In the spirit of celebrating all that is new and fresh in January 2014, and as a way to tame my building anxiety toward my year of the bull, I’ve decided to start a weekly post!

IMG_0001There will obviously be a training review and then some randomness thrown in as well.  Feel free to join in and add the list with your answers to your site!  My re-cap will be from the previous week as far as running/swimming/biking and x-training totals.

The Rundown will definitely serve as a way to stay accountable but it will also give me (and maybe you!) the mental edge needed at race time. When you can actually see all the weeks and months of training and totals of what you’ve done to get there, it helps to reinforce your mental strategy.  That my friends is concrete confidence!  Let’s get to it:

Week of December 30, 2013

RUNNING: 30 miles total with a nice mix of long runs and speed.  Far too much time on the treadmill because of ridiculous winter weather but I’m not complaining.  Really, I’m not.

BIKING:  51 miles on my spin bike split between two classes I taught.  Oh how I wish I could ride my bike outside just once!

SWIMMING: zero, none, zilch –  I will be starting to lead a group next week on Thursday nights in preparation for the Y’s indoor Triathlon on March 2nd!

CROSS-TRAINING: I actually got in TWO workouts last week due to vacation and not having my usual schedule.  My bestie and I hit the gym on Friday for a run and strength session.  Why can’t she quit her job and be a SAHM?  My second session was with with my other bestie (the hubs!) but consisted of him doing his strength and me doing mine after I did a four mile speed workout on the ‘mill.  I guess you could call it a his and hers strength workout. It doesn’t happen often…

RACING: My next race is about 10 weeks out with the half-marathon in NYC on March 15th.  Reservations have been made and babysitters have been scheduled.  Now I just have to train to kick it’s ass NYC style!  Are there really hills in Central Park?  

FUELING:  I’m staying fueled on long runs with my good ‘ol GU Chomps that I love.  I’m also eating my way through my latest Runnerbox and so far, my favs are the Montgomery dried cherries, Snap-pea Crisps and Smarty Pants vitamin gummies.  Monday, Jan 6th also begins the detox I’m doing (my very first one ever!) with Laura at Mommy Run Fast.  I’m a little worried about excluding wheat and drinking some of my meals. I’m a chewer, but we’ll see how this goes.  Laura is providing some amazing recipes so I’m sure I’ll be happy and full!  Hop over and join.  There’s a few options to follow – one of which is FREE so you have no excuse.  Not that you were thinking of one…


SPEAKING SPANISH:  I bought Rosetta Stone Spanish (Spain) and downloaded it onto my laptop and phone.  It took me about a half-hour just to do this and all the instructions were in English.  Lord help me.

THINGS I LOVE:  My kids.  When they’re sleeping.

Technically he's not sleeping but just laying down & being still long enough to be photographed is a freakin miracle.

Technically he’s not sleeping but just laying down & being still long enough to be photographed in the wild is a freakin miracle.

THINGS I DON’T LOVE AS MUCH:  Green Bay losing to San Fran by a field goal.  Rotten cheese stinks people.

MUSIC: The song I’m digging the most right now is Katy Perry’s Dark Horse  it sounds like it’s building to a serious chorus but it just flattens out and Juicy J busts a rhyme instead.  It kills me every time.

TV: Last week the only thing I truly sat down to watch (besides the ball dropping!) was the Green Bay game.  We all know how that went. Booooooo!!!!

Don't cry Aaron.  At least you can start tweeting again since your season is over.  Tweet tweet.

Don’t cry Aaron. At least you can start tweeting again since your season is over. Tweet tweet.

READING:  I’ve been trying to get through the book I read every Christmas – A Prayer for Own Meany – and I don’t think it’s ever taken me past Christmas to finish it but I’m determined to read until the end.  In the meantime, I’ve also started Sisterhood which I downloaded in October.  On the upside, the reason I’m so far behind in my book reading is because I’m busy reading so many interesting blogs by you fine people!  It’s all good….

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  Being bullied doesn’t feel any better when you’re an adult.  Stop it.

REMINDERS: You can still take advantage of super savings at TrailHeads by using the code VTRAIN20 for 20% site wide until January 17th!  You can also still enter to WIN the Goodbye Girl Running Top until January 8th by clicking HERE for details.

Pick one of the above and answer it below OR pick all of them and post it on your blog, FB page or refrigerator!  I’m especially interested in your random thought of the week and music ideas.