In case you don’t know, NFL football begins tonight!  I love Fall because it brings some great half-marathons but it also brings back glorious football!!  This year I was invited to be in an all ladies fantasy football league so I instantly replied “yes!”  And then I thought of how much work it would be.  For those of you who don’t know a damn thing about football (fantasy or otherwise) I will start with some eye candy:


Does this really need a caption?

Does this really need a caption? He’s holding a football. His name is Colin.  blah blah blah

Tom Brady.  QB. That is all.

Tom Brady. QB. That is all.

Ok, so now that you’re interested I can tell you this about fantasy football:

1.  You “draft” a fake team.  This means you get together with about 8 other girls and eat and drink and gossip for 2 hours and then pick your players for the other 45 minutes.  Guys do this too.  I’ve seen it happen so don’t think their drafts are any cooler then the female version.

2.  You get to create a snappy team name.  I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan so my team name is obviously Discount Double Check.  If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about just Google it because that’s a whole other blog.

3.  The way ours is set up, you need to pick 2 quarter backs, 4 running backs, 4 wide receivers, 2 tight ends (don’t get too excited), 2 defenses and a kicker.  It may seem overwhelming but there are about 10 million web sites dedicated to fantasy football all of which have cheat sheets that list each of these categories with the rankings of each player or defense.  If all else fails, just go down the list…or rapidly text your husband.  He feels needed, you get a good team, it’s a win/win.

4.  The issues arise when other people start getting “your” picks because you of course have to go in order and sometimes wait a LONG round to get back to you and your pick, at which point your original pick is long gone, your hubs is too slow to respond to your text message and now you don’t know WTF to pick b/c you must WIN!!!!  Oops…I went off on a little tangent there, didn’t I?  My bad B.

Do you think I get a little too competitive with this?  Nah.

So this is what our draft board looked like as a clean slate:

Anything is possible ladies!

Anything is possible ladies!

I’m sure a lot of you ladies out there would rather do 10 thousand other things on Sunday (or Thursday or Monday nights) then watch football.  I can see the collective eye roll or deep sigh as you think of your hubs or boyfriend sitting on the couch swilling beers for hours on end when he could be doing oh…let me see…almost anything else?  Well, I say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!  Can I watch the kids while you go to Jamie’s house for the 4 o’clock game?  Hell no because I want to watch it too!  Can you go to Coach’s bar to watch the Monday night game?  Um, nope.  Not unless I can go next Monday.  Do you see how this works to my advantage?

I also truly love the game.  I grew up watching my dad cheer for the Dolphins and his hero Dan Marino.  I went to college and fell in love with Brett Favre and the history of Lambeau Field and became a full-fledged cheesehead (Packer speak for a Green Bay fan!).  I have a subscription to ESPN the magazine and I watch the channel when I run on the treadmill because I want to see athleticism!  I want to see some action!

Here’s a really weird fact:  Way back when email was invented, I was in college (I am freakin’ ancient people!) I had to choose an email address and my dad told me not to use my real name beacuse it was dangerous.  He was all Chris Hansen on me before cyber stalking was even a thing!  Anyway, I chose an address with 4_13 in it.  Why?  Because my beloved quarterback Brett Favre was #4 and Dan Marino was #13 (my dad’s hero and Dolphins quarterback).  Yes, it was that long ago.  So fast forward a million years 12 years later and my kids were born on April 13 or 4_13!  Cray cray, right?  I still have that email address and it’s basically used for junk and spam…kind of like Brett Favre these days…hmmm another coincidence?

My kids, of course, are also cheese heads!

Yes, my kids have cheese heads.  They love wearing them.  Who wouldn’t?

Even on the potty!  This is dedication people.

Even on the potty! This is dedication people.


So I’m connected to the game, and perhaps Dan and Brett in some cosmic way, and I’m ready to get this fantasy underway!

Here’s the board 4 hours later:

This totally looks like we knew what we were doing.

This totally looks like we knew what we were doing.


It was a great night and now every game will have meaning and I’ll be checking my ESPN page along with all my morning blogs – I. Can’t. Wait.

Are you ready Rodgers?

Are you ready Rodgers?

He looks ready.  Let’s do this!!


Do you watch football?  Who’s your team?  Are you playing fantasy football?  Do you remember when email was a new thing?