You may have seen a smattering of reviews for a great new children’s book – This House Needs A Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally. Like most moms, I love reading to my kids. It’s one of the only times they stop moving and actually listen. Both of my boys love to read so I was thrilled when Alison (a fellow twin mom!) asked me to review this one.


I received a digital version of This House Needs A Mouse so I sat the boys down in front of my computer for the reading. At first, Miles (on the right) didn’t want to do it. As soon as I told him it required helping me out with a work project, he decided he was too busy. However, as soon as he saw the cover come up on the screen, he was all in!



Instead of reading my boring interpretation of what the boys thought of the book, I figured I would just video tape their reaction. I was hoping they would get it all in before the wrestling started and we just barely made it!


Did you hear how they threw each other under the bus immediately? They have done that since they started talking. However, they are also the best of friends and fierce defenders of each other. This is how twins operate.

As you can see and hear, they absolutely loved the book and would recommend it to all their friends!

As an adult reading the book, it made me think about what I sometimes perceive as a nuisance, can also have a benefit. The trick, as the second mom discovers, is to open your mind and look at it differently. Even rodents have a purpose, and I know a lot of rodents. Instead of wishing away the “mice” in my house and my life, maybe I should consider the possibility of positivity, even though it’s not in my nature. After all, ’tis the season for miracles, right?

How can you enjoy (and spread the joy) of this book? It’s almost too easy. This House Needs A Mouse is available to order through the book’s websiteAmazonBarnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books.

You can also tweet your thoughts to the author @CJNunnally

I’ll even help you out with that one:

[Tweet “Does your house need a mouse? Ok maybe a children’s book called “This House Needs A Mouse” by @CJNunnally I know two 5 year-olds who highly recommend it!”]

What’s your favorite children’s book, either to read alone or to your kids?

Do you buy children’s books as gifts?

What do you think of the boy’s review?