Last week I felt like I was working to undo a series of knots, that I had tied myself, from my head down to my feet. Everything felt tight, physically and mentally, and every ounce of energy and patience I had was squeezed out of me until I had a revelation – – I don’t have to do a damn thing. I can make better decisions, say no and leave things undone. If this does not seem like a “revelation” to you, congratulations and where were you last week when my head was exploding?

WEEK OF MARCH 27, 2017


I’m just going to get right to the point – my workouts were suffering this week and my coach is attributing it to stress. She literally spelled it out for me:

I am not fighting an illness, I’m fighting a puppy and two crazy kids, work and a very tough training schedule. I tried very hard the rest of the week to de-stress and make better decisions. I enjoyed the three runs I had and was even able to do one of them outside. Imagine?

Wednesday – aerobic progression run | 4×12 minutes getting faster | 6.54 miles | 7:40 pace

Friday – uphill strides 8×20 seconds before swim | 4.87 miles | 8:00 pace

Sunday – run off the bike | 2.83 miles | 7:40 pace

Total = 14.24


I was really hoping to get outside but instead we got a “wintry mix” for my long ride day. Wintry mix is Northeast speak for a complete mess that may freeze into a bigger mess.

Instead of spinning my wheels in the basement, I took a friend’s spin class for the first hour and then listened to a podcast for the second, before doing my run. I also had two other pretty good rides…

Tuesday – FTP Intervals before swim | 1:20:02 | 28 miles

Thursday – In the interest of reducing my stress, I skipped this ride and only did strength by way of my first Orangetheory class! More on that below…

Sunday – 2 hour endurance ride before run | 48 miles

Total = 76 miles


The pool was my own private hell this week and my coach came to watch. We schedule a swim every three months or so just to keep me honest. I know my form is improving and my times (other than this week) have been improving so I think she was a little harder on me because it’s time to work toward the next level. It didn’t work.

My other shoes are fins!

The pool was freezing because the YMCA doesn’t like to fix things correctly the first time and so I was in a salty mood to begin with. I did a few drills and felt like I was drowning. She kept making me do them. By the end I felt like I wanted to cry, was freezing cold and then the sauna was closed. #theworst

My final swim of the week was much better but the damage was done…to my ego.

Monday – endurance swim | 2,500 yards

Tuesday – Meet with Becky (after bike) to crush ego, realize your swim sucks in so many ways and freeze to death | 550 yards

Wednesday – Form + 40×25 after run | 2,200 yards < — please note the 40×25! It was after this session I decided to reward myself with the fuel below…

Friday – muscular endurance after run | 3,000 yards

Total = 8,250 yards! < – – can we please have a moment to take this in? That is 4.68 wet miles!


After reading about the awesomeness that is Orangetheory, I was finally able to experience it myself. Now, the nearest class is 40 minutes from my house so, unfortunately, this will not be a regular thing, however I so wish I could get there at least once a week because the workout was as fantastic as everyone says it is.

Me and my friend Barb post workout. We may not look it but we’re super sweaty. (My top is Oiselle and pants are Spandits)

Apparently they change it up all the time but my workout consisted of floor work with weights, a step and the TRX and then a treadmill, medicine ball and rowing circuit. I was dripping with sweat, felt like I got a really great workout (so much so, I skipped my bike for the day) and had a great overall experience.

The only tiny issue was my heart rate monitor. At one point I was on the treadmill running, while I was having a conversation with the instructor, and it said my heart rate was 101%. They suggested next time I should try the chest strap because I’m so lean and have tiny wrists. I mean, how much more can I love them?

One of the most ingenious things about this place? The video screen on the floor that shows the exact exercise and how many you need to do. I hope whoever thought of this is a gazillionaire because it makes teaching 100,000 times easier…not that I was teaching but you know…


In the interest of de-stressing, I promised myself the treat of a whole wheat bagel with full fat cream cheese and a Dunkin Donuts coffee after that horrendous 40×25 swim nightmare! #treatyoself

Yes I was in my car but I was stopped at a light so don’t freak out.

And yes, this is a treat for me. Do you know how much saturated fat is in this? Trust me, you do not want to.


Alcohol. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound good. How about when my husband brings home an entire box of goodies from a meeting with the Mars Company?

They gave him this huge box for one meeting and I even found a Dove dark chocolate bar buried at the bottom…

Who knew there were so many different kinds of M&Ms?


Being 40 minutes away from a lot of amazing places like Orangetheory, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Athleta, Starbucks and Target. Ok so I’m only 20 minutes from those last two but living in the country definitely has it’s drawbacks.

I’m still thinking about the positives….

Still thinking…

Oh right, the boys’ school.

That’s it.


In case you haven’t heard #restdaybrag is a thing on social media because of Amelia Boone (professional ultra runner), Jonathan Levitt (InsideTracker guy and November Project enthusiast) and Caroline Burckle (Olympic medalist in swimming) and I had the pleasure of interviewing them and writing about it for Women’s Running:

This is something we can all agree is awesome and definitely need more of on social media, right? Let’s see some laziness out there!



As with children (and especially twins!) people feel compelled to tell me every horrible thing about my dog breed as soon as they meet her. Examples:

Oh Weimaraner! They are VERY active. < — this is why I got her. Can you not tell how “active” I am?

They can be very destructive! < – – you mean like all puppies?

Oh her eyes are beautiful! Too bad they will change color. < – – because then she will look like a hideous monster? Get away from my dog!

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How was your week?

How do you treat yourself after a tough workout?

Have you been to Orangetheory and did you like it?