Apparently, everything. Age is such a gigantic factor in my life right now. I want to be younger so I can run faster and also know wtf these kids I’m in graduate school with are talking about. My kids want to be 18 so they can live alone and watch “Stranger Things” on a loop. My dad (who is 69) declared that “85” is now the official age for being old, and Lenny Kravitz is 55 and looks and sings like someone who is the age my kids want to be. Make it stop.

Not you Lenny. Don’t you dare stop!



My favorite mantra is “train where you are.” Not where you once were or where you want to be but where you are right now. It’s a very tough pill to swallow, but it generally works. I’m very grateful for where I am in my running life now but sometimes I get bogged down in what I used to do. Knowing those days are behind me is kind of tough, but it doesn’t stop me from trying!

My half marathon is a mere 4 weeks away and I’m going to do my damnedest to get close to 1:30. My PR is 1:28 and that happened way back in 2014 before I was even 40! I think they shoot horses with a history like that.

I picked this baby up on my long run last week. I had no clue it was attached to my shoe and kept thinking it was a bug or that my shoe came untied. #senility

Monday: easy run | 6 miles | 8:30 avg pace

Tuesday: speed | 10 x 800 | 3:10 avg for the 800s | 8.29 total miles

Friday: long run | 12.01 miles | 1:45:13 | 8:40 avg pace

Sunday: hills | 5 x (20 sec, 40 sec) 5th one done backwards < – – yes, backwards | 6.42 miles total

Total = 33.01 miles

At least I’m not as old as some of the people walking around the indoor track. I think most of them have hearing aids because every time I zip by them, I scare the crap out of them. Every.time. #walkingdead


Since I’m hyper focused on running I found some creative ways to get my cycling fix. Basically whenever I have a swim or strength workout, I bike to the gym and back. Although this is going to get tricky if I start using the Springfield College pool before my Thursday class, since it’s about 30 miles one way…

Wednesday: 16.5 miles before strength training | 1:01:00

Thursday: 16.9 miles before swimming | 1:34:00

Total = 33.4 miles


So my trainer turned 34 last week. I seriously had no clue he was 10 years younger than me. I either think everyone is 12 or my age. Anyone else have this problem?

Later that same week, when I asked the student at the front desk of the Springfield College health center if they had a hand out with a class and pool schedule, she stifled a laugh and said “they’re all online.” I think she wanted to add “do you have access to the internet ma’am?” #shootme

Swimming: 2,000 yards

Strength: 1 hour


Lenny Kravitz. It cannot be overstated what a rockstar this man is. His entire being just screams it. He exudes coolness. I’m sure he doesn’t have the issues I do with edibles, and laughs at being 55 as if the mere passage of time could ever tarnish his exuberance or talent.

My husband and I saw him 15 years ago and he was just as good last week or, dare I say, better? Oh I dare. And I say that because he continues to have a message of love and hope and coming together. If you’ve never heard the song “Here to Love,” turn off the news and listen.

I can’t wait to go to his show when he’s 70!


Since we’re talking about age, I really hate when people say “age is just a number,” or some other nausea-inducing cliche. I did however, love when my Garmin gave me this little tidbit…

You are a sweet talker fenix! It makes me forget about the times when you told me my workouts were “unproductive.” #shortmemory


Mindhunter is back on Netflix with another haunting season of studying serial killers. This season took a bit of a different turn and had them hunting two different killers, one of which they have yet to find. Obviously the show is super disturbing since it’s about serial killers, and this one may be especially so, since it’s focused on the Atlanta child murders.

Is anyone looking in the White House? #justsaying

However, I still find the development of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit supremely fascinating and also what happens with Agent Tench’s adopted son. They also do an incredible job of bringing up taboo 70s topics of homosexuality, rampant sexism and mental health.


I feel a massive responsibility to tell you that the book I mentioned last time, “The Need” by Helen Phillips, was possibly the worst book I have ever read in my life. I actually wrote “Full disclosure: I haven’t read the entire book so it’s possible it’s a tremendous letdown but I don’t really think that’s possible.” Guess what? Not only was it possible, it happened. Worst.Read.Ever.

It truly did start out compelling and lead the reader down a thrilling path of “what’s happening?” but then, when you find out what happened it’s not only absurd, it’s downright stupid. And it only gets worse from there. Way worse.

According to some reviews on Goodreads, this book should be in the genre of “speculative fiction,” which must be the category for “this shit is off the radar ridiculous.”


My boys are obsessed with Halloween. By August 26th we had been to the Spirit Halloween store twice. In August. And, if you don’t know what that store is, just be happy.

As mentioned in the opening, they are also obsessed with the show “Stranger Things” and so this happened…

Vaughn on the left as one of the show’s main characters, Dustin. The funniest thing is that I was 10 in 1985 and that’s how old Vaughn is now.

Hope you have a great week, no matter your age!

How do you feel about your age?

Read any terrible books lately?

Last concert you went to?