Years ago, when things got really bad in my running life – – an injury, missing a big goal, having an “off” week or month – – one of my best running friends would say to me “you still have legs.” Ah perspective. I needed to remind myself this past week that things were not so bad even though I was housebreaking a puppy, getting no sleep, planning a party and dealing with the nor’easter, meaning I had two boys, a puppy and my work-at-home husband all trapped inside the house for 48 hours straight.

I may still have legs, but I definitely lost my mind.

WEEK OF MARCH 13, 2017


So I didn’t come close to getting killed this week (by a car anyway) and that’s a plus. I was forced to the treadmill because of the nor’easter and because I’ve mostly been doing speed drills…some with hills.

Tuesday – 800 meter sets | 6.31 miles | 6 x 800

Friday – Tempo hills | 2 x (3 min @MP, 4% incline 2 min 6% incline 1 min 8% incline with 1 min recovery in between) repeat one time @ HMP | 5.63 miles total < – – this one almost killed me, no car needed

Sunday – 20 min transition run off the bike

Total = 14.62


I’ve started watching movies on the trainer since I’ve had long endurance rides this week of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I watched Manchester by the Sea despite several people telling me it was awful, but I actually liked it. I could have done without some of the horrific storyline but I love that it didn’t have a happy ending. There was something very real and raw about it and, since I was already in that headspace I decided to watch Hacksaw Ridge next. Fantastic movie with again, very heavy subject matter (this time World War II) but way more hopeful and inspiring.

Oh yeah and my rides were pretty amazing too.

Monday – Endurance ride | 1:30:45 | 23.8 miles

Wednesday – tempo with jumps to Z4 | 1 hour ride | 15.3 miles

Sunday – Endurance ride with single leg drills before run | 1:25:44 | 21.16 miles

Total = 60.26 miles


I had two swims this week and both were a little weird. I screwed up the first one because I failed to transfer key pieces of information from my TrainingPeaks log to the piece of paper I bring into the pool with me. And, since I didn’t want to get out of the pool and go all the way to the locker room soaking wet to check it out, I improvised. Big mistake. I ended up doing way more than needed and paid for it on my next swim.

I literally dragged my body though the water on Friday, after my ridiculously hard run. It wasn’t fun but I freakin’ did it because I still had arms and legs.

Wednesday – 25’s hard with pull, bands, etc. | 2,242 yards

Friday – endurance swim | 2,297 yards

Total = 4,539 yards


Yes, we had sushi takeout again last week. Since the puppy came along, all we have done is order take out or had cereal for dinner and I did the grocery shopping at 8:30pm on Wednesday. The struggle is real.

On Thursday I dropped StarFire at puppy kindergarten for the day. Apparently this is an absolute necessity if she is to ever associate with other dogs, kind of like kids. Since I had some puppy freedom I of course indulged in much needed caffeine and an egg and turkey bacon sandwich. Have mercy.


My new baby girl!

I put my gym bag down, turned around and saw the below picture. OMG the cuteness. I had a towel folded on top so she just plopped herself down…and promptly went to sleep.

She’s not the best at walking right now and is really hating this weather (like the rest of us) so we have been keeping it short and sweet…and warm with her coat on of course! Mostly she just likes to eat snow.


My new baby girl.

You know how when you want to have a baby and everyone tells you how hard it is but you’re all “I’m ready! I really want this baby!” and then you have one (or two) and suddenly you’re like “wait, this is way harder than I thought. It never ends and everything is a mess and I haven’t slept through the night and I want to kill everyone except the baby!” Yep. That’s where I’m at.

She really is a very good dog and is doing exceptional at potty training. She made it though the past four nights without me having to take her out, so that is major progress. Now, if I can control her chewing on absolutely everything, I can sit down for more than three minutes at a time.


I am absolutely loving the book What Alice Forgot by Laine Moriarty. I love everything this woman does, including the book turned HBO series Big Little Lies. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. It’s amazing and Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman (who I don’t even like that much) and Shailene Woodley are outstanding. Plus the music is killer, the backdrop is the unbelievably gorgeous Monterey, California and the dialogue is sharp, clever and hilarious.

I always wear a party dress and heels when I drop the boys off at school. The girl who plays Witherspoon’s daughter is fantastic too.

Ok, anyway, back to the book. What Alice Forgot is about a woman who falls off a spin bike, hits her head and wakes up thinking it’s 1998 when it’s 2008. She has literally forgotten 10 years of her life! Can you imagine? In 1998 she is about to have her first baby with a husband she adores but, in 2008 she has three insane kids and is getting a divorce. Moriarty does an insanely great job of weaving the two Alice’s together and shows the pull of the past with the reality of the present so beautifully and with so much humor you can’t help but wonder who and what you were 10 years ago compared to now. Do yourself a favor and read it!


I threw a party for myself this past Saturday to celebrate my 42nd birthday! My actual birthday is tomorrow, March 21 and this one has special significance. I’ll be writing about it on Wednesday’s post so don’t miss it. Have a great Monday and on Tuesday, raise a glass (or a leg if you have one) for me!

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How was your weekend?

How do you gain perspective when you need it?