In case you didn’t know, I don’t do one thing at a time. Even when I got pregnant, I had twins. I never take the easy way out (even when I should!) and often bite off more then I can chew but then put my head down and


So, like a lot of things I take on, I didn’t think too much about running a marathon in April, a Duathlon in May and a Triathlon in June. What? Of course this would be all well and good if I didn’t have huge goals for each race!

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April 26 – New Jersey Long Branch Marathon, 26.2 Miles

Training: As you know, I’ve been seriously training for this since January. I’ve run multiple 20 milers, I hit the track for speed work every week and never miss a tempo run. I was sidelined by a health scare, have had a few nagging little injuries, traveled to Vegas and have had countless other family and work commitments that made it very hard to train, but somehow, I took it one day at a time and worked it all out.

At three weeks out, I feel ready.

Previous Marathon: I haven’t run a marathon in 8 years. What the hell am I thinking? (see how quickly that confidence flew out the window?) Most days the distance scares the heck out of me, even though I know I’m trained for it. Running 26.2 miles is a very long way (hello captain on it) especially when you haven’t gone the distance since George W. Bush was President.

Race Day: I did a very foolish thing. I looked up the race results from last year. Why? Why would I do that to myself when I know I can’t resist being competitive? This will be my very first race in my new 40+ age group. Just typing that made me throw up in my mouth.

I’m planning on running a 7:40 pace which will put my finish time around 3:20. Last year that finish time would put me in the top 10 overall and have me winning my age group. Do I need this pressure? NO! But now it’s in my head like a Taylor Swift song.


May 17 – Glastonbury Duathlon, 3 mile run/16 mile bike/3 mile run

Training: Since this is a mere three weeks after my marathon, I’ve been training for it as long as I’ve been training for the marathon. From the start my coach has incorporated swimming, biking and bricks into my weekly regimen, (even though there’s no swimming in a duathlon) and, not only has it made my running stronger, but it’s helping set my mind for the quick transition from marathon to duathlon.

I’m definitely worried about not having as much time on the bike as I would like, but I’m guessing I will be doing a lot more cycling starting April 27. I’m hoping and praying I will be able to bike outside but it snowed on Easter so…

Previous Duathlon: One word people – SWORD!


Race Day: I’m going to do my best, but I haven’t had nearly as much bike training and this course is serious. Obviously I want to be the one to break the tape again this year, but I’ll have to reassess after the marathon. There’s always that new age category to fall back on, unfortunately du and triathletes get better, stronger and faster with age. I have yet to look up the age group results from last year. I’ll save that pressure for another day.



June 7 – Westfield Wave Triathlon, .5 mile swim/13 mile bike/3 mile run

Training: I’ve been in the pool like a fool, twice a week (most weeks) since January. Guess where I haven’t been swimming? I hate swimming in open water almost as much as my kids hate bedtime, and this Tri is the first week in June! Did someone say ‘wetsuit?’ Oh yes, that was me.

Previous triathlon: Here’s another blast from the past. I haven’t raced a triathlon since the one held in my town back in the summer of 2013. As you may recall, this year was supposed to be my ‘year of triathlon’ but then I got a little email from the New York Road Runners saying I qualified to run NYC. #ChangeofPlan

Race Day: This is a USAT sanctioned event. If I place in the top 10 women, I qualify to race at Nationals. So, just another little race with zero pressure.



In training for three different disciplines, I have never felt better. My body is loving the cross-training and my mind is working overtime to keep up with the demands of my training.

My advice to anyone who is getting older, in need of motivation or just plain bored with their workouts is to change it up. Try something new – or three new things – and see what sticks. So many people tell me they run because it’s “the best thing for (fill in the blank).” Wrong. The “best” workout is the one you will do over and over again for a lifetime of health.

Plus, if I keep this up, 50 won’t be able to catch me!

What are your health/race goals for the coming months?

When is the last time you changed your workout routine?

What is your least favorite workout?