t get a look at the driver but still. Freaky.

CRAZY ANIMAL UPDATE: Since we last chatted, this happened:

A frog hopped directly into our fire pit, sat in the corner for a while and then hopped out alive

A deer swam across the shallow part of the lake. A deer!

Just a deer in a biggie.

Just a deer in a lake…no biggie.

A peacock was walking down the side of a very busy road. I almost hit it with my bike.

I’ve seen more wild turkeys then I care to but luckily they seem to actually be afraid of humans, unlike the rest of the animals around here.

And this:

READING: The latest book I’m immersed in is California by Edan Lepucki. It’s basically about the end of the world, due to our mistreatment of it, and as the earth and communities in it run out of resources our hero and heroine find themselves alone and living in the wild of California like animals, until they aren’t. I think I’m just missing The Walking Dead but this is seriously and amazing book with a gripping story. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

This also happened:


My article for Zelle was promoted on the Runner’s World FB page and I received a ton of great feedback on both sites. I wrote the original post here and talked all about how training your weakness is the only way to make it a strength.

RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK: I’m shocked we didn’t leave this place with two puppies and an espresso machine:



Have you ever been afraid for your life on a run/walk?

What’s your favorite piece of summer gear?