I finally finished listening to Matt Fitzgerald’s book How Bad Do You Want It? One of the last chapters is titled What Do You Expect? In it, Fitzgerald explains how we often get what we expect, not only in running and racing, but in life. From here on out, I’m expecting a lot more!



There were no gorgeous snow runs last week since I live in crazy town and the temperatures were averaging about 45 degrees with rain. And wind. Mostly I was overdressed but I figure that can only help since I’m training for a triathlon in Cuba!

Sunday: Long run on the treadmill before snowboarding | 9 miles | 7:38 pace

Tuesday: 6.30 miles | 7:09 pace with 15 minutes of 15 seconds of speed before swimming

Wednesday: Bike and run brick with 3.71 mile easy run | 8:20 pace

Thursday: 6 miles with 1 mile at 10k pace (7:00) before swim | overall pace 7:51

Total = 25 miles


I have a confession to make – I could not get through reading Matt Fitzgerald’s book How Bad Do You Want It? But, when I started listening to it via Audible on my indoor training rides? I couldn’t get enough! I know I write this all the time but, if you want the time to pass quickly (and be inspired as hell!) on the bike trainer or treadmill, listen to a motivational book while you sweat. It works.

Monday: 4 x 10 ramp-ups | 15.5 miles

Wednesday: ride and run | 25 miles

Friday: 2 x 20 minutes in Z3 with Z5 efforts before strength work | 15.6 miles

Total = 56.1 miles


Good news about my first ocean swim in Cuba! It’s in a super protected area of the water which, according to the map almost looks like we’re swimming in a giant outdoor pool lane. We shall see. The bad news? The water temp is usually around 75 degrees so no wet suits allowed.

I guess I’ll have to suffer through it.


Tuesday: Descending 100s | 2,400 yards after run

Thursday: Endurance (speed) | 2,300 yards after run

Total = 4,700 yards


Still no Barre class so I’m doing my Crowie core work once a week but, I also added some early morning IT band/glute/hammy work to the mix. The routine is from Competitor.com and only takes me 10 minutes. I’m hoping it will help keep my IT band and hamstring flare-ups under control.

I’m expecting much more from you IT Band!



I found the greatest thing on Greatist – – one pot recipes! The only thing I hate more than cooking is cleaning up. If a recipe has either too many ingredients or too many pots, I’m out! So far I have only tried the Spinach, Mushroom and Tomato Spaghetti but it was awesome…as expected.



I bet you weren’t expecting that! Ha!

Meditation is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I stopped regularly going to yoga. Yoga classes were a place where I felt most in touch with myself and most meditative without even trying. In an effort to get back to focusing on breathing and centering, I decided to simply commit three minutes, once a day, to being still.

So far I have done it (with the help of Mindfulness app) everyday for at least three minutes and, most of the time I get crazy and do five. One day I even did it twice! I know, I know, I’m incredible.

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Watching the ending of the Packer/Cowboys game through my fingers! My aging heart cannot take it! In case you didn’t watch, hate football or are completely unaware of the NFL, it’s playoff season and the stakes are high. One loss and you’re out until September.

Here’s the short version:

Packers were leading the Cowboys 28-13 until the 4th quarter < – – yes, the 4th quarter!

Cowboys made an epic comeback to tie the game with only a few minutes remaining

Packers kicker had to make a 52 year field goal with 3 seconds left on the clock, to win the game

He made it…but the Cowboys had called a time out! < – – I was almost puking at this point

Luckily, Crosby (the kicker) did it once again, to win the game 34-31

This is when the Packers still had a big lead.

I fell asleep in the car on the ride home because I was emotionally spent.

Ok, fine, I had two pints of Switchback and basically passed out.


Elementary School Kids Taught Me 4 Important Things About Running 

I volunteered at my sons’ school mileage club program and, although my boys only half-ass participated twice, I learned so much more from the kids who did it. At the top of the list was running shoes are not required to run!

Yes, It’s Your Parents Fault | New York Times | by Kate Murphy

What kind of attachment disorder do you have because of your parents? It’s fun to find out!

Running Motivation from President Obama | Women’s Running | by Paria Hassouri

Is there anything he can’t do? Paria aptly answers that question in her latest article with quotes like “Don’t let your failures define you,” and “change is never easy but always possible.” Yes we can.


I had just finished asking the boys to brush their teeth for the 9,000th time when this happened:

Miles: Why are you yelling when you never even told us to do that?

Me: Don’t even get me started Miles because I’m about to bang my head against a wall!

Vaughn: Cool!

I did NOT expect that!

How was your weekend?

What can you expect more or less of?

Do you meditate? What app do you use?