I love pictures.  I’m no photography expert by any stretch, in fact, I usually use my iPhone to take all my pictures lately.  It’s a shame really because the quality is definitely lacking but, with two fast moving targets to shoot, I have to be quick on the draw!  Also, who can carry around a bulky camera when you’re already pack-muleing so many other things on vacations and weekend getaways?


The issue is what to do with all these memories, these pictures that are clogging my laptop and phone and even thumb drives!  I have albums filled with pictures, old and recent.  I have pictures bursting out of anything that begins with a tiny little “i” in this house – iPad, iPhone, iPod – you get the idea.  And, as many of you know, I’m no DIYer.  I’m on Pinterest for the recipes and fashion only.  And by “fashion” I mean Athleta, Lorna Jane or Nike.  Sure, I have frames all over my house but they’re pretty boring.  I followed the rule of making my pictures look “clean” by matching all the frame colors.  I chose black.  It’s very uplifting.  Then, one day way back when, a great blogger friend of mine did a piece on something magical called a WeMontage!  You’re dying to know more, aren’t you?

A WeMontage is the answer to all of us who have no interest in Pinterest.  Ok, I have interest but it rhymes, so stay with me here.  For those of us who want to think outside of the frame barrier, this is our answer!  No frame is going to hold me back from exploring creativity though my pictures!  Plus, who has the time to shop for all those frames?Enter WeMontage or, as I like to call it, photo wallpaper:



The above is the one I made for my dad and stepmom for Christmas.  Not only did they absolutely love it (they cried!) my kids loved it too.  Now, when they go to Papi and Meme’s house, they stare up at the life size versions of themselves and marvel.  I selected pictures from all the adventures we took in 2013 – starting with Disney in January and ending with my cousin’s wedding in November.  We will never forget that year.  Seriously, we can’t with this giant thing staring at us every time we go there.

And then, I got another fabulous idea. Ok, it wasn’t my idea but Michelle from A Dish of Daily Life but that’s just details.  Anyway, the brilliant idea was to capture all my race memories in a WeMontage!  Brilliant.


I took this (with my iPhone) after I first unrolled it. It’s not yet mounted!

Finally, I can start my shrine!  My husband is ecstatic.  Velvet ropes are on order.

The possibilities of creating WeMonage’s are endless!  They come in a variety of sizes, you select all your photos and can arrange them yourself or choose the automatic option, and it’s very easy to use and order.  Plus, it’s removable!  That’s right my friends, if you don’t like where it is after a month – move it.  You move?  It moves with you.  You want to take it back from whoever you gave it to?  Go get it!  It comes with the easiest of instructions for mounting and dismounting.

On top of everything else, the owner is a great guy.  When I ordered my first WeMontage, I received this personal email message from him:

Hi Allie,
Thanks so much for your business. It means a lot. 
I like the collage you created. 
I’ll get this to the printer first thing in the morning!

Kind Regards,


How many times have you gotten that kind of response from Amazon?  Even if you’re on Amazon Prime and having drones drop your stuff off, you’re not getting an email from Jeff Bezos.  James, however, takes pride in his work and knows something about customer service.  Plus, he has twins so obviously he’s a saint.

Word on the street is that teens and tweens actually think these are very cool to give and receive.  How many things do you know that pass that test?  Almost nothing.

There’s more.  I know, I know, I’ve given you so much already but that’s just who I am.

Any order placed using the code “vitatrain” will get you 20% off through March 8th!  

Is anyone still here or did you all already click over to WeMontage?

If you are still here, please follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WeMontagellc and Twitter @WeMontage

Full disclosure: In exchange for this post, I was given the 2×3 of my races but I chose all the pictures and did the ordering on my own like a big girl.  All opinions are my own.  They always are!

So tell me – who would you give a WeMontage to?  What would be your theme?  What one would you make for yourself?