Has another week gone by already?  This past week I had to be the queen of multitasking and stay one step ahed of everything in order to get in all my workouts!  Do you know how much free time I would have if I didn’t do all this exercise nonsense?  Of course, I would probably replace it with something else, but really, it’s extremely time consuming!

I’ve been training everyday for 14 straight days.  I haven’t taken a day off since I was sick and I have to say that I’ve had some amazing rides and runs.  I was absolutely ready for the TWO rest days that came my way but there’s something to be said for getting into a real training cycle and reaping the benefits.  I also ate and slept like a 14 year-old boy so there’s that.



RUNNING: I didn’t run as much as I would have liked this week but my focus is on my weakness right now (cycling) so I’m relying on my my coach’s plan.  I mean, she is a rocket scientist after all!  My running total was 29 miles.  The hardest run by far was the 5 miler I did on Wednesday.  Why the measly 5 miler?  Because I had to do it on a day I already rode the bike trainer for an hour under CRS’s (Coach Rocket Scientist) watchful eye, and in between teaching my power sculpt class.  I did 2 miles before class, and 3 miles after.  I left the gym at 7:30pm (unheard of in my world!) went home, ate like an animal and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  The whole time I was on that treadmill I had a singular focus – SPAIN.

BIKING:  I’m happy to report that my second visit to CRS’s house was pretty boring.  This time I did a hour ride at an even pace – around 135 watts which is equal to 18 miles and hour.  I had to hold that pace for the entire hour so she could measure my aerobic base.  I was allowed to have my iPod (thank God!) and CRS chatted with me occasionally.  We worked on pedal efficiency and it was much improved by the end of the hour – not to mention my “rocking.”  I did my usual two spin classes for a total of 68 miles for the week.  This week I meet CRS on the track!  I’m equally excited and scared.  I have a feeling there will be nothing boring about the workout.

SWIMMING:  I’m not quite sure why I’m even keeping this on The Rundown.  Are you surprised to know that I, once again, did not set foot in the pool this week?  My very good excuse is that I had to drive six hours into upstate NY for a winter wedding on Lake Canandaigua on the night I would have been in the pool.  The boys stayed at home so that six hour drive was kind of like a mini-vacation.  I was eerily content in the car but had the lingering feeling that I forgot something…oh yeah, my anxiety about having two demanding, needy, fighting, crazy people in the back seat.  It was a little slice of heaven.

CROSS-TRAINING:  I had an unintentional extra cross-training workout this past week.  In addition to my Power Sculpt class, I video taped a kickboxing cardio workout.  No, not the one I did at Be Mom Strong, but another one.  That’s right.  On Monday I came back from a 7 mile run, went straight to my fitness studio basement to film the video.  I started the camera, did a 35 minute kickboxing routine, stretched and then checked the camera.  It only taped nine minutes.  Nine minutes.  I had a complete meltdown (the first one that didn’t involve the kids since their birth) and tried to figure out what the heck went wrong!?  I didn’t use my GoPro but, ironically enough, was able to recover the lost 10 minutes off the GoPro kickboxing video and get it posted HERE.  Crisis averted and extra cross-training workout gained, not to mention all the calories I burned during my tantrum.

RACING:  I was feeling more like a travel agent then athlete this past week as I started booking flights and hotels for Spain!  It’s extremely exciting but extremely time consuming especially when you can only talk on the phone when you’re kids aren’t around.  The moment the phone touches my ear, the boys volume reaches the level of the 12th man of the Seattle Seahawks.  If you watch any football at all or the Superbowl yesterday you should get this reference.  If not, see the chart below:


FUEL:  I was at my local whole foods market and ate something that looked delicious and had “teff” in it.  I have no clue what this is but the breakfast loaf looked like it would go perfectly with my latte and was marked as gluten, nut and dairy free.  Yeah, it was also TASTE free!  OMG whatever teff is, I hope I never have to eat it again.

SPEAKING SPANISH:  I had a new member in my Power Sculpt class this past week.  She missed the 5pm class so she decided to just come to mine.  The whole class she was yelling out what seemed like encouraging things to herself like “Yeah!” and “Woo!”  After class she took me aside and with a thick accent said “You know you’re loco in la cabeza, si?”  Ah si.  Yes I do mi amiga.  Apparently she wasn’t really yelling as much as laughing really loudly because she couldn’t do anything I was doing and, if she could, she couldn’t keep up with the pace.  Luckily I understood just how crazy she thought I was.  Thank you Rosetta Stone.

THINGS I LOVE:  Watching the Super Bowl with my brother who is a huge Broncos fan.  The hubs and I broke up the six hour drive home from the wedding by stopping at my brother’s house on Sunday to watch the big game with him and his family.  We had an absolute blast!

Me and my brother!

Me and my brother!

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH: My bike seat.  CRS actually made the comment “I couldn’t sit on that seat.”  Seems like my crotch is not liking it either.  She made some adjustments to the seat height – with her toolbox mind you.  She doesn’t let her husband touch it and she quickly made the tweaks and also removed my dorky reflectors. She’s like the cool, smart older sister I never had…because she also enjoys torturing me.  Love hurts.  And, if that’s true then my bike seat is loving me.  Ouch!

MUSIC:  Awkward moment of the weekend wedding?  When the DJ played “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” by Air Supply.  Not father/daughter dance song awkward but awkward nonetheless.  Tumbleweeds rolled across the dance floor.

TV:  Was there anything else on besides the Super Bowl?  I didn’t think so.

READING:  Since I was ordered to take two full rest days this weekend as I traveled to the wedding I packed my iPad with all the latest books loaded and ready.  Do you think I read a single one? Not a word.  Of course it was because I was too busy being reunited with old friends and extended family I hadn’t seen in years so it was all good.  I also read plenty of wine labels.  Good times!

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: It’s not so random but since today is the day…  February 3rd is my mom’s birthday.  If she were alive she would be 64 today!  It blows my mind since she died when she was only 43 – an age I’m quickly approaching.  I miss her every.single.day hour minute and would give anything for one more conversation, smile, hug – the list goes on and on.  Happy Birthday Mom.  Everything you said about being a parent is disgustingly right and I wish you had been able to experience being a grandparent because you would have been the best.

Me and my parents circa 1978.  How did she do it?

Me and my parents circa 1978. How did she do it?

Have you attended a wedding lately?  Did you go to a Super Bowl party?  What was the highlight of your week?